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I Love It Rough!

  • Release date:
    April 2, 2003
  • Cast:
    Brandon Iron

I Love It Rough!

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: All Sex

Director: Brandon Iron

Cast: Ashley Moore, Nacho Vidal, Scott Lyons, Billy Banks, Trevor, Robbie James, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Jewel DeNyle, Steve Holmes, Claire Ryder, Brandon Iron, Julie Night, Manuel Ferrara, Stephen French, Jeremy Steele, Rick Masters, Jim Beam, Phil Oliver, Juan Cuba, Tristan Seagal, Doni Blast, Vinny Vicious

Non-sex cameo by Belladonna, Max Hardcore,

Length: 139.5 minutes

Date of Production: 1/12/03, 1/17/03, 1/22/03, 1/25/03

Extra's: Brandon Iron's "Declaration of Independence" where Brandon "adjusts" the famous document to his own taste, 6+ minute long Behind the Scenes feature, 3 minute bonus scene with Julie blowing Brandon, photoshoot and gallery, 8+ minutes of tease footage with Julie, cum shot recap for fans who just want to man ejaculating (ewww)

Audio/Video Quality: The full frame picture was released in a 1.33:1 ratio format as shot. The grain was a bit higher than the best Gonzo releases but still not nearly as bad as a lot of other companies. The camera angles weren't always optimal but more often than not, the work resembled Brandon's work elsewhere (so fans will be happy). The audio was in stereo English with no subtitles present. It was also clear with few problems.

Body of Review: As porn continues to devolve into more and more circus act sex with less and less conventional sex, more companies are forming to address this market niche. Another factor in these companies forming is that the performer/directors are demanding a bigger piece of the pie and/or more control over the products they release. The latest such company is Platinum X. The company was founded by Jewel De'Nyle, Brandon Iron, and a few others in the jizz bizz who were tired of companies that not only gave them crumbs for their hard work but also held them back from providing content that they wanted to provide-heck with any Cambria list or mean old government prosecutors looking for an easy case to try in court.

That said, the company's first release, one shilled all over the internet by Brandon himself (trying to get the word out) was I Love It Rough. The focus of the movie is to provide several scenes of performers who have few limits and are willing to take anal, DP's, ATM, and anything else Brandon requests of them. If you prefer really beautiful looking women, you know the kind, you'll probably want to look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you want gals who will do anything for money, this company is showing promise with this release. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast-each scene has similar sex acts, and no condoms:

Scene One: Ashley, a bleached blonde gal with virtually no limits, took on Nacho in a pretty hardcore scene. Lots of oral and straight before the anal. Afterwards, she took on a bunch of guys, giving them oral and taking some throatgagging action until she choked before being coated with semen. Okay, not as extreme as I'd heard but almost as hardcore as Red Light District or Evil Angel routinely produces.

Scene Two: Jewel, one of the more hardcore loving gals in the business, dominated Steve after smoking her cigarette. After making him eat her ass, the two engaged in oral, vaginal and anal sex. At the end, she fingered his ass and made him lick her finger while jerking him off before round two in her ass. Had she took a strap on dildo to him, I'd have agreed with other critics that she was one of the most extreme gals in the business. Maybe she's just warming up for later adventures. (there was an implied urinating in his mouth but it wasn't shown so I guess the company is still afraid of the Cambria list)

Scene Three: Claire, a gal with lots of tattoo's and weird red hair, took care of Brandon in a hotel room. It seemed more like an exercise in limit pushing than something most guys would like to use for self love but to each their own. Anal, and all the trimmings, here too before he stuck her head in the toilet.

Scene Four: Julie, another gal that isn't trying to compete with the more conventional beauties of the porn world, took on Manuel next. Outside by a road or inside by a couch, she seemed equally at ease with taking all forms of abuse (anal, enema, oral, etc.). The woman then let a large group of guys use her as a target of semen spraying

Summary: Well, the movie wasn't exactly the pinnacle of rough sex that was advertised but it did provide a fairly rough, fairly extreme series of sex scenes for those who are into such action to enjoy. The technical qualities were good and the extras good for an initial release. While it wasn't my cup of tea, it is worth a rating of Recommended for jaded old porn hounds into this type of thing, maybe even a higher rating if you're into the cast here. I'll be curious to see what else the company offers in future releases or if they're going to be a one trick pony (that'll get old quick). If they really intend to push the limits of the porn world, they'll have to do better than this one though.

Note: due to the inclusion of some extreme content on this DVD this title may not be available at some adult retailers


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