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Star Power

  • Release date:
    September 20, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 31m
  • Cast:
    Jenna Haze|Rebeca Linares|Kevin Moore|Asa Akira|Jada Stevens|Remy Lacroix

Star Power

Evil Angel/Kevin Moore Productions/Buttman Magazine

Genre: Compilation, POV

Director: Kevin Moore

Cast: Rebeca Linares, Kevin Moore, Jenna Haze, Asa Akira, Jada Stevens, Remy LaCroix, Anissa Kate

Length: 211:28 minutes

Date of Production: 2013

Extras: There was a cast list, a company trailer, a pop shot recap, filmographies, a few trailers, and some websites.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Star Power was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot in POV fashion by director Kevin Moore for Evil Angel/Kevin Moore Productions/Buttman Magazine. This was a compilation of scenes from some of Kevin’s most recent releases so the lighting was generally good, the editing polished, and the technical values quite good, a light company watermark displayed in the lower right hand corner on the screen. The aural qualities were okay, the vocals generally easy to hear and the music dying down after the tease sessions, pretty much what one would expect from a gonzo outing.

Body of Review: Kevin Moore is a talented young director for Evil Angel among other places, the company allowing him to explore a variety of fetish kink to a degree few have tried over the years. His latest release that came out yesterday is called Star Power, a compilation of six lengthy scenes using a tremendous amount of tease and ass related rubbing with the gals all wearing tight, colorful outfits as they milked the director dry of his bodily fluids. The titular emphasis was on high end hotties with large followings though, ladies such as Remy LaCroix, Jada Stevens, Jenna Haze, Asa Akira, Anissa Kate, and Rebeca Linares, the lucky director getting to tap these sweet babes for lengthy amounts of time before unleashing his seed upon them. As far as compilations go, especially single disc compilations, it was a decent offering though a great many babes could have served as alternates in my opinion so your mileage may vary here.

The company website described the movie like this: “Director Kevin Moore is a reliable producer of fine POV-style pornography - he captures adult entertainment's sexiest girls in intimate adventures that put the viewer in the position of the lucky stiff doing the screwing. His new "Star Power" is a thrilling compilation of some of the hottest ladies in his viewfinder, a top-shelf showcase of those gorgeous, slutty women whose seductive talents shine the brightest. Gorgeous, buxom Spanish bombshell Rebeca Linares squeezes the star struck director's rod between her gravity-defying jugs. The pale, curvaceous Latina rides Kevin's boner until he shoots his creamy load all over her spandex-clad ass. Next, all-natural brunette slut Jenna Haze models various pairs of sexy underwear, letting Kev rub his prick against her bethonged butt crack and splatter her tush with semen. Busty Asian screen siren Asa Akira rips her elastic leggings at the crotch and deep-throats Kevin's tool; she fingers her plump, meaty pussy and enjoys a good fucking. Round-assed brunette Jada Stevens provides a drooling blow job and a sensuous lap dance. Adorable Remy LaCroix poses poolside in a colorful bikini, spreading oil over her sweet natural tits until they glisten. Remy blows the director and grinds on his pole until he decorates Remy's soft ass with sticky sperm. Lastly, super-fine French brunette Anissa Kate uses her huge, natural jugs to service the director, wrapping her plump, oily titties around his shaft until he explodes. "Star Power" features the biggest names with the roundest asses - a stellar collection of the smut galaxy's sexiest all-stars.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Spandex Loads 2: Rebeca Linares, Kevin Moore: Rebeca Linares, the sexy brunette seen on the middle of the left side of the cover, was up first to again establish the formula where the gals tease in various outfits. She had on some purple pants initially and moved over to a POV-positioned Kevin Moore, rubbing her tits on his pecker to entice him before giving him some head. I’m still not a fan of her getting implants but she’s sexy regardless, her gentle hand and mouth applied to his package (and ensuing titty fucking) before an outfit change and the vaginal plowing began in earnest. Rebeca is always worth watching and the breaks for new outfits helped mix things up before Kevin rubbed one out to her semi-clad ass and crotch, the messy genetic juice contrasting with the black apparel worn at the end.

