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Code of Honor

  • Release date:
    February 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 34m
  • Cast:
    Jesse Jane|Robby D.|Kayden Kross|Stoya|Riley Steele|Selena Rose|Brooklyn Lee|Tasha Reign


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Code of Honor

Digital Playground

Genre: Feature, Comedy

Director/Writer: Robby D.

Cast: Brooklyn Lee, Tasha Reign, Manuel Ferrara, Jesse Jane, Keiran Lee, Stoya, James Deen, Riley Steele, Erik Everhard, Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn, Selena Rose, Bill Bailey
Non-sex roles: Bibi Jones, Marcus London, Aleksa Nicole, Aria Austin, Brendan Connor, Erika Jordan, Gia Grace, Hana Black, Ken, Jack Vegas, Jennifer Lynne, Dick Chibbles, Kendall Karson, Naomi West, Nikki Christie, Shae Parker, Syd Davies, Tanya Tate, Jocelyn Lane, Liv Aguilar, Karina Kay

Length: 157:38 minutes

Date of Production: 7/24/2012


Extras: The first thing I noticed was the larger packaging for the movie, the extras placed on a separate DVD disc and the three discs all contained in a folding booklet form of case. In terms of extras, the 30:05 minute long Behind the Scenes feature was the best for me. Shot by Jamal Johnson and Rudy Rodriguez but edited by Nick P. with help from Kurt Tortcher, Keithan Hawke and Evul Atheng, it showed off the cast during photoshoots, giving interviews, and mugging for the camera. The inclusion of a standard DVD will appease those who have yet to get a Blu-ray player but frankly, given the quality of upgrade and the current price of such devices, I doubt many reading this will be without one. There was also a photogallery and some trailers as well as a showcase clip of the contract ladies and a studio trailer.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Code of Honor was presented in a very appealing 1.78:1 widescreen as shot by director Robby D. for Digital Playground. The movie package included both the standard definition DVD as well as the Blu-ray disc, each looking good though the high definition version was a really nice upgrade. It was edited by Joey Pulgadas (with help by Evul Atheng) and looked great, the production doing a good job of blending the big feature elements with the sexual trysts. The 5.1 Surround audio was also clear in both versions of the movie, the difference less striking but the production sounded like the vocals, music, and ambient noises were all put together well enough, Joey Pulgadas, Bud Greene and Fat Tony credited with this aspect of the movie. The special effects and action sequences looked much better than expected too, a host of folks helping to make this a stand out effort so early in the year.


Body of Review: Robby D. is the lead director at Digital Playground, he and his production team winning scores of awards and accolades over the years. His latest movie sent for review is called Code of Honor, a showcase title for the entire contract starlet lineup (with some fine additions on top of them like Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign). As this year’s first major block buster title, I was anxious to check it out to see Jesse Jane smoking the bad guys and Stoya smoking their poles, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, and Selena Rose all as sexy as ever. Without giving too much away, this pornified action porno was cut from a different cloth than the company’s smaller storied porn, offering a whole lot of fuck for the buck as far as I am concerned, even more entertainment value as a feature. The back cover described the movie like this: “Digital Playground presents the explosive epic adult film of the year; Code of Honor. Award winning director Robby D. invites you on an adventure of a lifetime that features the world's sexiest women. When their former teammate is taken hostage, a super squad of bad ass beauties reunite for one last mission; to infiltrate the criminal cartel and rescue their fallen friend. Digital Playground Contract Stars Jesse Jane®, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele™ and Stoya are the hardcore honeys that come together to save Selena Rose™, the law enforcement agent that gets caught while undercover. With 7 energetically erotic sex scenes, that also include Tasha Reign and Best New Starlet Brooklyn Lee, Code of Honor infuses intensity with passion. The 3 disc set is loaded with incredible extras and revealing bonus features making the viewing experience of Code of Honor an unforgettable one. The action is hot and the sex is hotter in this amazing all-star adventure!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Brooklyn Lee, the sexy hot redhead so many are talking about, blond bombshell Tasha Reign, and Manuel Ferrara, were up first in a large bed with animal print sheets as the ladies left the pool area with him at a party. He gobbled gash and ate ass to warm them up and they did each other as much as slob his knob aggressively, dropping their bikinis to reveal their perfectly tight bodies. The ladies took turns inhaling his pecker and actively riding him vaginally, some taste testing between penetrative positions not slowing down the tempo of the tryst in the slightest for what became a very heated and chemistry filled opening scene worthy of such a blockbuster fuck flick. Of particular interest also was that the ladies assisted each other along the way, Tasha fingering sexy Brooklyn’s perfect pucker as Manuel dove deep inside her pussy, the seemingly unscripted session ending when he tossed off a sizable wad of genetic juice to their faces as they continued to admire him with solid eye contact.


Scene Two: Jesse Jane, the leading blond bombshell of the movie seen featured on the upper center of the front cover, was up next in bed with Keiran Lee, some amusing story elements showing a lot of humor (let’s face it, when a porno takes things too seriously, it usually flops). She had on some white and pink polka dotted bikini undies, her top disappearing quickly as she reached over to blow him enthusiastically. Her head bobbed rapidly and her hand to gland combat skilled were tested as she savored the taste of his pecker, Keiran giving her a brief bout of licking before she jumped his bone to own it as her ass was fingered. They moved to the couch to continue, Jesse easily handling his thrusting cock as she rubbed one out, her shaven snatch getting all juiced up as she rode him hard throughout the scene. Jesse moaned a lot and her tits bounced happily, the vaginal tryst resulting in a decent round of population pudding landing on her face.


