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Girls In Bliss (GG121)

  • Release date:
    June 5, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 54m
  • Cast:
    Zasha|Maria S.|Kylie Harris|Renae D.

Genre Amatuer, Girl/Girl

Release Date 19 June 2013

Cast Renae D, Kylie H, Zasha, Maria S

Director None. The ladies did their own thing and the camerawomen did their best to capture it.

Duration 113 minutes

Audio / Video Shot and mastered in HD. Audio was clear and full.

Extras There were clips of other Abby Winters films in categories: Solo, Girl-Girl, and Masturbation.  They were montages of various Abby Winters productions, with nothing identified by title.  Still photogs moved in and out of the shots in the movie, so the lack of at least a rudimentary stills gallery on the disc is either laziness or greed.  Either they can't be bothered to put pictures on a DVD or they want to reserve material for paid website members.

Preview Abby Winters gets deserved high praise in the industry for their unique approach to erotica. They specialize in presenting natural girls, not porn stars, freely enjoying and exposing their sexuality. Having seen plenty of the product from the other major female-focused (i.e. lesbian) studios, Abby Winters gets it's day in court. When looking through the available titles, I picked Girls in Bliss because of the pairing of Zasha and Marie, an alabaster amazon and a mahogany pixie.  The dates on the scenes are a while off, maybe this is an American release of previously available footage for Europe.

Review The program was split into two parts.  Kylie & Renae were followed by Marie and Zasha. Each set started with the ladies talking to the (female) videographers about their expectations for the shoot, then moving into foreplay with increasing nakedness until finally culminating in hardcore action.

The first pair up is Kylie H and Renae D, sitting on a bed.  They talk about being eager to recapture the magic of their previous pairing. According to the website, Kylie, with the glasses, is an Aussie and redheaded Renae is a Yank.  Both ladies are slim, not skinny, with the natural figures that are Abby Winters trademark.

Once the pre-interview is over, cut to both ladies sitting on a bed.  Caressing and cuddling turn into kissing and stripping pretty quickly.  While kissing, a panties-on trib results in The first orgasm for Renae, and you can see the wet spot on her underwear. Kylie orally tends to Renae, then more kissing, then Renae down on Kylie.  Moving through a variety of unnamed positions they kissed and fingered their way to two more climaxes each, before ending up with a ten minute post-shoot cuddle.  Don't miss Kylie working Renae's ass with tongue and finger. (shot 19 Sept 2012)

Cameras snapping (stills) makes me think they were doing the photos and the girls got hot and went with it.  The video starts with both ladies already topless and kissing.  Maria S is statuesque and her pale complexion is well set off by her red hair.  She probably isn't as big as she looks next to her diminutive scene partner.  Fellow Aussie, Zasha, is the object of Marie's lust, having admitted a crush for Zasha from another title they were both involved in.

Most of the scene is like Marie playing with a new toys she's wanted for a long time.  She's so delicate and considerate with her touch, Zasha just relaxes and enjoys the pampering.  Zasha and Marie were more into fingers in, rather than tongue on clit.  The greates appeal for me was the contrast in skin tones body types and demeanor. When two women so seemingly different can come together so beautifully, that is truly arousing. (shot 24 June 2009)

The best thing about this movie is that there are no porn stars in sight, just beautiful young women who are nice enough to let you and I look in on their sensual explorations.  Each one is sexy in their own way. I can't say that all of them are my type but that is not important. I just think that it's wonderful of woman all ages to overcome their inhibitions and let their love light shine.

Final Thoughts Great stuff! Watching Girls in Bliss was a fulfilling erotic experience for me as a single guy, and I can't help thinking it would please single women or couples of just about any composition.  My only complaint would be length, as there are two pairings and 20 minutes of the 113m running time consists of pre/post-sex footage.  Calling the women in this movie amatuers is a bit misleading.  Can a person paid, for this, and other, nude exhibitions be considered an amatuer?  I like to think of them as semi-pros, although the quality of the finished product is top-notch.

Light and casual, Girls In Bliss features genuine non-pornstqar women in spontaneous sexy encounters. Whether a your preference is for svelte brunettes, freckly redheads or sultry, olive-skinned exotics, Kylie H, Maria S., Renae D. and Zasha will delight and satisfy girl/girl aficionados everywhere.  As such, Girls in Bliss is Highly Recommended, and Abby Winters productions will start showing up on my wishlists soon.


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