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Lesbian Crime Stories

  • Release date:
    March 1, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 51m
  • Cast:
    Gia Steel

Genre: Made For Women, All Girl / Lesbian, All Sex

Director: ??

Cast: Karlie Montana, Laurie Vargas, Jada Stevens, Gracie Glam, Adrianna Luna, Gia Steel, Karina White, Scarlet Banks

Audio/Video: Both audio and video were excellent

Length: 1 hour 52 minutes

Release Date: 3/1/13

Extras: Extras included Behind The Scenes, Slideshow and Trailers

Condoms: No

Overview: Not only do lesbians prevent crime they also commit them and Girlfriends Films has decided to show the sexy side of law and order. Lesbian Crime Stories is mixed with sexy cops who use their feminine sweet parts to get the truth out of their suspects, and dangerous lesbian criminals who will take what’s theirs, including another woman’s woman. Plus there are few things sexier than seeing hot chicks carrying and exuding heat.

Scene 1 Gracie Glam, Gia Steel

Gia is in big trouble with Detective Gracie but when Gracie starts explaining the right side of the law is with her despite breaking them, Gia reveals herself to be Internal Affairs. When her backup fails to come in Gracie makes her move to keep Gia quiet by burying Gia’s face in her boobs. Gia is helpless but doesn’t fight off Gracie as she begins remving Gia’s clothes and exposing her sexy thin body. Gracie buries her face in Gia’s ass then working her tongue down to wet twat, making Gia climax uncontrollably. Gracie has Gia make her cum and as Gia laps at her clit Gracie begins to moans loudly. The two go on to rub their clits together, both ladies looking good as the sweat begins to appear on their skin. They finish each other off and Gracie appears to be off the hook for now.

Scene 2 Karlie Montana, Karina White

Karina brings in male suspect and needs rookie detective Karlie to help get some info out of him. What they decide on is to get out of their clothes and fuck one another in front of him, not allowing him to cum until he tells them what they want to know. They help each other get out of their skinny jeans exposing their drop dead gorgeous bodies while all the suspect can do is sit back and jerk off. The ladies engage in lots of oral play including salad tossing, sticking their tongues in their tight buttholes. Their bodies are like heavenly angels and there is a deep sexual attraction and chemistry between the two lesbians. They don’t miss a thing, sucking on each other’s tits and engaging in some pretty hot scissoring. With the suspect close to cumming the two begin to jerk themselves off heavily exploding at the same time as the perp.

Scene 3 Laurie Vargas, Scarlet Banks

Laurie is made to record her dealings with Scarlet who is a big time criminal. When Laurie arrives to Scarlet’s house the two begin talking but Scarlet figures out she’s being recorded. She stops talking business but keeps the device on so Gracie Glam, who’s listening in, can hear what she’s about to do with the snitch. Scarlet and Laurie fuck rigorously throughout the 30 minute fuck session with Scarlet taking full control of her pretty little Latin plaything. Laurie has to pleasure Scarlet by eating her out which she does to the approval of Scarlet. Scarlet makes sure she gives Laurie one last good fuck which gets Gracie worked up enough to begin finger banging herself as she listens in on the two babes going at it. Scarlet then offs the snitch to close the scene.

Scene 4 Jada Stevens, Adrianna Luna

Jada and Adrianna are from rival gangs but find that they both want each other badly. So the two begin to go at it with Adrianna licking Jada’s body as she slowly peels herself out of them. Adrianna, blessed with one of the best bodies around, shows off her msucular, athletic body to Jada which gets her worked up and wet. They lap up one another and suck on their tits and trib. Both ladies who are at the top of the porn game, deliver one ball blasting closing scene especially since neither do much lesbian stuff. Here they show that they can work the pussy as well as ride the cock.

Summary: This series has lots of possibilities with lots of different scenarios that can be played around with. I hope Girlfriends Films makes this a continuing series, bringing in girls that aren’t normally associated with the studio who can come in and play up different personas on either side of the law. Jada and Adrianna for example, deliver a ball blasting closing scene and neither are particular known for their lesbian performances. Of course ole reliable lesbian performers such as Karlie Montana and Gracie Glam deliver really impressive performances, plus playing characters that are different than what they have played in the past, they prove they got excellent diverse acting chops. It’s a well crafted, nicely shot new series that will surely have fans of rougher lesbian stuff coming in droves. With four key factors in place—looks, performances replay, strokability—Lesbian Crime Stories has earned itself a Highly Recommended rating.


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