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Private Castings 19: Enjoy Magdalena

  • Release date:
    May 14, 2003
  • Cast:
    Samantha (II)|Magdalena|Mafalda|Timea|Kristina Lyon|Jennifer Red|Pierre Woodman

Private Castings 19: Enjoy Magdalena


Genre: Compilation

Director: Pierre Woodman

Length: 155 minutes

Date of Production: 4/03 (dvd release compilation only)

Extra's: 15.5 minute interview with Pierre Woodman from 7/25/97,
Production Notes, trailers, biographies, double sided dvd cover, subtitles,
languages (both are optional)

Audio/Video Quality: Like in Volume 18, the movie started off with a warning about below average technical matters due to the footage being shot in less than favorable conditions. If it had been posted on the dvd case, I'd have even
given them credit for truth in advertising. In any case, the show was full frame and the technical matters varied a lot. Much of the footage was older and taken with crummy equipment with low lighting. I think it was important to release, given the historical significance of the material but keep in mind that the grain, colors, and other problems were far below what I've come to expect from Private. The sound varied as much with some really weak dubbing but the English subtitles were very clear and added later.

Body of Review: The Private Casting series is something of a casting
couch where Pierre would interview a gal and sometimes do her. The interview
format allows a viewer to see something about what people talk about when
they say he's mean to the women. There are subtitles that show most of
what's said and then the gals are shown in behind the scenes action on
photoshoots and movies. Not the hottest concept I've heard of but a good way
to see fresh faces (and other body parts). This is a look at volume 19 in
the series which had some real hot women who engaged in various forms of
hardcore sex, typically including anal. The following is a
breakdown of the cast and movies the scenes are taken from (with some
subjective guesswork on the unlisted men):

Scene One: 8/96: Jennifer Red with Caroline and then Alain DeLoin in backstage performances from Tatiana and Pirate Magazine 46.

Scene Two: 3/96: Mafalda with Richard Langin, Philippe Soine, and Ricky Reeves (?) in the backstage to Pyramid and Private Magazine 141.

Scene Three: 9/93: Liz and Kaila with Alain, Franck Versace and Dennis Mephisto from Private Video Magazine 25.

Scene Four: 4/97: Timea with Betty Anderson, Franck, and Alain from Sex Magazine 8.

Scene Five: 9/94: Kristina Lyon with Jean Yves LeCastel, Bruno SX, and Richard Langin in Private Magazine 130, Gigolo 2 and Pirate Magazine 34.

Scene Six: 3/97: Samantha with Richard, then Franck and Alain in Private Magazine 145 and Triple X Magazine 25 (respectively).

Scene Seven: ?: Magdalena with Pierre himself in an interview before some sex. Her ice blue eyes were hot and so was her body.

Scene Eight: 9/93: Marina had a short interview and stripped but no sex.

Summary: I thought several of the women were very attractive and had great bodies although several of them were very new to the business and shouldn't be held to the same standards as seasoned professionals. I think that this volume also rates a Recommended status since it gives a unique viewpoint into the beginnings of some of Private's best gals when they were new.


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