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Girlfriends 6

  • Release date:
    March 29, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 47m
  • Cast:
    Julia Ann|Ash Hollywood|Samantha Ryan|Katie St. Ives|Jayden Cole|Aubrey Addams|Maya Hills|Rilynn Rae

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Julia Ann, Samantha Ryan, Ash Hollywood, Katie St. Ives, Maya Hills, Jayden Cole, Aubrey Addams, Rilynn Rae

Length: 108 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: There is a nice looking photo gallery and several trailers.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Condoms: No

Overview: Girlfriends 6 is a film by director Mike Quasar and 3rd Degree Films. In this edition, the series continues it's romantic and personal girl on girl scenes. I especially enjoy how the performances focus on a whole lot of tender kissing. I wish that there were more studios and directors that focus on this hot art form between women since it can generate very good heat. Since several of the ladies in this film really love women, it definitely shows in their performances. It's is important to have legitimate performers who enjoy making out with women to be in a flick that is suppose to portray the ladies as tender and personal lovers. It gives that added spice and steam to an already hot performance.
Scene One: Julia Ann is quite affectionate with Aubrey Addams as they makeout in the backyard. The gentle caresses and kissing moments between the two pretty blondes look sweet. I like how their kissing action started off tender and slow and then, picked up some added passion and playfulness as it prolonged on. When we see Julia Ann holding Aubrey above her waist as Aubrey has her legs wrapped around Julia's waist, the scene shifts indoors as soon as Aubrey's feet are on the ground. Next, the two ladies are on the bed kissing and then, humping. Aubrey does a nice job in pleasuring her attractive partner. She really gives a hot effort during her tribbing delivery. I like that she is not intimidated by the legendary performer. Aubrey also applies a solid pussy eating delivery too. Afterwards, when Aubrey has her pussy close to Julia Ann's  mouth, the Hall of Famer sucks on it with good suction. It was so good that my mouth began to water. Next, Julia Ann removes her own panties and resumes their tender kissing action before transferring her lip action onto her partner's pussy. However, Aubrey squirms the most when the woman finger fucks her. Some tender muffin eating action by Aubrey follows. I liked how she turned it on and sucked on Julia Ann's vaginal plaything with more focus and drive later on. It made Julia Ann cum. Then, we see more tender kisses between them.
Scene Two: Jayden Cole and Maya Hills are kissing in their bra and panties indoors. As they kiss, Maya begins to run her hand along her partner's stomach. It makes Jayden kiss even harder. Later, Maya orally pleasures her partner's titties momentarily as she goes back and forth with them and Jayden's lips. I like watching these two hotties generate passion between themselves. The steamy atmosphere increases as Maya kisses the woman's belly and shifts downward to focus on her butt and pussy. Her persistent sucking behavior really gets Jayden off. I enjoy watching Maya do a solid job in taking good care of the woman's entire sexual muscle. Afterwards, Maya is laying on a leather sofa as her friend is on top of her sucking her breasts briefly before placing her attention to her vaginal morsel. Her combined pussy suck and finger fuck make Maya get off nicely. The back and forth pussy pleasuring antics by the ladies create good turn on action for both them and the viewers.
Scene Three: Very attractive ladies Rilynn Rae and Samantha Ryan are kissing by the window. Samantha is the one who is putting more effort although Rilynn shows that she is enjoying the pleasurable attention. Meanwhile, Samantha does a nice job in fondling the woman's titties. Later, we see them snuggling on a couch while continue to kiss. However, it's only for a brief moment as Samantha pleasures her tits with more horniness and then, her pussy. The playful woman tugs on Rilynn's vaginal lips before tenderly licking and sucking it. Rilynn really feels the intense stimulation when Samantha fingerfucks her with much drive. Next, Rilynn's own pussy pleasuring delivery on her partner is tender and smooth. When her fingers begin to dig into that pussy, Samantha feels the sensations run through her. Nevertheless, their kissing moments always bring their performance back to a more personal tone. However, their tribbing and fingerfucking activities are the ones that provide the most excitement.
Scene Four: Sexy Katie St. Ives walks down the stairs in her black heels and undergarments to meet her girlfriend Ash Hollywood. It is apparent by their smiles that they enjoy kissing each other. I also enjoyed watching Katie suck the woman's nipples and play with them. When she moves down to Ash's sexual playground, Katie's face looks quite pleased and fond. Later, her tender kisses on Ash's shoulders provide good personal affection for her friend. Later, Ash becomes the woman in the lead as she kisses her friend with more eagerness and playfulness. Then, the blonde cutie does a good job in orally stimulating Katie's snatch and clit. A major turn-on while watching them kiss standing up is their hot legs. Afterwards. Ash is laying on a couch while her pal is laying on top of her. She moves down her body and removes Ash's panties so that she can orally massage her vaginal pleasure spot. Her workover really gets Ash off. Of course, Ash does a very good job in orally pleasuring her friend's pussy too. However, the most enjoyable moments between them for me are their kissing ones.
Final Thoughts: Fans who enjoy seeing two pretty women kiss will enjoy this film very well. As a matter of fact, this movie could easily be titled Kissing Girlfriends. Mike Quasar did a very good job in matching the ladies up in order to provide four well done chemistry filled scenes. Since Julia Ann and Aubrey Addams started this film off so well, it was tough for the viewer to see the others as equals when it came to the kissing scenes. However, the other three performances delivered hot pussy eating action which gave good replay value to this flick.  Overall, this girl on girl film is a recommend one .


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