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Black Booty 2

  • Release date:
    February 1, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 30m
  • Cast:
    Jade Nicole

Genre: Gonzo, Black, Hardcore, Anal

Director: L.T.

Studio: Elegant Angel

Duration: 210 min + Extras

Date of Production: 22 December 2012

Condoms: No

A/V Quality: Dolby Digital 2.0 is adequate for the brief musical interludes during the tease scenes and picking up the verbal exchanges between performers.  At a moderate volume I heard one of the girls whisper to L.T. that he was going in the wrong hole.  The well lit and framed scenes are presented in 1.78:1 on standard DVD.

Extras: There is a cumshot recap, and a quality stills gallery, if you can handle a NSFW desktop background. The BTS footage enhances the replay value by giving context to some scenes, including a few extra minutes of the tease in the second scene. Now I would watch the Tatiyana Foxx scene again to try to catch the point at which she decided to like anal. There is no commentary. Check out the slick commercial for Elegant Angel.com featuring some of the company's hottest stars like Asa Akira and Kristina Rose. The More Fun feature is just a phone sex pitch.

Cast: Serena Ali, Yasmine de Leon, Cocoa Dawn, Tatiyana Foxx, Jade Nacole, Farah Faye, L.T.

Overview: Joining a series already in progress can go either way.  Having missed out on Black Booty, I had no idea what to expect from this fledgling series’ second installment.  I only know L.T. deals with the best looking Black female talent and has a penchant for all things anal.  L.T. is my hero.  He works with the finest Black starlets in the industry, presents them wonderfully, and slides in the back door like a house cat.   Black Booty 2 proved to be a competent group of 5 hot scenes featuring 6 fine Black women with anal action to spice things up.

Covergirl Serena Ali, is absolutely gorgeous.  I selected this title to finally see her in extended action after catching a few website trailers.  As a lover of redbones, I was disappointed when Jazmine Cashmere retired, but there’s always a new crop of up and cummers; I thought Serena Ali might fit the bill. Too bad the covergirl doesn't do anal.  This is Recommended.

This is the first appearance of Farah Faye and Cocoa Dawn.

Scene 1 Serena Ali

Let me say again how fine she is.  She is super fine!  Beautiful face, D tits, and she has AN ass, but compared to the others in this movie, she doesn’t have ASS.  She starts topless, in red garters and a thong, doing a tease through the mansion you’re sure to be familiar with if you’ve seen previous films by L.T.

Serena Ali doesn’t do anal in this movie.  She takes a dildo in the ass during the tease, and holds it there during the early fucking.  I was surprised to see the dildo fall onto the floor, and they just picked it up and put it right back in.  I don’t even blink when I see a condom on a strap-on and she let a floor fallen dildo up her ass; different strokes, I guess.

Serena never really wowed me in this scene for anything she did.  She gave the obligatory, half-hearted moans, and did the expected banter, she said “fuck” so many times, I got tired of it.

OK. It got better at the end.  Serena seemed to get into it more with a few genuine(?) laughs and gasps, especially when L.T. rimmed her.  She was the most jovial after the session, which rubs the wrong way, like she was happy for it to be over.

FUNNY – she caught a big shot in the eye (and swallowed the rest) and did the close with cum dripping down her temple.

Scene 2 (Yasmine Deleon)

Yasmine Deleon is a performer I first saw on a bondage site a few years ago, but up to now has been credited in only one other full-length release that I could find.  She has an almond complexion, full B tits, both pierced, like her belly button, and a heart-shaped ass.  She did her tease in a mirrored hallway and outside on a garden staircase.  Once she came back inside and undressed, she had 45 seconds of alone time before L.T. saunters into frame to throw a dick into her mouth.  I like L.T. for his willingness to eat ass, which he should, being such an anal connoisseur.  He feasted on Yasmine.  After some BJ action, L.T. rims Yasmine in a sideways position on a couch before sliding in for the real fun.

Yasmine had much sexier vocals than Serena as she and L.T. waltzed through standing doggy, reverse cowgirl anal, side cowgirl anal, spinning all the way around to cowgirl anal, following that with a cut in the scene, after which a dildo magically appeared for Yasmine to buzz her clit while taking more meat in her bum.  Then they went back to standing doggy, back to the couch for a few A2P rotations before moving over to a smaller chair with Yasmine on her knees for more doggy anal before the pop.   Keep watching after the shot to see a very funny interchange.

Scene 3: Cocoa Dawn

Cocoa Dawn is very new; this may be her first scene.  She is a thick healthy woman with D tits and a great ass.  She has a tramp-stamp of the Cancer  zodiac and a landing strip of hair down there.  I wasn’t feeling the faux-hawk hairstyle she had going.  What I did love was that great behind!  During the tease, the cameraman gave you your money’s worth with great shots focusing on her butt.

