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Hot Lesbian Love

  • Release date:
    August 23, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 25m
  • Cast:
    Riley Reid|Mia Malkova|Emily Addison|Kennedy Leigh|Jade Couture|Shae Snow|Cassie Laine|Sophia Knight

Genre:  Lesbian

Director: A Tammy Sands Production

Cast: Cassie Laine & Natasha Malkova, Emily Addison & Sophia Knight, Kennedy Leigh & Shae Snow, Mia Malkova & Riley Reid

Length: 1 hour, 45 minute run time (actual film); bonus solos are another 40 minutes

Date of Production: August 27, 2013


As noted earlier, there are four bonus Solo Scenes performed by Cassie Laine, Mia Malkova, Natasha Malkova & Sophia Knight. Quick commentary: the solo vignettes were sensual and appealing. I particularly enjoyed all of the slow strip teases and masturbation. It certainly is a nice added bonus for the viewer.

There are also a series of Girlfriends Films Promos: Freedom, Protect, Imperfect Angels, PinUpGirls and Road Queen … most of these were not my cup of tea, BUT I can see the appeal these have for women and men alike.

The DVD also included trailers from Girlfriends Films: CheerSquad Sleepovers … Lesbian Fight Club …. MotherDaughterExchangeClub28 … Voila … Poor Little Shyla …. Pin Up Girls 7

There was also a link to the website: Girlfriendsfilms.com

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: No video quality (i.e. aspect ratio of the feature, fullscreen, widescreen) was provided, and no audio information (i.e.Dolby Digital 5.1, stereo, mono, etc.) were given. But both audio and video quality were superb.

Overview: According to a press release from Girlfriends Films, Volume 1 of “Hot Lesbian Love,” is a new series from Tammy Sands, released on DVD August 27. Distributed by Girlfriends Films, “Hot Lesbian Love” features the most passionate girl / girl scenes ever filmed by the award-winning director. In addition to four beautifully hardcore lesbian sex scenes, the movie also includes four bonus solo masturbation scenes.

Scene1 Cassie Laine and Natasha Malkova

The scene starts off with the two of them in bed in bra and panties slowly kissing each other, and including some prop play with a feather. Cassie spreads her legs and invites Natasha to slowly lick between her smooth legs with plenty of sensual tongue play. The scene progresses with more caressing and kissing before Laine returns the favor by helping rub Natasha’s pussy. Malkova proceeds to lie on her back and lets Cassie sit on her face for more pleasure. After more sensual licking and some eager waiting by me, Natasha finally has the chance to have her pussy licked by Laine. I absolutely love the way Natasha stares at Laine while she (Laine) is sucking and licking on her shaved pussy. It is such a beautiful and sensual scene, and you can tell the two were really into it. As a viewer it is always appreciated when there is mutual enjoyment, and this scene certainly delivered.

Scene 2 Emily Addison and Sophia Knight

Just like the previous scene, we open up watching Sophia and Emily on the bed in sexy lingerie – Sophia is wearing white see thru teddy and sports a very hot body. Addison wearing bra and panties, and certainly has perfectly sized breasts that look amazing in her bra. I must say again, that both have incredible bodies. We are treated with more kissing, stroking and licking. Right from the start, we know it will be a slow and sensual scene. Addison takes off her bra and Knight begins to suck and lick on her voluptuous breasts mixed in with licking. I would have liked to seen more camera close ups of the pussy play and eating. Sophia proceeds to bury her face in Addison’s pussy from behind. Addison returns the favor and gets Knight in all fours and takes off her teddy to suck her tits and work towards eating that nicely shaved pussy. Here was another opportunity to have some better camera work here (i.e. close ups) because these are by far the two hottest starlets in the movie. They had good chemistry, the scissoring and 69 were nicely executed, making it a total turn on and for me … by far the best scene.

Scene 3 Kennedy Leigh and Shea Snow

We open with Kennedy is lying on her side sensually kissing Snow. Both are wearing revealing lingerie that doesn’t stay in long (which is ok with me). Leigh gets Shea on her back and begins to lick her pussy, before we shift into some real nice action in the 69 position. I must say I enjoyed this the most, thanks to better camera work and the verbal pleasure from both; you can tell there was some good chemistry. As the scene progresses, Shea sits on Leigh’s face and lets us know she enjoys being eaten out with her facial expressions. The scene includes more kissing and pussy eating and some scissoring, which all helped make this another quality scene.

Scene 4 Mia Malkova and Riley Reid

Riley is by herself and takes off her clothes in anticipation for Mia’s arrival. Mia enters the room and complies with Reid’s request to strip down in front of her as she eagerly watches. Mia massages Reid from behind, and oils up her body to a nice glisten. Reid, if you are not aware from her other films, has a nice petite body and the oil glistens nicely on camera. Reid returns the favor and drizzles oil on Mia’s body and proceeds to give her a back massage. This is the longest of the four scenes, just because there is the massaging aspect. I also appreciated the better close up camera work when Reid is being eaten out. Reid, who is no stranger to pleasing a woman (based on other films I have seen her in) really does a great job eating her counterparts pussy from behind. There is more oil drizzling and more pussy eating as the scene progresses, and I love watching Reid get eaten out. Her moans and facial expressions certainly let the viewer know she really is enjoying. Overall there is great chemistry between the two and the positions and the sex are hot.

Final Thoughts: The following was taken from an excerpt in a recent interview with Tammy Sands. Renowned for her emphasis on glamour and aesthetics, Sands kicks up the heat in “Hot Lesbian Love.” While still stylized, the scenes in “Hot Lesbian Love” are more sexually intense. Pairings between Cassie Laine and Natasha Malkova, Emily Addison and Sophia Knight, Kennedy Leigh and Shae Snow, and Riley Reid and Mia Malkova are primal and orgasmic. Further showcasing Cassie, Mia, Natasha, and Sophia, the four bonus solo scenes rival the girl / girl fervor.

“In ‘Hot Lesbian Love,” I encouraged the girls to fully give in to their most basic sexual instincts,” says Tammy Sands. “They quickly got lost in the moment, ravaging each other and taking the sex to a whole other level consumers are going to love.”

“Hot Lesbian Love” promised to be the most recent in a line of critical and commercial successes. In January 2013, Sands received her second AVN award – the 2013 Best Solo Release award for “All Natural: Glamour Solos II.” In 2012, Sands’ first volume of the series earned Best Solo Release as well.

After viewing the movie, I paused for a minute to reflect on the overall effectiveness of this lesbian driven film. Most of the lesbian based scenes I have watched in the past have been on the aggressive side with dildos, vibrators and strap-ons used as props. But this film delivered in a different way for me and I really had to take a moment to appreciate the sensuality captured by Sands in all of the scenes. She did a wonderful job pairing the starlets and the chemistry was clearly evident. And we didn’t need the extra props or toys to capture the true essence of girl on girl action. I give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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