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Hustler’s Superfuckers 19

  • Release date:
    March 25, 2003

Superfuckers 19


Genre: Anal, All Sex, Foreign

Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Sarah, Nataly, Alain Deloin, Tristan, Sylvia, Yann Scott, Franck Major, Jitka, Bob Terminator, Adelka, Anoushka, Nancy, Pascal St. James, Karoly, Sophie, Yasmine, Katska, Anita

Length: 133.5 minutes

Date of Production: 10/12/02

Extra's: trailers, slide show/photogallery, cast list, spam, director's biography

Audio/Video Quality: While there was some grain in the movie's scenes, most of the time it was minimal in this full frame, 1.33:1 ratio outing. The colors were clear and crisp. The stereo 2.0 English audio track was okay but most of the time it was dubbed over with another person's voice (a turn off for me). Frankly, they can scream and moan in French for all I care as long as they display some passion about doing so.

Body of Review: Hustler has a number of well received series at this time. Superfuckers, shot by Pierre Woodman, is one of their more consistently appreciated ones due to the anal, the beautiful women, and the length of the show. In volume 19 of the series, there were quite a few minutes worth of pleasure and fans of European gals having anal sex, particularly with large dicks, know what to expect here. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by action and cast as provided by the cast list:

Scene One: Sarah & Nataly: Sarah and Nataly took on Alain and Tristan in a living room. The gals were smoking hot and did seem to break out of the stereotypical passionless European sex so many of us complain about. Oral, straight and anal before the DP and after the tease stuff at the beginning. Yum!

Scene Two: XXX 6 Photoshoot: Sylvia had sex with both Yann and Franck for a photoshoot. That the action started and stopped for the stills kind of sucked (in a bad way) was to be expected. This was also the grainiest scene by far. Fair.

Scene Three: Jitka: Jitka, an okay looking blonde with great green eyes and a lean body, and Bob, Europe's answer to Lee Stone, had a scene on a couch. It wasn't the most passion filled scene I've watched lately but all the other bases were covered and, like the other scenes here, no condoms were used.

Scene Four: Adelka & Anoushka: Adelka and Anoushka jumped Alain on a bed. They were very young looking and lean with very cute faces. Again, all the bases were covered but this one had more heat due to the performers. Yum!

Scene Five: Barely Legal Photoshoot 9: Nancy, Yann, Pascal, and Karoly had some fun here.This was a pretty extreme scene with her taking them everywhere, including a bareback double anal. Not very hot but interesting to watch.

Scene Six: Sophie, Yasmine, & Katska: The gals were all dressed in bondage gear and played with one another as well as Bob and Alain. I thought this was the best scene for a number of reasons including the action but not as hot as a few others. Still good though.

Scene Seven: Anita: Anita had a solo scene on a bed. She played with a large vibrator and put it in her pussy then ass in this short but warm scene.

Summary: None of the scenes were throw away, the women looked quite boneable, and the action included pretty much anything you could want in such a show. That it was over 2 hours long helped provide some real value here although your mileage will vary according to what you want to see. I'm listing it as Recommended but fans will want to elevate that a bit with this volume and couples will want to steer clear unless they prefer the harder edge this one provides.


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