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I’m Your Bitch: Lyen

  • Release date:
    August 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 13m
  • Cast:
    Lyen Parker|David Perry|Choky Ice|Szabi|Coco De Mal|Thomas Stone

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Christoph Clark

Cast: Lyen, Coco Del Mar, David Perry, Csoky, Sabby, Thomas Stone
Length: 133 minutes
Extras: There are photo galleries, filmographies, a cum shot recap, several trailers, a cast list, and website information.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.


Overview: I'm Your Bitch: Lyen is a film that showcases newcomer Lyen Parker. She is a 5' 10" Hungarian vixen who loves to fuck. Since she is already a big favorite with director Christoph Clark, Lyen is going to be featured in a lot of Evil Angel films. You can check her other hot performances in films like Slutty Girls Love Rocco 5, Gape Lovers 8, Fuck My Ass, and Christoph's Anal Attraction 2.


Scene One: Lyen is walking around downtown. After she smokes a cigarette on the bench, the scene shifts to the indoors where she teases the camera in her pink top and blue denim shorts. The viewer focuses on her very tall legs. Then, the European brunette is on the bed with a bunch of vibrators and dildos. She does an effective and stimulating job in sucking some of the items while continuing to provide good eye contact with the viewers. It provides good turn-on action. However, the best moments occur when she fucks herself with the toys. A nice amount of effort is applied by Lyen in sticking those multi-sized items into her asshole and vagina. At times, the babe is quite driven in fucking herself and her hips move a lot. Also, Lyen has a very happy expression on her face most of the time. Overall, this scene is a fair start when it comes to a movie that showcases and puts it's emphasis on the same performer in each scene.

Coco Del Mar, Lyen 

Scene Two: Coco Del Mar is standing by the wall and staring at the hottie Lyen who is near the bed. Later, the two women are on the bed and fascinated with each other's titties. The excitement level rises as soon as Lyen is eating Coco's asshole and rubbing her pussy. Lyen smiles with much joy when she is fucking her partner's asshole with a toy while rubbing her vaginal mound. The exciting toy play occurs as Coco's pussy gets the treatment. I enjoyed this time-consuming workout on Coco by Lyen a whole lot. When Coco fucks Lyen with a long dildo, the woman's asshole becomes a gaping turn-on. I also love seeing Coco lick her partner's pussy at times while continuing to fuck her. Coco's very driven fucking rhythm is cool and it becomes more heated and driven later on. It eventually leads to Lyen's shithole looking quite wide.

Lyen, David Perry

Scene Three: Lyen is turning David Perry on as he masturbates in the kitchen. She is making coffee. Soon, as it is in the machine, the woman stands beside the guy and strokes his manhood briefly. Then, the babe makes her drink while showing off her sexy moves at him. She takes the cup over to him and he lets her suck the spoon. Afterwards, the woman rubs the utensil on the tip of his dick and soon sucks his scented cock. It takes time for Lyen to show off her more driven cocksucking work. The woman looks very tall while sitting on his lap and bouncing on his dick. The screwing activity becomes heated when Lyen is laying on the table and David is standing and applying the missionary fuck to her. I enjoyed seeing her pussy as he fucks her in the ass. Also, the viewer can see that David wants to fuck her very well since his dick is inside of her shithole. After he fucks her from behind still as they are standing behind a chair, David jacks off on the table while Lyen rubs his balls. Then, the woman licks the cum off it.

Scene Four: Hottie Lyen arrives at her destination and teases the camera very briefly on the staircase. Then, the scene shifts to where we see her sitting while two guys, Szabi and Thomas Stone, are stroking their dicks. Soon, Lyen takes over the pleasuring duties. The masturbation action occurs again, but this time Lyen is pleasuring herself with a big dildo. Then the babe places her focus on sucking and stroking their meaty playthings. Her cocksucking effort is a turn-on. Afterwards, the woman gets fucked in the ass with the long dildo by Thomas while Lyen is sucking his buddy's dick. The excitement level is generated well as she is busy taking turns sucking their peckers. All of a sudden, handsome Thomas Stone walks in and takes over the anal fucking activity with the toy. Then, we get a good amount of penile-anal action as well as some double penetration activity while her mouth is also getting filled with a dick. As their very good performance proceeds on, all three lucky fellas get to fuck her in the ass. Her butthole eventually becomes very widely gaped during this very long and time-consuming scene. Eventually, all three guys are standing around her while stroking their dicks. She sucks them and suddenly, the guys cum on her face.
Final Thoughts: Lyen loves to get nasty and get her asshole spread open by toys and cocks. For Evil Angel fans, this newcomer is going to be a favorite. It's too bad that there were only four scenes and one was a solo masturbation moment. However, the girl on girl one with Coco Del Mar, and the final two girl on guys action were incredibly hot. If there would had been an additional scene, it could had received a higher rating. Thus, I can only give this fine film a recommended rating.


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