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Happy Endings

  • Release date:
    April 15, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 12m
  • Cast:
    Asa Akira|RayVeness|Marcus London|Nikita Denise|Adrianna Luna|Mr. Pete|Danny Wylde|Alan Stafford

Genre: Vignette

Director: Nica Noelle

Cast: Rayveness, Asa Akira, Adrianna Luna, Nikita Denise, Marcus London, Mr. Pete, Alan Stafford, Danny Wylde

Length: 132 minutes

Extras: The best part of this section is the Behind the Scenes footage. There is also a bloopers section and several trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Happy Endings is a film by Hard Candy Films and director Nica Noelle. It centers on people getting a special massage workout. With super star power in the form of Hall of Famer Rayveness, Asa Akira, Adrianna Luna, and Nikita Denise, the hotness of the scenes are highly anticipated.

Scene One: Mr. Pete receives an oil massage from Rayveness. Even though she applies it well and creates some simmering heat, the constant footage of a man's body gets boring. I got restless. I enjoyed the chit chat action between she and he though. I wanted them to start sucking and fucking. When the masseuse finally engulfed his cock into her warm mouth, I let out a big breathe. Finally, the scene is hitting it's stride. She sucks his meaty package with solid desire. Afterwards, the man has his mouth shoved into the woman's snatch while she is on the table. Rayveness' pussy looks quite yummy. Her moans become more emotional when he fucks her from behind. His screwing delivery increases well. During the fucking moments, I loved watching Rayveness' tits shake. In the mish position, Mr. Pete really fucks her with a lot of intensity. It's very hot. Then, he carries her to the sofa where the cowgirl ride occurs. Rayveness and the guy take turns in sticking their fingers up her ass. He also gets a mouthful of her tits. Later, a cool looking missionary fuck follows where the woman is biting on a blanket. A spoonful of lust occurs next that included moments of intense heat. After a mish, he cums.

Scene Two: Asa Akira has the hots for handsome Alan Stafford. I enjoy their conversations while he receives his massages. The tone of their performance becomes sexy and personal as the massages linger on despite the oiliness. Her massage creates a well simmering hotness that leads to the upcoming sexual action. I loved when she applied a lot of oil around his groin and rubbed his dick for a moment before sucking his dick. Asa is a hot cocksucker. Alan and she kiss for a moment before he sucks her tits and rubs her crotch. Their inner passion for each other comes out nicely. More cool cocksucking activity occurs for a while before the pussy eating action takes place. Asa breathes heavily. The energy level increases as soon as he fucks her missionary style. His driven delivery moves to the fuck from behind moments. He sucks her toes momentarily. More fucking action follows as Asa humps him well during the man's nicely pumping cowgirl action. It really picks up the pace in the spooning fuck. An exciting mish follows which leads him to cumming on her.

Scene Three: Danny Wylde arrives at masseuse Nikita Denise's home for his appointment. She notices his nice young body while he is laying on his stomach naked. I like listening to her sexy voice and her pep talk. This role fits Nikita so well since she is so good in taking over a scene. In this case, she is the determined yet caring masseuse who is trying to make her customer be more confident in getting the ladies. When the makeout action begins, good heat is created between them. Danny doggies her pretty solidly. Nikita's demeanor only makes him want to fuck her even harder. The mish moments feel the most personal and intimate. The once in a while aggressive spanking action resumes during the cowgirl ride. The sex becomes more intense as the scene progresses. It's pretty cool. In the end, he cums on her chest and mouth.

Scene Four: Adrianna Luna shows up to get a massage from hot hands Marcus London. She is quite turned on by the handsome guy. As the massage proceeds along, their conversation is enjoyable to listen to. Thus far, this scene starts out the best as compare to the others since a woman is receiving the hands on treat. It's a lot more stimulating for the male viewers to have the camera focus on a beautiful woman's body rather than a man's naked one. While Marcus is massaging Adrianna's inner thighs, she makes her move and kisses him. The kissing session looks good. Solid heat and lust develop. He sucks her tits and rubs her crotch. Soon, we see him eating her tasty pussy with his highly active mouth. Marcus does a very good job in creating those inner sensations on Adrianna. She definitely gets off well. His fast tempo only increases when he applies some fingerfucking action on her too. A nice looking cocksuck occurs while she is laying on her stomach and Marcus is standing. It resumes while the guy is laying on his back. A cowgirl ride follows with Adrianna's ass looking so hot. The mish moments had Marcus fucking her solidly as he continuously rammed his groin into her. This missionary moment has high jacking off value. In the end, he pulls out and Adrianna jacks him off on her.

Final Thoughts: Even though this film is still an enjoyable fuck film, it could had been even hotter if the masseuses were the guys and the customers were the women. Male porn viewers are attracted in seeing beautiful naked women and not so much the men. So, the women needed to have their bodies oiled up as the camera focused on them. On account of it, the Adrianna Luna-Marcus London performance was the best one. However, the most intense scene was Nikita Denise's. Asa Akira and her work with Alan Stafford's oily greasy dick and Rayveness also had effective hot performances too. I recommend this film.


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