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For Sale

  • Release date:
    February 19, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 45m
  • Cast:
    Jesse Jane|Ivana Sugar|Riley Reid|Anissa Kate|James Deen|Manuel Ferrara|Erik Everhard

For Sale
DVD/Blu-ray Combo
Digital Playground
Directed and Written by Robby D
Date of Production: 1/27/12
Running Time: 1:45:07


Jesse Jane
Ivana Sugar
Riley Reid
Anissa Kate
James Deen
Manuel Ferrara
Erik Everhard

Special Features:

16 x 9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes: 13:10
1920 x 1080
Shot in HD

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps

Video: AVC at around 17-18 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Jesse is a real estate agent who finds herself in a passionate romance. After a lustful fling with James closes their relationship, Jesse is back at the office trying to focus on her job. Co-worker Manuel and his girlfriend Anissa have one last romp before they break up and she moves back to France. The two super hot singles begin to take notice of each other at work. Agent Erik on the other hand is too busy banging clients like beautiful Riley and sexy Ivana to notice the budding romance that is growing between Jesse and Manuel. When temptations are too strong to resist, the couple give in to their heated sexual urges.

This is one of those movies I can’t remember if I picked out to review or if it was chosen for me. I have a strong love/hate relationship with Digital Playground, as I pretty much go all over the scale when it comes to reviewing them. I can imagine I most likely wanted to check this out, cause of Riley Reid being in it, and she doesn’t disappoint. But even though I am not a huge fan of Jesse I can’t deny what she brings to a scene and that is why I chose her scene with Manuel for the spotlight scene of this movie. They definelty go the extra mile when it comes to the technical stuff, even though the usual complaints of mine are still there, I still think this is worthy of a RECOMMENDED rating.


She’s got to leave for work, but he has his arms wrapped around her and doesn’t want to let go. He slides her panties to the side and teases her pussy with his fingers, then bends her over the counter and gets a face full of ass, licking and playing with her pussy and ass. She gets so excited that she reaches down and joins in the finger fun in her pussy. Jesse is another one of those girls who pretty much is always at 11 in her scenes, no one can deny her energy that is for sure. She pulls down his underwear and continues to ravage his cock with her mouth and hands. And this cock hungry girl is going to swallow him whole. He stands her up and bends her over once again and slides in her pussy, and grabs onto her hair for some intense doggy. And this animal likes to bite too. He lays her down on the counter and is back inside her pussy, for some mouth and tongue action, followed by more cock action. He pulls out and she leans her head back as he blasts her face and mouth with cum, and she is back to devouring his cock before we are all done.


It’s time to say goodbye, but perhaps we can have one last fling before she leaves. It’s nice to Anissa, usually only see her in the Dorcel stuff. Love the long black hair, the accent, and of course she is not lacking in the boob area either. Manuel moves in and gets the kissing started, and it’s not long before things get really hot and heavy, and the boobs make an appearance, as he goes in and shows those wonderful things some love. They stand up and he slides his hand down her pants, giving her pussy a nice tease, then lays her down and continues to work those magic fingers on her pussy. He slides her out of her jeans and goes in and drives her crazy with his mouth skills. He slides open his pants and she is right to work on his cock, as he shoves it deep in her mouth, and then offers his balls some love, like pretty much all the girls do with him. Some brief face fucking and he slides up beside her for some spoon, while strumming her pussy like a guitar. She climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl as the titties begin to bounce and fly everywhere. After more spoon she is back on top, hoping and grinding on his cock and the camera is locked in on her boobs. She seems to drive him crazy as she continues to ride him. They don’t slow down a bit during the doggy, as he keeps up the pace, slapping his balls against her pussy. He pulls out and shoots a nice load in her mouth , and she follows up with a few more licks and sucks as it drips onto her tits.


It seems that Erik is little busy, as Riley is all over him and he does his best to keep her under control while he is on the phone, but this naughty girl is out of control. He finishes up the call and she takes a seat on his lap, giving us a little taste of her booty, and then he lays her down and slides off her panties and dives in to work his magic on her pussy.  And this sex kitten’s motor is running while he is down there. He throws in a little finger action to the mix, making the moans louder and more frequent. She fulfills her oral fixation by sucking on his fingers, but I am guessing she wants something a little bigger in her mouth, and his cock is just the thing she wants. Some very nice tongue action, mixed in with some face fucking and it might not be too long before a break is needed in this review. He spins her around and she bends over as he slides in her pussy for some deep and hard thrusts. Even when he is trying to get out of his clothes, she can’t keep her hands off of him. She climbs on and goes to town as she hops and grinds on him, working that booty, while he adds in some finger love to her pussy. He picks her up and they continue with some very nice standing action, before he sets her down and is right back in her pussy. She climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, and he reaches around and really gets her going, with some strumming of her pussy along with the deep thrusts of his cock, and it seems like the juices are a flowing a little. He is working up quite a sweat giving this lady what she wants. She stares into his eyes and then he pulls out and cums in her mouth and chin, followed by a little more tongue work on his cock.


And I guess he didn’t get enough with Riley and has moved onto Ivana, who kind of reminds me a little of Paris Hilton in her look. But Erik wouldn’t know as he has his face deep in her pussy, working his magic once again. And when she returns the favor, sucking and swallowing him, he reaches over and continues to work her pussy over with his fingers. She lays down with her ass out and he is drawn to it, giving it a nice licking before sliding in for some missionary, and she can’t keep still once he adds a little finger fun to the mix. And that continues when he is behind her for some doggy action. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock, as she deep throats and licks up and down his cock, before climbing on for some cowgirl action. He dives into her pussy and gets her body in motion again, and then slides back in and pins her legs while he fucks her. Once again he is working up a nice sweat during this little romp too. She ends up on her back for some missionary and then he covers her mouth and the side of her face with his love juice.


It’s time to get rid of that sexual tension between these two, I mean c’mon he’s been single for what a whole day now. After a nice meal, she heads to the couch and he eventually joins her and after some small talk and flirting, the fun begins. Manuel goes in for a kiss and then the next time, he adds in some hand exploring, and then Jesse hit’s the switch and she is on like Donkey Kong. He spends some time getting lost in her tits and then makes his way to her pussy, giving it some nice love with his mouth and fingers. And her animal instincts kick in once again, as she is devouring his cock with her mouth and hands, while he tries to shove his cock and balls in her mouth. They move to the couch and without missing a beat she is back to swallowing him, while he reaches over and gives her pussy some finger love. And when she climbs on for some cowgirl, she doesn’t seem to slow down one bit, as she pins her arms behind her and submits to him. He slides up beside her for some spoon while he strums her pussy, and they are sucking the life out of each other. She bends over for some doggy and he shoves a few fingers in her ass, while he pounds her pussy, and she leans over and gives his foot a little love. And as Manuel lays back on the couch, she is back to swallow his cock, jerking him off, followed by some tongue wrestling. Sort of surprised she doesn’t head south and hit Manuel magic spot, but ends up on top of his cock for some reverse cowgirl while she plays with her pussy.  She quickly climbs off and gets blasted on the side of her face, and then offers a few more sucks and swallows before we end this one.


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