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Haze Her 2

  • Release date:
    February 5, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 22m
  • Cast:
    Dani Daniels|Eva Lovia|Dahlia Sky|Lola Foxx|Valerie Kay|Heather Starlet|Avril Hall|Tiffany Tailor|Nicole Rider|Victoria Love|Alexa Jones|Missi Daniels|Vee Cummings|Bella Rose

Genre: Gonzo, Lesbian, Amateur

Director: ?

Cast: Not identified

Length: 142 minutes

Date of Production: 1/9/2013

Extras: There is a photo gallery and website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The video and audio quality are good.

Overview: Haze Her 2 is a true amateur gonzo flick by Morally Corrupt and Jules Jordan Video. This series is going to involve the sexual initiation activities of sororities. We have pledges who want to join the sisterhood of a sorority. This film is targeted to those who enjoy college coeds.

Scene One: Fresh Meat. Five sorority sisters sneak into one of the bedrooms where four newbies are sleeping. A few of them tease the sleeping girls. As soon as a horn goes off, the quartet awaken and stand side by side. The coeds undress as flour is thrown on their bodies. Each girl is asked several questions such as "Are you a virgin?" and "Do you have a boyfriend?" One of the fun questions is "What does your pussy smell like?" Part of the hazing activity had one of the girls sticking her nose into another newbie's pussy. Jumping jacks and push-ups are performed. The sit-ups are the best since we get to see clear pussy shots. Unfortunately, only one girl performs it. Later, the sorority squad checks out the quartet's asses. Some knee bends occur to showcase their rear ends. Afterwards, each girl receives a vibrator in order to work out their pussies. Then, they walk though the hall with the vibrating toy still inside of them. Everyone ends up in the shower. The newbies or fresh meat girls remove the item and wash themselves. At this point, this moment is the best of the scene thus far especially when we see three girls scrubbing one of them. A fun moment occurs when a sorority sister wets them with a hose. Later, one of the girls licks another coed's pussy because she was told to do it. Afterwards, we get two 69 sessions with two experienced sorority sisters on top of them. The two wannabes do nice jobs in eating pussy. Toy play resumes when the newbies get fucked with the toys by the sisters. At this point, this action is the best part of the hazing session. In the meantime, two of the wannabes are only watching. One gets fucked while on her knees and the other one is sitting on the shower floor. A towel is on the floor when the newbies suck some pussy. The brunette really gets off so well from her oral massage. The scene ends when the other two newbies get in position to eat some pussy too.

Scene Two: A ** Pledges Get It Up The Ass. Five coeds are standing near a fence. The hazing begins when they are told to remove their clothes and run up the stairs to the roof. Once there, they kick a soccer ball around. Some low knee bends are performed afterwards. Then, the wannabe sisters bend over so that the sorority girls can hit a ball underneath them with the croquet mallets. When one of the pledges gets scolded, she gets fucked with the mallet. Then, there is some one on one wrestling action with the pledges in a small rubber pool. During this activity, I really enjoyed the face in the butt action. Afterwards, the pussy eating action occurs between two pledges as the rest of the group watches on. Some two on one action occurs too.

Scene Three: After Party Pick Up at the K** House. The pledges are told to clean the trash from the backyard. Then, the four wannabe sisters run inside of the house on order to clean it. During the clean-up, the pledges get naked. The best moments thus far are the ones that occur in the bathrooms. In one room, a girl has to stick in face into a trash can so that she can a necklace with her mouth. In another room, two wannabe sorority sisters is shaving a coed's leg. I got turned on by the shaving activity. Then, when the head sorority sister has checked out the house for cleaniness, she gets one wannabe to fingerfuck another wannabe in the doggie position. The constant fingerfucking action looked hot and made the coed cum. Later, in one of the bedrooms, a blonde pledge is giving attitude so she has to suck the lead sorority sister's strap-on. It's a nice looking scene where the sucking motion looks hot. Then, the attractive coed doggies the pledge on the bed. Moments later, another sister is mouthfucking the wannabe to create a three-way. Then, the girl who was mouthfucking the wannabe is now doggying a different pledge sister. I really enjoyed seeing the two pledges kiss. Next, some nice straddling action by a wannabe sorority sister occurs. We obtain good pussy shots from it. As soon as the cockriding action ends, the focus in on the lead sorority sister who gets her pussy eaten by the cute blonde. The persistent fingerfuck makes the girl cum so well.

Scene Four: D** 2013 Hazing in the Woods. ease. At night and outdoors, a group of naked pledges are ready to complete their rushing duties. They run one by one as they get flour and feathers tossed on them. They also get hosed by water. Then, the sorority sisters critique each of the wannabe sisters' bodies. At times, it's silly listening to their comments. A trusting game follows where the pledges have their eyes closed and they take in a sausage into their mouths. A disobedient wannabe has to eat the lead sorority sister's pussy as well as get fucked by the meaty sausage item. Later, a couple of the pledges get their pussy fingerfucked as they kiss. Later, we get some one on one lesbian action with some nice looking pussy eating moments. A three-way occurs next as the lead sorority sister joins in.

Final Thoughts: The best moments in this film are the ones where the pledges and sorority members interact sexually. I would had liked to have seen more of it throughout this production though. Guys who like to watch college coeds will enjoy this all-girl film since these girls are college aged ladies. Since the hazing activity isn't really too mean or nasty, the viewer will not get turned off by it. Once again, this series has given us an entertaining gonzo rental .


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