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Hustler’s True Love Stories

  • Release date:
    February 18, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 51m
  • Cast:
    Ashli Orion|Cindy Starfall|Derrick Pierce|Kurt Lockwood|Lyla Storm|Jacky Joy|Richie Calhoun|Will Powers

Genre: Vignette

Director: Ed Nova

Cast: Ashli Orion, Cindy Starfall, Lyla Storm, Jacky Joy, Will Powers, Kurt Lockwood, Richie Calhoun, Derrick Pierce

Length: 172 minutes

Extras: This section has a good photo gallery, several trailers, and website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Hustler's True Love Stories is a film that captures couples in situations that are endearing. The viewer can relate to each of these scenes. Even though the couples are not dating in real life, the personal chemistry between them is believable. It's that aspect that will make this film successful to the audience whether it's couples or not.

Scene One: Hollywood Vacation. Ashli Orion and her boyfriend Will Powers are on vacation from Oregon. They are so excited to be in Hollywood. After some brief filming of the Hollywood sign and of Ashli's fun antics, the couple head back to their hotel room for some lovin' before going on their sightseeing mission. There is already some playful groping action by the fun girl. Once in the room, we get a good POV blow job moment while her man holds the camera. I like how she takes it in deep and how she rubs it with both hands. Ashli's eye contact with her man looks hot especially while she sucks his balls. Overall, I like Ashli's active cocksucking workout. Then, she crawls on the floor a bit before removing her panties. Ashli resumes her hot bj session in the sunlight. Later, she gets doggied by her man and I liked the shots of their screwing area from one position to the next. The personal chemistry between Ashli and Will is very good and believable. The POV shots are very effective in enhancing the personal tone of this scene. However, it's the many POV blow job action that is the hottest moment in their performance. Of course, it's not a surprise to see a happy Ashli receive his cumshot in her mouth.

Scene Two: Love on the Road. Cindy Starfall and Kurt Lockwood are taking a ride. When she finds his video camera in the glove compartment, the woman is quite taken by her cuteness. This beauty is also feeling horny and begins to kiss her man on the neck. She also rubs his groin. The chemistry between them is good as Kurt tries to concentrate on his driving. Later, we get good titty shots as both of them grab her nice boobs. Then, they remove her panties and we get some nice close-up pussy shots while Cindy and Kurt rub it. The woman gets off so well when her man rubs it and fingerfucks it with more energy. Later, the horny woman takes out his dick while Kurt is still driving and sucks on it. At a certain point while she is playing with it, Kurt pulls over and stops the car. Cindy's playful bj work continues to be highly stimulative. Afterwards, they get out of the car and walk on a concrete walkway that leads to a bench. Even though it looks secluded, people could walk into them. Cindy teases the camera with a cute striptease performance. Moments later, the woman takes out her man's cock and sucks on it for a nice looking POV moment. The woman gives some nice looking eye contact as well as hitting her tits with his dick a bit. Next, they move onto another bench farther up the path. Cindy removes her panties and teases the camera with her ass. A POV doggie fuck occurs. Then, more hot cocksucking action follows before Cindy rides Kurt on the bench. This time, the camera is left across from the path so that we can get faraway shots of their fucking performance. Afterwards, Kurt grabs the camera for the missionary shots. Cindy's face looks quite emotional. Finally, a very cool POV and very tight close-up cumshot is shown. It goes all over her face.

Scene Three: A Night Out. Lyla Storm is getting prepared for a night out as her man Richie Calhoun enters the bathroom. While she continues to primp up, the guy, who is holding a video camera, acts playful towards the woman. He teases her with her zipper and rubs her pussy from underneath her panties. The personal chemistry between them is quite good. I was getting so turned on just watching and listening to them. Lyla unzips her dress and removes it. Soon, she is sucking his dick with her appealing eye contact and big smile. At times, her bj action is shot in POV mode. A standing fuck from behind session occurs where Lyla applies good humping activity. Later, she is sitting on the sink while some fingerfucking action occurs right before another screwing activity begins. Even though their fucking moments are good, it's Lyla's cocksucking ones that put the biggest smile on my face. In the end, this scene where Lyla and Richie use a good amount of space in this bathroom ends with her stroking him off. Lyla reminds me of Julia Roberts on account of their signature broad smiles. It really sticks in your mind.

Scene Four: The Marriage Proposal. Derrick Pierce has a surprise for his girlfriend Jacky Joy. After she blindfolds herself, Derrick gives her an engagement ring. The happy woman goes down on her knees and gives her man a fun looking blow job. Her long yellow and purple colored fingernails are cool. I really like how she looks at her fella as if she really is quite fond of him. Her pussy looks very appealing during the pussy sucking action. Later, Jacky looks very pretty during the mish moments. The doggie screw makes their performance more personally heated. This very likable performer receives her man's cum on her face.

Final Thoughts: I would like to see this film become a regular series. The personal chemistry of the four couples is very believable. This element is extremely important since the scenes are suppose to capture loving relationships. I enjoyed the gonzo-esque type of filming where some of the performers were outdoors and in a car. Since it broke away from the standard location of being in a room, it also made the interactions of the man and woman more appealing. This fun production deserves a recommended rating.


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