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Facesitting Tales

  • Release date:
    May 6, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 54m
  • Cast:
    Kimberly Kane|Kiki Daire|Jacky Joy|Bridgette B.|Starri Knight|Glenn King|Maia Davis


Face Sitting Tales 1

Evil Angel/Buttman Magazine Choice/Mean Bitch Productions

Genre: Female Domination

Director: Glenn King

Cast: Bridgette B., Chris Cock, Jessa Rhodes, Tom Byron, Jacky Joy, Jeremy Conway, Kimberly Kane, Kevin Wang
Non-sex roles: Brooke Haven, Maia Davis, Kiki Daire, Starry Knight, Ryan McLane

Length: 173:58 minutes

Date of Production: 2013


Extras: There was a cast list, trailers, filmographies, a pop shot recap, a photogallery, and website links with trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Face Sitting Tales 1 was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Glenn King for distribution by Evil Angel. The camera angles tended to favor the female domination theme but the ladies were not optimally covered, their makeup handled reasonably well but none of the gals looking their very best. The overall look of the scenes showed better lighting and technical values, a company watermark displayed on the lower right hand corner. This spinoff title from the “Femdom Ass Worship” series I enjoy so often was a nice change of pace thematically, the subtle differences immediately apparent at times with lovely Brooke Haven introducing the scenes. The audio was presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo English but it varied in terms of clarity much like the video aspects of the production; the closer the camera was to the cast, the better the technical aspects were. There was no separation and the dynamic range was decidedly limited, the hollow nature of the vocals obvious from the beginning to end (I hated the echoing in the rooms).

Body of Review: Glenn King is a fetish director releasing movies via Evil Angel. His latest title making it to me is called Face Sitting Tales 1, the set of four scenes starring a cast of curvy ladies with nicely shaped rumps. This appears to be a spinoff series from the “Femdom Ass Worship” series I review so often, the main premise of ladies with rounded asses sitting on male faces still kept, just some minor tweaks made to the formula, mostly Brooke Haven introducing the scenes. The men were worms and treated as such (like usual), the scenarios a bit more open than the main series it came from, and overall it worked on a few levels for me better.

The company website described the movie like this: “If anyone understands the perverse allure of being smothered by the plump, juicy ass cheeks of a big-bottomed, dominant bitch, it's fetish director Glenn King. His MeanBitch Productions creates erotic femdom porn that showcases ass-blessed goddesses who love trapping helpless dudes beneath their powerful gluteus maximii. "FaceSitting Tales" is the first of a new vignette series that shows how inferior men end up in their proper place - under a beautiful woman's butt. Hosted by Brooke Haven, this is paradise for pathetic male foot slaves and ass worshipers! Bratty blonde Bridgette B abuses her nerdy, black boyfriend, Chris Cock, soaking him for big money for her fake medical bills. Then the busty bombshell makes him kiss and tongue her massive booty while Bridgette's giggling girlfriend watches... and helps out with her spiked heels. Tom Byron's humiliation is complete after he comes home to discover that his new boss has been fucking his gorgeous, teenage wife, Jessa Rhodes. His employer slaps Tom around and orders him to submit to Jessa's every perverted whim; she further torments the broken man with her adorable buns and succulent toes. Sexy Kimberly Kane leads a pack of perverted corporate raiders who dismantle companies by making their employees rim their buttholes. And blonde fox Jacky Joy blackmails her ex in a harsh session of dungeon domination. Jacky grinds her ass on his face while wanking his worthless dick to orgasm. The debut of "FaceSitting Tales" is a big-ass story for submissive butt kissers.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Bridgette B., the busty blond bombshell featured on the center of the front cover, was up first as she sat in a modern room to tell Chris Cock about her pressing medical bills. It was clearly a case where she had nothing wrong with her other than a desire to drain him dry of money, similar to a few porn chicks over the years which may have led to the inspiration for the scene. She sat on a white couch wearing tight blue pants and a fluffy yellow shirt, moper Chris doing an awesome job of coming across as a complete loser. His concern led to a few bothersome questions she did not want to answer, the expected result taking place very quickly once sexy Starry Knight came into the picture in skimpy lingerie, a shame that she did not really join in other than mock the mope while Bridgette put him through the paces. Chris kissed ass at length, giving her feet some oral, and Starry stomping him a little as the scene progressed. The use of the inversion machine was interesting too, a lot of gash gobbling given the blond before she jerked him off to unleash a small wad of genetic juice, the population pudding pooling up on his crotch as she smothered his face with her ass.