She prepped with a purple butt plug before L.T. came on screen.  They did the same compulsory moves seen previously: fellatio, cunnilingus, cowgirl, analingus, anal, cumshot.  Cocoa was subdued, probably due to inexperience, but made an effort to please, especially being so new and taking anal in what I’m sure by now is her first scene. She took most of the dick in her ass and wasn’t crying out in anguish like I’ve heard some do.

Scene 4: Tatiyana Foxx

Tatiyana Foxx is the first (& only) dark skinned girl in the movie.  The white garter and fishnets she wore accentuated her skin tone all the more.  She is short, thick and tatted up.  Full C tits and the best ass in the flick are accentuated by extensive body art, including sleeves on both arms.

She has been in movies since 2011, but this is her first on-screen anal.  At first, she was only able to take 1-2 inches, hiding that fact because those cheeks would obscure the view.  As the scene wore on and she relaxed, she was able to take and like, a little more than half of L.T.’s member.  She gave a great blowjob, putting her DSLs to good work.  At the end of the scene, L.T. must have dropped a couple of ounces of baby batter on her cute face.  She had a great attitude, and was into the sex as much as she was into the scene being filmed. This is the 2nd best scene of the movie.

Scene 5: Farah Faye & Jade Nacole

Best scene!  This scene begins with Jade Nacole performing a tease that had me thinking,”Damn. Damn. Damn.”  She has the 2nd best body, nice full B cups and a phat booty that she pops like she used to be a stripper.  Tattoos include a butterfly on her right ass cheek and another on her lower back.  She is also the most accomplished anal performer, having done approximately 20 movies in the last few years, with about a third being anal themed.

After Jade’s nice tease, we cut to an interview of a NEW girl, Farah Faye. New as in, first scene in any pro production.  Farah is a mixed breed of German and African ancestry who reminds me of the mainstream actress, Persia White.  She says she got into porn because “I just wanna live my life as a strong, independent woman, and do what I do and have some fun”.  Farah is tall and skinny with C breasts and a few tattoos (right thigh, arm band, tramp-stamp).

The sex begins when Jade enters from another room help Farah out of the gate with some pussy licking, which is enjoyed by the new girl.  L.T. gets in behind Jade to fuck her doggy style while she continues to eat Farah.  Then the girls switch and L.T. starts on Farah.  They move from the bed to the floor, and at this point L.T. is in the greatest position a man could be in, one pussy in his face and another on his dick.   I think Farah surprised Jade and L.T. when she squirted, twice, in RCG.  Then they moved the party into another room and onto a couch so both girls could get the anal banging they signed up for.

When you have the same guy in every scene, you’re likely to see a similar progression of positions.  L.T. confirms as much in the BTS footage of a break in fimling the final scene, if you're paying attention. The best in the second part of this scene was when L.T. was fucking Farah’s ass while she licked Jade’s.  Farah took the anal like no rookie I’ve ever seen.  After painting both faces with goo, L.T. asked what the new girl’s name was. She said, “London Lee. London Paris” So, is it Farah Faye or London Paris?  After this scene I’ll be on the lookout for both names.  I was incredibly impressed by this rookie who did anal and multiple squirts in her first shoot.  There is no doubt Jade inspired the new girl’s nastiness, like she had to keep up.

Final Thoughts: Serena Ali is a few steps past fine and she goes through the motions gamely enough, but in this day and age of supermodel beautiful 19 year olds who will take ANYthing, in any orifice, you can’t be a real star unless you’re down for the fucking.  And while the other 3 scenes were good-to-great, having a less than spectacular scene with the “star” lowers the piece in my estimation.  That is not to say I didn’t like it.  I liked it fine and will be giving the last 2 scenes a fair amount of replay. There are girls out there, even Black ones, who LIKE anal sex and can take it in the pooper just as easily as they can the peeper: only half of the female performers in this movie fit that bill.  If anal themed movies are your thing, you might be disappointed.  If anal isn't really your cup of tea, you may end up skipping through Black Booty 2. My thing is fine chicks with fat asses and they are here times six.

Serena is the finest, Tatiyana and Jade tie for best body (T&A) and Jade wins hands down for overall performance, with honorable mention to the newbie, Farah Faye. The final scene was nothing short of a grand finale.  I expect Cocoa Dawn will be stuck in the “thick” or even BBW themed movies but Farah/London has potential to make quite the name for herself; I’m a new fan.  If Tatiyana Foxx comes to do more anal, she may becomeof favorite for those who like Jada Fire. This is a good one for couples, not because it’s sappy and romantic, but because there are so many moves to emulate.  I Recommend this title to at least rent or VOD purchase scene 5, the rest is good product, but I would have liked it more if the girls “trying” anal had been a little more prepared.



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