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Best of Big & Real, The

  • Release date:
    October 28, 2013
  • Runtime:
    4h 33m
  • Cast:
    David Perry|Jasmine Black|Krystal Swift

The Best of Big & Real

Evil Angel

Genre: Compilation, Large, Natural Breasts

Director: David Perry

Cast: Shione Cooper, David Perry, Dominno, Mike Angelo, Krystal Swift, Jasmine Black, Toni Ribas, Mira, Sophie Gold, Ian Scott, Laura Orsolya

Length: 272:49 minutes (166:13 minutes & 106:36 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013 (compilation itself, not the scenes)

Extras: The first disc had a helpful cast list and some websites as well as a list of the contents of the second disc. The second disc had a pop shot recap of the genetic juice filled scenes, photogalleries for the scenes, some trailers, and links to websites.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Best of Big & Real was presented in anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director David Perry for Evil Angel. There was clear improvement in the newer scenes in regards to lighting, color tone, and camera composition, but none of the scenes looked particularly weak or bad. There was a company watermark observed on the lower right hand corner of the cover for those who care but this was strictly middle of the road material by the director. The aural components were in stereo English, though little was said aside from David talking to some of the ladies, the other males having less language skills than he for the most part. The vocals aside, the music and ambient sounds were nothing special but the overall quality of the technical matters was decent enough considering everything.

Body of Review: David Perry was once one of the premiere quality male performers in porn shot overseas, many considering his work at Private to be among their best material ever. These days, he works for a variety of companies but shoots titles for Evil Angel, some of the best known being in the “Big & Real” series showcasing foreign talent with very large, very real boobs. The only problem with such ample samples is that the female they are attached to tend to be very large as well, the kind of women that drive my reviewing friend Rob Perez crazy with lust, though they are admittedly sometimes lacking in facial beauty. That said, David now offers a compilation of scenes from the series in a title called The Best of Big & Real, the four and a half hour extravaganza offering a good selection from the first five volumes of the show by all accounts. A few of the women were good looking enough to merit a pass from me while most of the others were somewhat less appealing but all of them had the kind of tits that were advertised, each of them playing with their male partner (not always David) until the baby batter came flying forth in the seven scenes.

The company website described the double disc release like this: “Veteran director David Perry has been touring the peaks of feminine pulchritude in "Big & Real," a series dedicated to the most magnificent all-natural mammaries he can find. No water balloons or silicone bags for David; his discerning fans demand huge, squeezable jugs that bounce and jiggle, heave and sway, accentuating the voluptuous beauty of his glamorous models. Now the suave French explorer has assembled his favorite scenes from this cornucopia of curvaceous cuties, creating a new 2-disc compilation: "The Best Of Big & Real." Here you'll discover experienced sluts endowed with prominent attributes that owe nothing to a surgeon's scalpel. The four-and-a-half-hour collection of gorgeous and seductive women - adorably busty bonbon Shione Cooper; vivacious, super-stacked mama Jasmine Black; thick, bespectacled blonde MILF Sophie Gold; tremendously endowed BBW housewife Mira; classic, mature plumper Laura Orsolya; floppy-jugged, tattooed redhead Dominno; and plush blonde bombshell Kristal Swift - enjoy one-on-one sessions of passionate sucking, fucking and sensuous titty fucking. And every encounter leaves a generous coating of gooey sperm on the starlet's heavenly hooters. With these ripe ladies, it's what's up front that counts! Want the perfect package of top-heavy temptresses in rough, raunchy, Euro-style hard-core action? "The Best of Big & Real" is the natural choice for big tit satisfaction.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Big & Real 3: Shione Cooper, David Perry: Shione is an attractive dark haired babe. She has large breasts and a nice round ass. She starts the scene with a tease. We get some nice shots of her tits and ass. She also uses soapy water. Nice! Next she's with the dude. He plays with her tits and clit. Then she gives him a blow job. She looks good working his cock and includes some nice deep throating fun. Afterwards they engage in sex. The penetration is pretty fun. Shione's big tits bounce like crazy as the dude pumps her hard. The action ends with cum on her tits. Overall it was a pretty good scene. I enjoyed Shione's performance. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Two: Big & Real: Dominno, Mike Angelo: Domino has a mysterious aura about her. She’s a fiesty redhead, not as curvy as Zita and Krystal, but instead has a slender, athletic body with a great rack. She loves showing off that body as she writhes out of her clothes before Mike joins her, slamming her pussy hard while her tits jiggle uncontrollably. (review by Rob)

