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Hotshot Productions/Evil Angel’s Hookup Hotshot: E-Girls

  • Release date:
    October 13, 2021
  • Runtime:
    3h 45m
  • Cast:
    Alicia Reign, Lilly Bell, Michelle Anthony, Yumi Sin, Bryan Gozzling

Performer/director Bryan Gozzling dominates, manhandles and fucks the hell out of this hot group of young porn stars in this very long all-sexer.

Yumi Sin is extremely stoic and barely responsive to the manhandling and groping that Gozzling gives her fantastically hot young body. Gozzling makes sure that we get to see every inch of this very submissive performer and she looks fucking great all coated in oil as he rubs her clit. Sin gets a rough and hard face and pussy fucking across Gozzling's Big White Porno Couch and she just is such a pleaser. Her eyes water and her nose runs from the face fucking and she is there for all of it. Lean and sweet beauty Alicia Reign shows up at daddy Gozzling's front door in need of his discipline and obedience training. Reign is a treat and a half when it comes to being able to get Gozzling's cock far down her throat and I have to say that the head she gives looks like it would feel fucking incredible. Her tits are fucking gorgeous and she loves the fuck out of the pussy fucking she gets here. She also gives Gozzling a fuckload of dedicated rimming. If you love rimming, wow, Reign is your girl!

Cover girl Michelle Anthony has a sweet and a soft voice and a lean, tall body that just really turns Gozzling the fuck on. She is really pale and lovely and she looks so hot getting her mouth and throat fucked. I love watching the throat fluid flow on down her stomach and with a whole bunch of lube on them both to make their skin shine, she gets a hard pussy fucking. Lilly Bell is the last one to visit Gozzling and wow, she is gorgeous in a blue mini dress. He has her stand in front of a Small White Loveseat as he gropes her and has her pose to his liking. I get wanting to do this with Bell. She is such a dream come true and Gozzling takes him time getting her out of her clothes. Gozzling loves rimming Bell's asshole and she loves being rendered a slobber covered mess from the throat fucking. Gozzling gives her pretty pussy a hard fucking here and she is a beautiful mess by the end of this tryst.

The two disc set includes a cumshot recap, trailers for other Hookup Hotshot/Evil Angel releases and an ad for the Evil Angel websites.  You can also watch all of these scenes over at the Fleshbot Award winning Evil Angel website.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Hotshot Productions/Evil Angel.


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