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Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane

  • Release date:
    October 8, 2003
  • Cast:
    Jesse Jane|Joone

Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane

Digital Playground

Genre: Virtual Sex

Director: Joone

Cast: Jesse Jane, stunt cock

Length: ? minutes

Date of Production: 7/31/03

Extra's: none except for a paper insert with the directions

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the standard 1.33: 1 ratio full frame color. The lighting was solid and the resulting picture was very clear with no major problems. The fleshtones were accurate in most cases with only a hint of color saturation in a couple of cases. The audio was presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound and was very crisp and clear. I didn't notice a lot of separation between the channels but since the action focused on Jesse, there shouldn't be a lot of movement with the sound to notice.

Review: Fans of the various virtual sex series on the market can tell you that it's like playing a computer game where you get to choose what kinds of action a favorite porn star does. The idea is that you can select from a variety of choices, temperaments, and angles in order to see the star doing the kinds of things you get off to. Since we're all different, it makes sense that by allowing a fan to pick what he or she wants to see, the dvd is a good choice for customizing whatever actions it'll take to get them off. How often do most porn viewers get upset when they see the often incompetent director fade away before the fan is through with a scene, have condoms when the fans doesn't like them, or not have the position a fan favors?

Well, this being the case, the latest in this line of game is from the folks at Digital Playground, home of some of the first virtual sex shows to hit the DVD format. To be fair, I haven't seen many of their series, favoring the releases from competitor Digital Sin, since those are what I've had access to as a reviewer. The focus of this particular dvd, Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane , is to show the large breasted blonde from Texas, in all her glory for you to control. Much like the awesome My Plaything Jenna Jameson 2, this DVD allows a viewer to see this new performer go through an awful lot of action outside of her normal features like Beat The Devil or No Limits which showed this filly to have a lot of passion for her work. While she's only been in a handful of titles so far, I think with a little bit of promotion, Digital Playground will have yet another super star on their hands in no time. As her fan base expands, this virtual sex DVD is going to get a lot of notice.

So, what type of sex can you make this cutie have? Well, the DVD is broken up into several sections:
Strip: You get to see the lovely Jesse strip. I think this is one of the most under rated portions in the various virtual sex releases to date since rarely are they choreographed well. If given a chance, I think a good routine would help sell a lot of copies since I see how well the dancers do in person at local strip clubs.

Stories: You get to hear her tell a few sex related stories from her past. This is another area where there's room for growth. Just the dirty talk alone is enough to push some guys over the edge but this area tends to include limited material and maybe can be worked on in the future.

Foreplay: You get to control the types of foreplay she has. You can also get her off orally here although no tongue was used in order to keep the point of view fantasy flowing. She'll simulate an orgasm if you select the "orgasm" choice on the control panel. You can also have her talk dirty/nasty or nice, depending on which mode you select. Both versions are pretty interesting and you can also select one of two angles (shot at the same time).
1) Fingers: You can finger Jesse to get her off.
2) Dildo: You can use a toy to get her off. I just wish this part were expanded since it seems like a limited range of motion would get boring for her as well as the viewer.
3) Breast Rub: This is a new position where you can massage her chest, something most of us would like to do in real life.
4)Ass Rub: This is another new position to the series. You can massage her ass a while and I think it's a good addition.

Sex: You get to control the sexual positions she engages in, along with the naughty/nice and orgasm of the guy (to be open, all the male orgasms looked cheesy and fake but better than the older volumes in the series which used computer generated cum shots).

1) Missionary: This is the standard position for sex games. She is on her back and the stunt cock is plowing away on her.
2) Doggy: I like this one since it feels so good when you're doing it in real life. She's on her knees and the guy is tapping her from behind. There wasn't anal going on (fine by me) but watching her ass fat ripple was cute.
3) Cowgirl: This is where the women is on top of the guy, riding him while facing him. A lot of fans like this one too.
4) Reverse Cowgirl: This is like the last position except she faces away from you so you get to watch her ass. Yum!

The value of this one will depend on how much you care for the performer, Jesse Jane. I think she's an attractive gal with a nice smile, great eyes, and other than her implants, a major hotty so I enjoyed playing with the DVD this past week. That said, because My Plaything Jenna Jameson 2, had so much more to offer (way better extras, two discs of material), I feel that even the addition of the two new positions isn't enough to give it highest marks like that one. For fans of Ms. Jane, I'm going to suggest it as Highly Recommended but others may want to rent it to check out how the technology is progressing. Yeah, the male orgasm shots still looked fake but they're getting better and with a bit more polish and care, I'm sure the nice folks at Digital Playground will be able to surpass their competitors in this field.

Summary: For more of Jesse's works check out shows like, Beat The Devil and No Limits but this was a decent release as well for fans of the genre. This one had solid production values, a lot of Jesse Jane, and will likely sell a lot of copies since it is a lot of fun to play with. The loops used in the show seemed a bit longer than previous ones too but I didn't time them since I don't have any of the others to compare to (making such times meaningless).


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