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Haze Her 6

  • Release date:
    October 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 16m
  • Cast:
    Jodi Taylor|Savannah Fox|Staci Silverstone|Isabella De Santos|Madison Chandler|Kylie Kane|Lola Milano|Dani Lane|Stella Banxxx|Megan Loxx|Madison Blaze|Valentina Star|Katie King

Genre: Gonzo, Amateur, Lesbian
Director: ?
Cast: Not identified
Length: 196 minutes
Date of Production: 9/11/2013
Extras: There is a photo gallery and website information.
Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: The video  and audio quality are good.
Overview: Haze Her 6 is a true amateur gonzo flick by Morally Corrupt and Jules Jordan Video.  This series is going to involve the sexual initiation activities of sororities. We have pledges who want to join the sisterhood of a sorority while performing sexual acts in order to show the current members that they are worthy of acceptance.
Scene One: Girls Lick Pussy and Fuck. While serving a spaghetti dinner to the sorority house, the pledges get verbally hazed by the members. When the lead sister complains about the milk being spoiled, she tosses it at the naked girls. After the wannabes clean the milk, they are being hazed again. I enjoyed watching the five naked wannabes take turns crawling between their legs and licks some of their fellow pledges' pussies. At some point, one of the pledges gets to suck on the lead sorority sister's snatch. Then, several of the wannabe's get to suck on the head sister and her second in command's pussies. The third in command gets her titties sucked along the way while her two lead sisters kiss with passion. Later, we see four of the wannabes on top of a table showing off their pussies to the sorority leadership. After getting hazed for their vaginal playthings, two of the girls suck dildos before pairing up with the other wannabes for some nice fucking toy play. At a different time of the day, one of the pledges is brought into a bedroom where she sucks the two lead sisters' strap-ons before getting doggied by the leader. Later, the second in command gets to fuck the leader from behind while the pledge gets to fondle her breasts. I liked the determined effort by the second in command's screwing delivery. Next, we see her riding her friend's strap-on actively. It's too bad that this cock ride was too brief.
Scene Two: Workout those Pussies. A group of sorority pledges enter the gym and are told to exercise on the equipment. Later, they strip down and continue their exercises. The two most noticeable wannabes are the very golden tanned ones. I could not stop staring at them. As the scene progresses, the pledges assisted each other on using the machines. Later, they take turns in shoving their faces into a coed's snatch. The hazing behavior of the main sorority sisters in this scene is too mild. More exercising activity follows as they perform some calisthenics. Then, we get more pussy eating action on the floor, but it's not too exciting except for the final session. The pledges take a shower together with some girl on girl action that show more cooler action to end their scene.
Scene Three: Jello Wrestling. Four wannabe sorority sisters are brought into the locker room. After they pass a piece of jello down the line with their mouths, the quartet shows off their asses and then, their titties. Then, they pair up to rub oil on their bodies. The close-up shots of their oily session look cool especially as they oil their snatches. Afterwards, the girls wrestle in the jello-filled tub. When three rounds are completed, there is a winner. Then, the girls wash each other's bodies off in the shower. I enjoyed the soapy and wet activity. Next, the quartet are paired up to each other's pussies. We receive very nice turn-on action as they pleasure their vaginal treats.
Scene Four: Licking Pussy for Sisterhood. During a sorority meeting, the four pledges strip down and open their baskets filled with vegetables and fruits. Moments later, the lead sister fucks on the pledges with a cucumber and then, a banana. The blonde wannabe sorority sister gets fucked with a corn on the cob and a cucumber. The third pledge looks quite happy while getting fucked with  pepper. I enjoyed that she got to suck on the coed's breasts. After she got fucked doggystyle with the item, a banana is used too. The final pledge then, gets fucked with a small squash and then, a corn on the cob. Afterwards, each wannabe fucks herself with a carrot through her asshole. Each one bites off their own carrot tip and swallows it. Next, one of the pledges fingers two of her fellow pledges in the rear. Two of the girls get on top of the table to have sex. We receive good pussy pleasuring activity by them. Later, the other two pledges makeout in a tender session. There are soft touches on their breasts and nice pussy eating deliveries. The scene ends with the four future sorority sisters running down the street naked.
Final Thoughts: This film starts off very well with hot looking coeds at dinner where the main course is eating pussy. The next scene took a long time to provide much stimulated action. The third scene raised the excitement level with some fun looking jello wrestling sessions and pussy playing activity in the shower room. Finally, the final scene became the second best scene with pretty coeds getting fucked with vegetables and fruits. Fans of this series will enjoy this flick. It's a good rental that provides good fun.


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