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Big Naturals 27

  • Release date:
    March 19, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 56m
  • Cast:
    Jasmine Black

Genre: Big Boobs, Gonzo, Naturally Busty, Web-To-DVD

Director: ??

Cast: Jasmine Black, Katerine, Ruby, Adriana Kelly, Tessa Lane, Allison Evers, Gizzelle De La Cruz

Audio/Video: Audio was fair to good. Video quality was very good.

Length: 3 hours, 55 minutes

Release Date: 3/19/13

Extras: Extras include photo gallery, cum shot recap and web access.

Condoms: No

Overview: I like a nice big pair of tits and Reality King’s Big Naturals 27 has some really fine natural tits attached some really gorgeous babes. These babes not only look good but deliver pretty sizzling performances. Why hasn’t anyone done a gonzo title in 3-D yet? These amazing boobs are the kind you want smothering your face then having them rub against your cock.

Scene 1 Jasmine Black

Jasmine is a complete pro, knowing how to work and ride a cock. Her partner always appears to have to keep up with her as Jasmine simply doesn’t run out of stamina. She initially rides his cock reverse cowgirl then spends most of the time in mish, her big tits flopping about the harder he pumps her. Jasmine just doesn’t seem to want it to end as she continues to push him to limit. Jasmine is always great to watch, her scene going down as one of the best from this volume.

Scene 2 Gizzelle De La Cruz

Gizzelle is an attractive Latina from Cuba who has traveled all the way to Miami to show off her boobs to some horny gringos. She’s a fine looking woman but doesn’t exude much sexuality. Her scene was lackluster at best, and the lingerie she wore throughout the scene doesn’t inspire boners, not for me anyway. Her scene partner tries his hardest to pull off a good scene but she simply goes through the motions. There’s no way she’ll be taking over the porn world anytime soon. As nice as she is to look at all I could concentrate on was on the clock, waiting for this one to end.

Scene 3 Adriana Kelly

When the camera lady walks in the bathroom she sees Voodoo and Adriana already messing around in the shower, Voodoo taking a handful of tit while Adriana grabs his big erect cock. The two pretty much ignore the camera and do their own thing. Voodoo pounds her after she blows him, almost making him blast early. She lays on the wet floor and lets Voodoo pummel her sweet hole. She loves the feeling of his thick long monster, her legs quivering as he makes her cum hard. He then cums hard on her face when he’s done with her.

Scene 4 Allison Evers

The guys walk in on a sleeping Allison who loves sleeping in the buff. They pull her covers down and she has one magnificent set of cans. But it’s early and she wants to wash up so the guys follow her to the bathroom where one of them gets to be the lucky guy to bang her. He starts in by kissing her neck then fingers her pussy, getting her worked up. She then gets on her knees and blows him. Before blowing his load he removes her off his cock and begins banging her hard. Allison is loving it but he seems to be into it way more. Allison manages to get off, and her boobs look lovely as they glisten in the shower. When he’s done pumping her box he drops his load all over her face.

Scene 5 Katerine, Tessa Lane

Voodoo decides to get a beer at the Oktoberfest-themed bar in town and you know what that means? Big boobs popping out of traditional German barmaid outfits. Katerine and Tessa are on call tonight and once Voodoo works his magic spell over them, the girls both suck off Voodoo hard. Not only does Voodoo take a liking to the girls but the girls take a liking to his white monster, each taking turns to suck off his head while the other suck and lick his balls. The two spend ample amount of time and spit, getting it slimy enough for Voodoo to stick in their tight twats. Katerine is first and as soon as Voodoo slides his cock in, she instantly creams. She and her friend Tessa both become puddy as Voodoo fucks them both, getting both gals to cum multiple times. It’s genuine as you can instantly feel the chemistry between each performer. Katerine and Tessa may not be your idea of how porn girls look but I was personally attracted to both and they both performed magnificently. Voodoo barely has to put any effort in, just thrust in and out of both girls and the girls just ooze tons of sweet pussy juices. Both ladies also do plenty of tongue swapping and titty sucking. No pussy eating as Voodoo was busy fucking it but there was definitely an attraction between the ladies as well. Voodoo finishes all over their tits and the two slobber all over his creamy load.

Summary: Each scene minus the one all had lots of heat, stroke and replay value. Some more than others but I definitely enjoyed this title more than I thought I would. I normally prefer harder stuff but I think most guys will be able to get off on this one. Gorgeous gals with big tits, it rarely fails. The last scene is a textbook example of how to end a DVD. Boy/girl/girl threesomes don’t come any better and this is one of the very best I have personally seen in a very long while. So good I went back to check it out again. It’s even better the second time. I Recommend you all do the same.


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