Scene Three: Stoya, the lean brunette with a wonderfully all natural body as seen on the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up next as a strict librarian, the gal demanding payment from James Deen for some overdue books. The cheesy acting was silly but funny all the same, her black and white striped dress hanging on her until she wisely took it off. She swatted him and demanded he strip down, her turn revealing some tight black panties and stockings that drove him wild with desire. His tan contrasted substantially with her pale white skin, his hands roaming her frame as he slapped her tit and diddled her pussy, Stoya sporting a thick patch of pubes for him to avoid as he went down on her front and back. He spent ample time on her asshole when she bent over on the table at the library, the gal offering an amused look on her face the entire time as she watched him closely. He vaginally fucked her in a few positions before she nuzzled his nuts and sucked him off, her playful energy long appreciated by this writer. He then took her in doggy and fingered her ass, replacing his fingers with his cock to perform the first whole anal of the show though it was very slow, quickly resulting in his baby batter plastering her lovely face.


Scene Four: Riley Steele, the busty blond cutie wearing sun glasses on the right side of the front cover, was up next in the living room with Erik Everhard, beating him up when he surprised her in the kitchen. She had already put him in his place at the shooting range, his willingness to play the goof so perfectly well that I again applaud his efforts, the two engaging each other on the couch as expected. They kissed and got orally frisky within moments, her attire discarded quickly as Erik knelt between her knees to savor her shaven snatch. As he gobbled her gash, Riley made a series of pouty faces and moans that delighted, reciprocating only briefly since she wanted him inside her wet pussy. She was an active rider and bounced heartily on his pecker, some taste testing punctuating their penetrative positions before he launched his spunk on her sweet ass to end things with a kiss.


Scene Five: Kayden Kross, the freckled babe laying down on the bottom of the front cover, was up next with Tommy Gunn, once she tried to pump him for information. For the record, the beautiful Xcritic blogger had a great role as a director (all the ladies had a sideline of sorts) and I’m not going to spoil the fun regarding how she treats her talent, her serious side showing as she plied him for the information she needed to save her friend. The characters had some history as written, Tommy overacting as he restated their past quickly which led to her pushing him down on the bed. Her skin tight gray shirt did little to hide her wonderful boobs, her pants tight enough to get a good idea of her ass too as she jumped on top of him to seduce what she needed in the old fashioned way. Unlike some of the other scenes, this one built up some energy and chemistry as it developed, the pair taking their time to get reacquainted. Kayden gave an incredibly focused blowjob worthy of her popularity, slowly taking him into her mouth and using her hands to increase the friction. As she continued, she included his nuts in her oral extravaganza, pouncing on his turgid member to aggressively ride it on the bed. While their penetrative positions were the least explicit of the show, they provided a highlight in most other ways, Kayden begging him to leave his load of ball batter all over her ass.


Scene Six: Selena Rose, the fetching brunette standing on the left hand side of the front cover, was up next as she reminisced about a past tryst with Bill Bailey, the captive gal wondering if her friends were ever going to save her. They were in bed and playfully pawing each other, Selena taking things to the next level by grabbing his cock and blowing him, her titties swaying as she continued her oral onslaught. He then removed her shorts to show a major wet spot, Bill spending some time going down on her pussy and ass until they started fucking. There was a brief interlude where she titty fucked him but the emphasis from this point on was on the vaginal penetration, Selena whimpering a mix of pleasure and pain as he tapped her shaven snatch rapidly. This continued until he rubbed out a nut of splooge on her tits, kissing her as her memory faded away.


Scene Seven: Kayden Kross, Jesse Jane, Stoya, Selena Rose, Riley Steele, and Manuel Ferrara were up last in the interrogation room after a plethora of amusing verbal exchanges that followed the rescue mission. While it was somewhat dark, the fill lighting highlighted the center spot, the ladies doing each other orally as much as taking turns sharing his cock. This was where you could see just how starkly contrasting Stoya’s skin tone was compared to her peers but in terms of who blew him the best, gobbled gash like they were possessed, or spread their legs for the best and most active ride, it was definitely a tossup (reverse gang bangs can be like that). Suffice it to say, Kayden took the bulk of the spew and Stoya swept in to grab some, sharing it with Riley who shared it with Jesse and Selena as the ladies all kissed and caressed each other.

Summary: Code of Honor by director Robby D. for Digital Playground was a big budget feature production showcasing the active contract gal lineup including Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Selena Rose, Stoya, and Riley Steele, with Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign in major supporting roles, meriting a rating of Highly Recommended for me, the story entertaining, the sex strokable, and the ladies all allowed to ham it up in fine porno form. In short, Code of Honor had enough fuck for the buck, replay value, and strokability to fuel some inspiring sessions of self love, the ladies involved certainly shot well by the award winning production team with the kind of budget that is quickly fading away as a distant memory for most of the competition.


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