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In Anal Sluts We Trust 8

  • Release date:
    July 24, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 4m
  • Cast:
    Lauro Giotto|Nick Lang|Mugur|Christina Bella|Frank Gunn|Loona Luxx|Sorana|Milka Manson|Evan Rochelle|Petra Pearl

Category: Anal/Gonzo


in association with:

Cast: Cristina Bella/Milka Manson/Loona Luxx/Petra Pearl/Sorana

Director: Raul Cristian

Extras: Trailers/Photo Gallery/Web

Release Date: 7/24/12

Runtime: 174 Mins

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Scene 1:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cristina Bella/Evan Rochelle
Tease/Anal Dildo Play/Anal/Blowjob/Doggie Anal/Dildo DP/Cowgirl Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/ATM Facial/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
The premiere scene of 'In Anal Sluts We Trust 8' begins as we see flawless euro beauty Cristina Bella. Cristina shows off a bit in the opening segment, the viewer gets some stellar looks at her porno-perfect body as she gives some epic walkshots, hard ass bends, and she even throws in some ass oil to keep things honest. Wow. This girls body is an absolute dream if I have ever seen one. Action eventually starts as Evan Rochelle's dick enters view, and Cristina wraps her mouth around it while continuing to dildo her backside. The sex starts in a doggie style anal, and moves forward with some dildo DP action with Cristina constantly moaning through much of it. In my eyes the best parts of the scene were where the viewer gets a good look at Cristina's body, because the sex does get slow at some points throughout. The scene caps off with a jizz dropping load given to Cristina before she swallows it up in the closing seconds. Decent scene, mostly because of how hot Cristina's body is, but the sex was just ok.
Scene 2:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Petra Pearl/Frank Gun
Tease/Anal Dildo Play/Blowjob/Facefucking/Doggie Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/ATM/Rimming/Spooning Anal/Dildo DP/Facial/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
The second scene opens up as we see Petra Pearl, who's dressed in a hot pink fishnet-style get up while giving the watchers some choice views at her various parts through the opening segment. Fantastic body on Petra here, and a decent, but slow-moving tease that takes up the first five minutes of the scene, or thereabouts. Action begins with Petra submissively accepting a facefucking from Frank Gun before moving into a doggie style anal to get things going. The scene progresses with some strong hardcore moments throughout, as Petra's eye makeup is a pretty mess by the middle stages, and Frank really roughs her up by the time it's all said and done. It eventually finishes up with Petra receiving a mouthload from Frank, and gulping it down as the camera zooms in to make sure she left no visible floaters. Pretty good scene here.
Scene 3:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Trinity/Nick Lang
Tease/Blowjob/Doggie Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Cowgirl Anal/Gaping/Facial/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
Our next anal slut comes in the form of Trinity. Trinity is certainly gorgeous as the scene opens up, but the tease seems to take forever to evolve. Once the slow introduction concludes, Nick Lang steps into the picture as Trinity dives onto his cock face-first. Some pretty fair bj action here, that turns into a standing doggie anal fuck provided by Mr Lang. As the scene moves along, it becomes less and less watchable simply because there just aren't many notable moments. Yes, Trinity is hot, but this scene seems to move slower than molasses up until its near-end. It finally wraps up with Trinity accepting a load to the kisser and again swallowing it up like the previous scenes. Meh. This one wasn't great.
Scene 4:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Loona Lux/Mugur
Tease/Female Masturbation/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Doggie Anal/ATM/Facial/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)

Next is ebony euro beauty Loona Lux looking insatiable as she pleases herself for us. A nice fingerbanging tease provided by Loona, as our director reaches out for some gropes, chokes, and smacks throughout. Loona's lewd acts have me thinking that this scene will be a good one, and she eventually kicks things off by sluttily walking up to her stunt cock to begin the introductory bj. Some nice throating from Loona here, ultimately resulting in her taking an anal cowgirl ride on Mugur's meat train. Some nice anal intensity as the scene marches forward,  with Mugur relentlessly pounding Loona's bubbly beautiful butthole. The scene's finale entails Loona being the recipient of a jizz squirt to the mouth, before she swallows the excess and the screen fades. Another fairly nice scene here with moments of solid sex laced throughout.

Scene 5:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Milka Manson/Lauro Giotto
Tease/Anal Dildo Play/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Facefucking/Doggie Anal/Ass Eating/ATM/Cowgirl Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Gaping/Cum in Mouth/Cum Swallowing (High Volume)
The fifth scene introduces us to hard-bodied euro doll Milka Manson. Milka is breathtaking in the tease sequence, but it again goes nowhere fast, resulting in what most will probably see as a fast forward segment. It opens with some solid dicksucking from the euro babe, filled with some strong dick choking and slop-filled throat action while Lauro Giotto rams her face like he's trying to put a hole through the back of her head. Once the anal sets in, things seem to get fairly intense, but the camera stays fixed in one position for so long that it causes the viewer to lose interest, at least it did in my case. Overall I didn't love this scene, but Milka is definitely a noteworthy euro starlet that you should add to your jack-off collection.

Scene 6:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tease/Female Masturbation/Dildo Play/Blowjob/Cowgirl Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Gaping/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
The final scene opens up as we see Sorana, who is slutting it up in a pink t-shirt and black panties to begin. Sorana seems a little shy in the opening segment, and the tease is another relatively uninspiring one, although there is some nice positioning with the viewer getting a pretty good look at her well- oiled posterior in certain moments. The sex starts in an anal cowgirl fuck, as Sorana seems to be fucking out her shyness by bouncing profusely on Mugur's meat rod and moaning to the heavens as she does so. Like the other scenes in the film, this one has some dead-air mixed in with some fairly solid sex in between. I wouldn't say that it was a terrible scene, but noteworthy moments are minimal.
A relatively forgettable release here, showcasing some hot euro babes, but pretty monotonous sex. The scenes are almost carbon copies of one another with the different girls featured being the only difference. Although I did like Cristina and Petra in the movie I still can't recommend this one, simply because I thought that it gave no diversity or variation in any form. Skip it.


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