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Inside My Panties 2

  • Release date:
    October 30, 2003
  • Cast:
    Karen Leigh|Paul Arbiter|Jamie Arbiter

Inside My Panties 2


Genre: Vignette

Director: Paul Arbiter, Jamie Arbiter

Cast: Kat, Tony, Karen Leigh, Lorena, Nikieta, Donna Marie, April, Kia, Steve, Andrese
Non-sex by: Demiteri

Length: 109.5 minutes

Date of Production: 7/31/03 (box), 7/30/03 (credits)

Extra's: 24 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, slide show, trailers

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color which is not the standard ratio for porn at this time. You could see the scenes being recorded in the BTS featurette so it wasn't a case of cropping it afterwards either. My biggest problem with the picture was that it had a washed out look with a slightly soft focus. In general, it was clear other than that but some video noise was present in a few scenes as well. The audio was presented in Dolby Digital stereo but I didn't hear any separation between the channels and it sounded hollow in each scene.

Body of Review: A lot of guys like seeing women with panties on (hoping, perhaps, to see the gal take them off). It doesn't matter what type of female underwear either although skimpy seems to work well for my libido. That said, Hustler has a new series out, Inside My Panties where some chaps from down under (Australia) have sex with a bunch of gals that wear panties at the beginning of each scene. They then work the gals into a frenzy and off the panties come when the two fuck each other's brains out (at least that's the concept). When I reviewed the first volume of the series, Inside My Panties 1, I liked the show enough to recommended it. Now that the second volume has come out, here's a look to see how well it compares to the first release. Here's the breakdown by scene:

Scene One: Kat, a gal with light brown hair and thick legs, took care of Tony on her bed after he got out of the shower. He teased her a bit by playing with her crotch and telling her how much he liked her panties before going down on her. She returned the favor and then they screwed vaginally and anally before he popped in her mouth.

Scene Two: Karen and Lorena, a couple of average looking lesbians, had a scene in the shower together after they stumbled past the last couple. The scene was all oral and fingering but neither of them did it for me (i.e.: I didn't find them appealing) so I didn't care for the scene.

Scene Three: Nikieta and Donna were up next in the movie. They were a bit more attractive and handled their lesbian scene with a bit more passion (real or fake, it's all in the energy level). No toys were used and it was a pretty solid scene on a kitchen table.

Scene Four: April, the most attractive gal in the movie with blonde hair and a killer body, put on a show for Tony, displaying all her panties as she paraded in front of him. The sex was almost secondary after the show she put on but the oral and straight was good too. Yum!

Scene Five: Kia, a lean redhead with a good body, Steve and Tony, all had a scene on a bed together. There was oral, straight, and anal with a DP after which time they popped off on her face. The sex was energetic and warm

Scene Six: Andrese, another major hotty and one decked out in vinyl fetish gear, caught Tony sniffing her undies on his bed and he then serviced her a bit. They took the show on the stairs (he went to her) and after lots of oral loving by both of them, the couple screwed for several minutes until he popped on her underwear. I thought this was a solid scene too.

Summary: I think this time the show is worth a rating of Rent It based on the somewhat lower quality of gal and that there was less sex going on in the feature itself. Better extras might've salvaged it or more footage with April and Andrese but it wasn't bad for those with a thing for ladies underwear. I'd have sniffed at most of the women myself but hopefully the future volumes raise the quality of the production a bit.


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