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Housewives Of Lex Steele

  • Release date:
    July 24, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 14m
  • Cast:
    India Summer|Bridgette B|Chanel Preston|Jada Stevens|Lexington Steele

Category: MILF/Gonzo/Interracial


Cast: Bridgette B./Chanel Preston/India Summer/Jada Stevens/Lexington Steele

Extras: Bonus Footage/Photo Stills/Trailers

Director: Lexington Steele

Release Date: 7/24/2013

Runtime: 134 Mins

Click on the pic above to watch the trailer for 'The Housewives of Lex Steele'!

Scene 1:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bridgette B./Lexington Steele

Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Missionary/Facial (Medium Volume)

The premiere scene in 'The Housewives of Lex Steele' begins with somewhat of a mission statement as only Lex himself could act out. A pretty laughable introduction to the film here that eventually moves forward as the screen fades into the first scene. We now see Lex behind his desk, preparing himself for an interview with "Miss Taylor" for an opening with his company. Miss Taylor is played by Bridgette B, and after Lex admits that he recognizes her from somewhere, she later confesses that she worked in porn for a while under the stage name Bridgette B. Anyways, the two continue acting out a painfully executed introductory segment before Bridgette seduces Lex into giving her the job. Action sets in with a blowjob from Bridgette, as she leans over the desk and gives some exaggerated cock chokes to Lexington's black sausage. A pretty nice bj from the buxom beauty here that eventually leads into Bridgette taking a cowgirl ride on Lex's meat train. Positions change pretty rapidly throughout the scene, having some relatively good moments, especially the ones where we see Bridgette's photographic mammaries bouncing hither and yon while Lex slams her holes accordingly. The scene drags a bit in the latter stages and eventually results in Bridgette being the prime recipient of a jizz-lobbing face load  to close it out. Nice scene here overall, loved watching Bridgette, but it had some slow moments.
Scene 2:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*Scene To Remember*
Chanel Preston/Lexington Steele
Tease/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Missionary/Cunnilingus/Reverse Cowgirl/Female Masturbation/Doggie/Facial (High Volume)
For the next scene in the film, Lexington portrays a private detective checking in on housewife Chanel Preston. Chanel looks amazing as always when things open up, wearing a scantily clad outfit as she prances around her house while talking about her apparently unfaithful husband. As things continue forward, it turns out that Chanel is trying to have some fun of her own, and before Lex can offer his opinions on this matter Chanel already has his dick balls deep down her throat. Some solid blowjob action kicks off the scene, with cock-hungry Chanel burying Lex's dick-log deep into her throat for some relatively sloppy throat fucking bj fun. Sex has a nice intensity to it as it begins with a cowgirl romp, and moves into a missionary style pussy reaming given to horny housewife Chanel. The scene progresses well, with Lex offering up some cunnilingus to Chanel at various times to better help himself from prematurely ejaculating, and understandably so. Chanel is amazing here, as if she wasn't already hot enough, her hunger for Lex's cock gleams like a shining beacon of light throughout the entire scene. The scene continues on for quite a while, gaining energy even more so as the scene draws closer to its ending. It finally caps off with Lex pulling out of Chanel from a missionary position and releasing a mega-sackload that encompasses from Chanel's stomach to the top of her head. Great scene here, one that I didn't want to end quite honestly. Both stars were top notch and the sex was fantastic.
Scene 3:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
India Summer/Lexington Steele
Blowjob/Standing Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Missionary/Facial (High Volume)
Next up, Lexington plays the part of a burglar who is breaking into the home of India Summer. India catches Lex red-handed, and isn't phased by his criminal ways in the least. The acting here is again pretty hilarious, especially on Lex's part, and of course leads into desperate housewife India seducing Lex into a sexual encounter. India plays the black cock-hungry-housewife part extremely well here, looking simply incredible as things continue forward. A solid blowjob kicks off the action, and sex begins later with Lex lifting up his new fuck-buddy for a standing cowgirl style pussy reaming. The scene progresses very well, gaining some steam in the middle stages with an intense variation of a missionary style fucking that has India moaning and "wow"-ing much like the filthy minded perverts that adore her do when watching her scenes. Another fantastic segment here from the dreamzone crew that eventually finishes with Lex rewarding India with a face glazing jizz facial to show his appreciation. Awesome. India is outstanding in this scene, and there was a great chemistry between her and Lex.

Scene 4:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jada Stevens/Lexington Steele

Tease/Blowjob/Doggie/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Missionary/Cum on Pussy/Cum on Ass (High Volume)

Another funny introductory segment begins the next scene, as we later see the most famous ass in porn, Jada Stevens doing dishes in the kitchen of her home. Jada is dressed wonderfully here to open up the scene, and she soon has a heated conversation with her husband on the telephone involving an IRS agent coming to repossess their home. She eventually tells her deeply concerned husband that she has a plan, and all will be fine before they hang up. Jada gives some light tease into the camera as she talks on the phone, before the camera soon pans over to Lexington who is sitting in the other room. Lexington is playing the part of the IRS agent, who is auditing Jada's property and assets, but Jada tries to sway him to do otherwise. Jada's playful ways here are awesome, and of course Lex soon gives in to Jada's persuasive ways. A great blowie kicks off the action, and soon moves into Lex pummeling Jada's perfectly round ass into oblivion while she moans and groans for the home viewers. The scene continues forward well, with Lex spurting a dickload over Jada's pussy in the near-end stages but persisting to fuck her more before another spunkload is provided, this time aimed at her ass but firing over her head and onto the couch behind her. A solid scene here, Jada was great and although the intensity wasn't off the charts amazing, it still had a nice effect, and was definitely an enjoyable watch.
A pretty good flick here overall, having some of the top talent throughout the industry and showcasing some pretty good sex for the most part. I thought Chanel Preston stole the show, but India also gave a performance that I was fully satisfied in watching. The silliness of the introductions never took away from the hotness of the film; I actually thought it was a nice added touch, and it's always nice to see how girls react to Lex's acting. Extras in the film are pretty sparse to be honest, 3 trailers, and photo stills taken directly from the scenes seeming like more filler than anything. Some decent BTS moments, mainly outtakes of the scenes mixed in with a short candid interview between Lex and Chanel. I'd certainly recommend this one to the many fans of Lex's interracial content, but I think that's as far as I'll go with it. Only four scenes, one of them being pretty average, and a pretty scrimpy selection of extras, but there is still some whackworthy content here. Check it out if you're able to, otherwise you're not missing too much.


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