Scene Two: Jessa Rhodes, the lean cutie seen featured on the upper left hand corner of the cover, was up next as the youthful (and cheating) wife of Tom Byron. His new boss, Ryan McLane, took him to task at work, Tom coming home to find the guy on the couch with his wife, Jessa. In a silly display of mock manliness, Tom tried to fight him but lost, the result being he was ordered to let Jessa boss him around too upon threat of being fired. Ryan left and Tom was set to sucking Jessa’s ass, her perfect pucker among the smallest of the show and related series but delightfully perky too. Tom knelt down as she bent over slightly, Tom slurping her asshole while promising her anything she wanted. Jessa seemed reserved compared to some of the best ladies in the series but Tom played along quite well as he also sucked her feet clean, the man told he would be made her puppy dog as the shaven snatch served up to him seemed to satisfy his need for debasement. This continued until the 69 where she jerked him off as her “good little bitch”, his spunk freely flowing much more than the usual mopes would provide, the baby batter coating her hand and his crotch as she left to get ready for her date with his boss.


Scene Three: Jacky Joy, the busty blond seen on the upper right hand corner on the cover, was up next as she made Jeremy Conway do her bidding. She had posted pictures of him, the man being her ex-boyfriend who left her, Jeremy wanting the pictures taken down from the internet. Instead, she videoed him in her stockade as she paraded around in fetish attire. She stuffed her ample sample of an ass all over his face, the guy rimming her in a variety of positions before she decided it was time for him to worship her feet. The visuals looked much better in this scene too, the whole show an upgrade over the web material I’m used to for the main series. Jacky kept her dominatrix outfit on throughout the show, her crotchless panties allowing him access to her shaven slit while her thong dug deep inside her ass crack for him to tongue. Jacky put her full weight on his face while sitting too, slapping him around and using a riding crop to motivate him, her verbal degradation of the man as skilled as any of her peers in this movie. I admit that I liked seeing her fleshy ass ripple as she shook the moneymaker, her hand a bit large to be draining his tiny penis of splooge, the semen landing all over his torso (leading to him licking her new boyfriend’s shoes that looked nearly as big as mine).


Scene Four: Kimberly Kane, the dark haired lass seen on the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up last dominating worker Kevin Wang, her corporate raider status as much a parody of how corporate raiders do things as any of her movies are to real life. She entered the office with Kiki and Maia in tow, the trio mocking Kevin as pantyhose covered Kimberly took the main role of dominatrix. Kimberly had a bushy snatch, placing Kevin on an inversion table to sit on his face. The visual of his head inside her pantyhose as she was still wearing them, pressed against her snatch, was interesting but the rest of the tricks looked better in terms of lighting and camera angle. The foot and ass worship showed Kimberly as sexually dominant without the play acting some of the others appeared to offer, her demanding nature was wasted a little though given how passive he was to her orders, her friends continuously laughing becoming a distraction though it was clear he had not popped any ball batter in a long time given the amount of goo he produced.


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Summary: Face Sitting Tales 1 by director Glenn King for Evil Angel under their Buttman Magazine Choice line was enough of a change in format to merit becoming a spinoff series, the technical upgrades alone enough to help female domination aficionados to consider this as Recommended. All four ladies (and their female assistants on a few cases) were attractive enough, their use of verbal degradation while forcing their meat puppets to suck ass, pussy, and feet, helping to elevate the quality of the thematic material. Kimberly Kane was tops, Bridgette B close behind her, and Jacky Joy given the best scenario but even perky newcomer Jessa Rhodes showed enough promise to make things work. In short then, Face Sitting Tales 1 did not stray far from the usual formula Glenn provides in his “Fem Dom Ass Worship” series but with some a delicious set of asses to focus such devotion onto, you should find this to be a step or two ahead of the pack from what you will find at smaller companies so give it a look if you’re into the genre at all.


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