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More Than She Expected

  • Release date:
    October 21, 2003
  • Cast:
    Mick Blue|Jane Darling|Sandra De Marco|Ramon Nomar|Luisa de Marco|Steve Hooper|Tony DeSergio|Tina Wagner

More Than She Expected

Director: Tony de Sergio, Steve Hooper

Genre: Gonzo/Feature

Cast: Jana, Jane Darling, Luisa de Marco, Tina, Sandra Mark, Tony de Sergio,
Steve Hooper, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue

Length: 90 minutes

Date of Production: 08/2003

Video/Audio: The video is presented in 1.33:1 ratio full
frame color and varies a bit from different cameras. Sometimes it's very crisp
and clear with nice
colors and sometimes
it is a little muddy and dark. The audio quality is nothing spectacular, but
it does keep the dialogue and "sounds" very audible of the music.

Plot Summary: What!? A gonzo with a plot! Well, yes and no. This is the first
in a new private line called Pornstars at Play, which is a "Gonzo Style" video.
Basically, it's a video where everyone is having "spontaneous" sex
on camera in between their scheduled scenes for other Private productions.
Throw in some point of view camera work and let the actors communicate with
the third person camera and it's "Gonzo Style".

Scene 1: Janet, Tony de Sergio, Steve Hooper
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, DP, Facial
After making it known they are off for the day and don't have a shoot until
tomorrow the "owner" of the house they are shooting at comes out
and talks to them for a very brief moment before grabbing their cocks. She
is soon laid back with Tony's dick in her mouth and Steve eating her out. Steve
mentions she should be in the business and they might be able to get her a
job. The
guys get another camera to shoot some point of view action to mix in with the
other camera. Each time they switch to this camera it displays some needless
hand cam graphics with the REC, a red light blinking and the digital 8 logo
on the screen. Steve decides he wants to fuck Janet while she is still blowing
his friend. The guys switch places so that Tony can have his turn fucking her.
The group moves through a few different positions before Janet asks for a cock
in her pussy and ass. Janet then changes to cowgirl from reverse cowgirl so
Tony can enter her ass while she rides Steve. They mention they are not fucking
a porn girl but a real girl when they are dp'ing Janet...yeah, right. After
the DP, Janet is on her side with Tony on her pussy and Steve in her mouth.
Steve mentions to the camera he's going to come and to get it on video before
he shoots on
Janet's pretty face. Tony shoots another load on her face shortly after his
friend and Janet smiles to camera to end the scene. Other than the bad acting,
it's not a bad scene. The outdoor deck location was nice with the sun lighting
up the action.

Scene 2: Jane Darling, Jana, Tony de Sergio
Acts Included: Oral, Toys
After footage of the guys snow boarding on the mountain the scene switches
to Jane sucking Tony's prick. She is so damn hot it hurts! The tight, white
tank top Jane has on, does nothing to change this feeling. Tony stops the scene
have the make up girl, Jana, come in and touch up Jane's lipstick. Jane and
Jana begin to kiss which prompts Tony to ask if they would rather do the scene
together. Tony gets up and leaves after he sees they want each other and it
doesn't hurt mine or their feelings one bit. This is another outdoor scene
and the
sun lights lights up everything very well. Jane is spread eagle on a blanket
with Jana licking her love box below. After fingering her new friend, it's
time for Jane to show her some attention by going down on her before the double
headed dildo is brought out to spice things up. Jane gets on her hands and
knees to allow Jana to use the dildo on her pussy finally. The two girls break
out a green double ended dildo to use between themselves at the same time.
Very nice position here along with some great action. The girls finish out
the scene with a little caressing and kissing. I'm not a big fan of girl girl
scenes, but the girls are smoking in this one and the action is hot enough
to melt the snow they are on.

Scene 3: Sandra Mark, Tony de Sergio, Steve Hooper, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, ATM, Facial
Before the sex scene begins, all four guys are out snow boarding and skiing
some when Steve stops them to tell them about a new girl that's back at the
house. Once they meet Sandra, it's on! The pov camera here is a more annoying
you can see a very noticeable difference between this and the other camera.
With this being a four man gangbang, you can pretty much count on everyone
of the guys getting a little bit of everything. After the obligatory oral,
hops into reverse cowgirl and rides Ramon's dick while she sucks on two other
guys. Sandra moves over to the coffee table and lays on her back for the first
anal of the scene. Each of the guys fuck her in the ass and prepare her for
the dp later on. Sandra gets a dick in her mouth, pussy and ass for a little
while in a couple of positions. after a brief one on one anal session, the
guys surround her and jerk off all over her cute face and tits. Another good
Not the rough type of gangbang, that's predominant these days, with Sandra
like she is definitely enjoying herself throughout the entire scene.

Scene 4: Luisa de Marco, Jana, Tony de Sergio, Steve Hooper
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, Facial
This scene starts off with some more "acting" and some snowmobile
riding. Once the two couples are out on the mountain thy stop for a little
extracurricular fucking. The white tank top is back and once again, it looks
great on Luisa and Jana. A bit of oral for both guys and then the screwing
commences. Both couples use the snowmobiles for a place to fuck, bending over
them, laying back on them, etc. Luisa lays back to be the first one to take
a dick
in her backdoor. some nice footage of both girls bent over face to face tongue
kissing is shown before the popshots happen. Both girls take their doses on
their beautiful faces. A funny moment where everyone has a laugh happens when
one of the girls sneezes at the very end of the scene. Very nice scene. hot
sex and hot women make this scene a keeper.

Scene 5: Tina Wagner, Tony de Sergio, Steve Hooper
Acts Included: Masturbation, Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, ATM, Facial
Once again, the guys discuss a new girl, Tina, they would like to try out.
They plan on the camera man, Bob, to play like he wants to shoot an interview
with her. Once Bob has her "loosened up", the guys show up to finish
the job. With head for all involved out of the way, Tony slides into Tina while
she is still sucking Tony. One thing that I noticed about Tina is, she makes
great faces while she is screwing; the guys even bring this up later during
the scene. Great shots of Tina's pussy and ass are shown as she rides in cowgirl
and reverse cowgirl in this scene. Tina is asked if she wants to be fucked
in the ass and she says yes, so she lays back to accept Steve in her backside.
Before long they have her doing double penetration which she seems to enjoy
quite a bit. They switch so Tina is in reverse cowgirl for some more dp'ing.
Both guys need to cum at the same time and move up to paint Tina's cute face.
Tina is too cute! I liked this scene a lot just because she was fun to watch.
The sex was good as well, but she steals the show and could have just masturbated
for the entire scene and I'd be happy.

Overall Thoughts: The first installment of the Pornstars at Play line is definitely
a good start. It has gorgeous women with a little bit of everything except
rough stuff as far as the action goes. The second and fifth scenes stood out
for me with women who looked like they were having fun doing what they do.
That being said, there are a some problems that I would like to see addressed
for future volumes. One, the plot should be dropped; it added nothing to the
overall video and it was annoying to hear them try to reinforce the "fact" they
are "playing" not "working". Two, lose the on screen graphics,
they are distracting to the scene and we know it's a point of view shot because
of the shot itself. Three, use the same camera or at least calibrate it the
same as the "main" camera being used so there isn't a big shift.
If these are taken care of and the series stays on par with the women and action
presented here I could see a highly recommended rating in the future.


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