Scene Three: Big & Real: Krystal Swift, David Perry: Krystal Swift is a sweet looking blonde with an amazing body and a pair of tits that look as though you need more than two hands to handle. Plus those love handles and her pretty face are enough to get David going. He nails her good and hard and Krystal proves how agile she is by being able to handle David’s pounding in every position he puts her in. David seems as though he’s trying to hold in his load so he can fuck Krystal a little longer and I don’t blame him. I totally dug watching Krystal’s milkbags flopping up and down in the air that this scene couldn’t have been long enough. Great opening scene and a great girl to watch. (review by Rob)

Scene Four: Big & Real 2: Jasmine Black, Toni Ribas: Jasmine is a sexy dark haired busty babe. She has a nice body with a big plump ass. In this scene she is wearing a yellow bikini. She teases and looks quite good. There is a nice bit with her rubbing her big tits on a glass table. Next she sucks and titty fucks the dude. He returns the favor and eats her out. The oral exchanges are exciting but run too short. The sex continues to offer good action. Jasmine's big tits bounce like crazy as the dude slides in and out of her. The pacing is hard and fast. The scene ends with the dude titty fucking Jasmine until he pops. Overall this scene was pretty good. I liked the sex but think it could have used a longer opening oral bit. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Five: Big & Real 5: Mira, David Perry: Mira, the busty woman shown on the upper middle of the front cover, was up next in the first scene of the second disc. She wore a white top and black and white patterned skirt, her chunky size befitting the ample nature of her boobs. David Perry was all over the woman as she revealed her large white granny panties, David directing her as to what he wanted her to do as she largely complied without a lot of commentary. This included the lass groping her tits and letting him assist her, the lady having several chins for those that care about size. Despite her huge body, her breasts were real looking and she knelt to blow David, titty fucking him and otherwise working him over as he lustfully played with her to leave her with his population pudding. She used some hand to gland friction to enhance his hummer and was always playing with her boobs, the gal still not throating him more than a few inches of his rod. He then applied some whipped cream to her chest to lubricate their titty fucking, the guy getting her on the floor to vaginally fuck her pussy, a landing strip of pubic hair spotted when I looked closely. She gave him more head as though she’d elicit some early spunk from him, and actively rode his pecker when she got on top of him on the red couch, David letting loose his modest wad of splooge on her tits before she rubbed the ball batter into them as a massaging cream.

Scene Six: Big & Real 4: Sophie Gold, Ian Scott: Sophie is a masseuse with glasses and big tits and long blond hair. The stud she is going to rub gets turned on and they have sex on the massage table. Sophie is hot looking with a unique look and a tan body. She is the different type of body and look I look for in porn to differentiate from the norm. I liked this scene a lot. The sex is aggressive and detailed and the chemistry is perfect. This is some good action and if you like big tits this is a good one as the cumshot is to her chest after a titty fuck. (review by Marine Hardcore)

Scene Seven: Big & Real 2: Laura Orsolya, David Perry: Laura is a fairly good looking babe. She has a MILF look with huge tits and a full figure. In this scene we find her in the bathroom. She is wearing a bikini and gives a boobie focused tease. She squeezes and shakes her massive rack. Her tease also includes a bubble bath. Next she's in the bedroom with the dude. He focuses on her tits which includes fondling and titty fucking. Then she sucks him off. The sex that follows leaves Laura jiggling like crazy. Her huge tits (and stomach) bounce like crazy. The dude fucks her hard and good. The scene ends with the pop shot on her chest. Overall I thought the scene was pretty good. There was nice energy and a good emphasis on her tits. The tease was also a great way to start. (review by Rob Randell)

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Summary: The Best of Big & Real by director David Perry for Evil Angel wasn’t a bad compilation from the relatively short lived series, each of the ladies provided real and natural boobs of sufficient quantity that few could argue their inclusion. The fun factor was evident at times even if the chemistry was often lacking, the look of most the ladies such that I was glad their bosoms hid their faces as often as not, no scars or other evidence of implants observed as the ladies took the cocks like seasoned veterans so I suggest this as a Rent It as no new footage was included, the original productions having the better context to enjoy the scenes than a compilation bereft of anything new to offer. In short then, The Best of Big & Real appeared to offer uncut scenes and minimal extras, the quantity of titty much like the quantity of strokable material, the quality of the production on the generic side otherwise.


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