Scene Two: Panty Pops 5: Jenna Haze, Kevin Moore: Jenna Haze, the world renowned hotty featured on the front cover, was up next as she teased Kevin, her satin pink panties and whispering voice giving way to some sheer black panties and a spanking she so richly deserved. I favored the blue thong myself since she was so seductive in it, Kevin almost losing it early but never making it deep inside her before he glazed her ass with his splooge.

Scene Three: Spandex Loads 3: Asa Akira, Kevin Moore: Asa Akira, the fantastically popular Asian babe featured in colorful spandex on the lower middle portion of the front cover, was up first to christen the latest volume in the series with a variety of tease footage and outfit changes. These included black spandex, yellow, satin blue, colorful pattern, and the like, Kevin Moore rubbing on her from time to time as well as getting blown and vaginally porking her. Asa tore her outfits to grant him greater access for fucking, her active riding style enough to elevate the proceeding a bunch, eventually leading to him beating off a round of spunk all over her sweetly curved ass. Her fans will also appreciate that she was given over an hour to perform, most of it tease footage that anyone would love.

Scene Four: Crack Fuckers 1: Jada Stevens, Kevin Moore: Jada Stevens, the curvy babe featured on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up first to provide some awesome tease with her sweet ass before allowing Kevin Moore a “crack at it”. Pun aside, the premise of the entire show was pretty straightforward, the use of a fisheye camera lens to make the ass cheeks look even rounded than usual a delightful touch at times (when it was kept in focus). She began by wearing a polka dot bikini and sucking his dick, the knob slobbing fun alone enough to win fans over from related series by the director. Kevin gobbled her gash and ass too, some oil making the resulting ass crack a most pleasant place to rub against for his pecker. She actively sucked him off a few times too, the rubbing eventually draining his balls dry of population pudding all over her ass.

Scene Five: Tanlines 1: Remy LaCroix, Kevin Moore: Remy LaCroix, a lean gal that has claimed to leave porn already as her star was rising, was up next in a yellow bikini top and colorful bottom as she teased by the pool. One side of her tan line on her ass looked darker than the other, much of the skin coloration appearing to be fresh (like a slight burn that had yet to even out). She had pretty eyes and a decent body though, retiring to the bedroom to masturbate and get frisky with Kevin. He rubbed his pecker along her ass crack before vaginally fucking her, the gal an active rider too as she pumped on his rod nicely. There was some taste testing between positions and she also took a load of ball batter to her ass when Kevin could not hold out any longer.

Scene Six: Anissa Kate: Anissa Kate, Kevin Moore: Anissa Kate, the busty brunette seen on the lower middle of the front cover, was up next as she studied French on the bed, her boob hanging out as she helped Kevin Moore with his lesson. She was playful and enthusiastic, using her tit as an example he would definitely remember, her twins poured out and oiled for him to play with. The basic dynamic did not change much in each scene though I admit to appreciating her doggy style tease thanks to that great ass of hers, Kevin unleashing his population pudding all over her boobs pretty quickly.

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Summary: Star Power by director Kevin Moore for Evil Angel was a solid representation of Kevin’s works in recent times for the company, no new material provided so I rated it as a healthy Recommended. I truly wish there had been an unreleased bonus scene, deleted footage, or even having the performers introduce their scenes here but this is the quick and cheap way to handle a compilation, the results certain to please fans of the ladies that have not already picked up the original source movies. While it would have been a much better idea to properly label the scenes on the cover to allow fans to know exactly what they were buying, I suppose that makes reviews such as this more valuable in terms of the information provided, Remy LaCroix, Jenna Haze, and Jada Stevens among my favorites for their work displayed in this compilation. In short then, Star Power did indeed provide a wealth of high end hotties with wonderful amounts of replay value and tease so give it a look if you haven’t already seen the scenes provided.


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