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Girls Kissing Girls 11

  • Release date:
    January 9, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 41m
  • Cast:
    Chastity Lynn|Vega Vixen|Lily LaBeau|Gracie Glam|Skin Diamond|Samantha Ryan|Sinn Sage|Janessa Jordan|Dana Vespoli Director|

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Dana Vespoli

Cast: Sandy B, Skin Diamond, Gracie Glam, Janessa Jordan, Lily LaBeau, Chastity Lynn, Samantha Ryan, Sinn Sage.

Duration: 161 minutes

Date of Production: 17, 18 June 2012

Condoms: No.

Extras: BTS footage of post-scene dialogues between director and performers. "What did you like about the scene? You two had great chemistry." ETC. Trailers for Lesbian Hitchhiker 5, Lesbian Truth or Dare 8 and Lesbians In Charge, which is on my must-see list for the Skin Diamond-Nyomi Banxxx pairing. A slideshow of stills featuring each girl in clothed and NSFW poses. The extras are basic; enough to be better than nothing, but not enough to appreciably enhance the value of the disc purchase.

A/V Quality: Shot in HD, presented in 1.78:1 aspect ratio.  Superb shooting, lighting, blocking, as has become expected with this line.  Dolby Digital, 2-channel audio was sufficient, but some of the ladies whispers were hard to make out at lower volumes. Menu music set a suitably relaxing tone.

Overview: The GkG series has achieved quite an impressive run of results here, with each XCritic reviewer giving previous volumes Highly Recommended or XCritic Pick ratings. Sweetheart puts out consistent quality, realistic female lovemaking.  I was more than impressed with the clip I saw from volume 9, featuring Asa Akira and Skin Diamond.  Dana Vespoli is an experienced director with a knack for presenting the finer points of woman to woman eroticism.  This is volume 11, after all, so I’m going in with pretty high expectations.  To be honest , I am wondering if all the kissing will have me hitting the Ffwd button.  Let’s see how this well selected cast works out.

Scene 1: Lily LaBeau is a  slender gir-next-door type with shoulder length, dirty blonde hair and a pale complexion.  She has natural looking, medium-sized boobs and a furry muff. Janessa Jordan is a tall, tanned, brunette with nice, possibly augmented C tits, and a tattoo around her left hip bikini line.  While home alone, Lily details her crush on her friend/roommate in her diary, which  she leaves open.  Janessa happens upon it and when Lily finds out her secret isn't secret anymore, they take their feelings to the next level.

The set-up was easy to believe, Lily acted truly embarassed. The chemistry between Janessa and Lily was proven to be real through the candid BTS footage.  The only down note for this scene is that Janessa's lipstick was smeared on her face because of all the sloppy kissing; it's just something I didn't dig, you might.  When Janessa told Lily, "You're the best fucking pussy eater ever." I believed her.

Scene 2: Skin Diamond is the reason I picked this title.  If you don't know, Skin Diamond is the drop-dead gorgeous, slim, but bootyful, mixed-race, alt-goddess popping up in straight and niche porn.  She has a great face and a durability that belies her slight frame.  Her light brown skin is beautifully adorned with a number of colorful tattoos.  Samantha Ryan is a brunette of medium build, pretty, with small tits. She has a few tatts as well, but the only noticeable one is the flower inside her left wrist.

Skin’s acting is getting so good I fear we may lose her to the mainstream.  Samantha is a successful novelist; Skin is an aspiring author, penning a profile of her literary idol, and crush. When Skin reads her favorite sensual passage to Samantha, there is no reason to fight the feelings they share any longer.  A romantic fireside kissing session is moved into the bedroom for lingerie clad muff bumping prior to the real action.  The best shot of the whole movie is one of Skin’s back while power-tribbing. This was the best scene to me.

Scene 3: Chastity Lynn is another mid-20s GND type, slim, with small boobs and a cute face. Chastity has short dirty blonde hair and a flower tatt on her bikini line just above her hairy bush. Sandy B has the closest resemblance to the typical porn actress: dyed blonde hair, tanned, full C or D tits and  PAWG status.

In this scene, Chastity is a soccer player who wants to use her neighboor's pool for a quick swim after practice.  Sandy is more than happy to oblige, taking the opportunity to leer at her sexy young visitor.  When Chastity is done swimming, Sandy asks for help with her suntan lotion, and you know where it goes from there...  I saw Chastity Lynn get terribly nasty with Kristina Rose in Snail Trails, so I wasn’t surprised when she went straight for the browneye on Sandy. One bit was a little too nasty for me; they were so sloppy with their kissing that a few saliva trails developed, I'm not into that. Chastity played the shy-girl role to a 'T' and Sandy's ass looked phenomenal when she sat on Chastity's face. I have to commend Chastity's acting here because this pairing seemed the least intense, but still played out well on the screen.

Scene 4:  Sinn Sage is a brunette with an average/slim figure, and natural B tits who has been in the industry for a few years specializing in girl/girl action.  Gracie Glam is also brunette, GND, average/slim figure whose 5 years in the industry have produced a pretty even divide between Lez and straight roles.

Sinn and Gracie are BFFs.  Sinn has finally figured out she is a lesbian after a community service trip to Africa.  Gracie proves how understanding and comfortable she is with Sinn's revelation that they fool around.  This scene was a cut below the rest for me, due more to the quality of the other three scenes than something wrong with this one.  If this scene had been first or second, it would have had less to live up to.  It is still an entertaining, hot scene , but clearly 4th best in this group.

Final Thoughts:

There is no "plot" here, although each scene has its own introductory narrative.  This film really drove home how integral kissing is to female arousal. Just know that for every 40-45 minute scene, you’re going to get 10-15 minutes of kissing before anything comes off. One scene was just ok, one was pretty good, and two were smoking hot.

This piece misses the highest rating due to inconsistent greatness, the high points are high, but there are lower points.  The production value was high throughout, although the extras were minimal, at best.  I know I'll be watching the first three scenes again and again, and I think they would be a good watch with a date as well.  If you can get into the kissing, this title is Highly Recommended. Still not sure? Watch a trailer.


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