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Anal Spinners

  • Release date:
    April 17, 2013
  • Runtime:
    5h 19m
  • Cast:
    Mike Adriano|Kelly Klass|Trinity St. Clair|Gabriella Paltrova


Anal Spinners

Evil Angel/Mike Adriano Media

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Director: Mike Adriano

Cast: Trinity St. Clair, Mike Adriano, Angel Del Rey, Tinslee Reagan, Kat Dior, Kelly Klass, Gabriella Paltrova, Casey Calvert

Length: 319:03 minutes (161:05 minutes & 157:58 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013


Extras: The first disc had a cast list, a company website trailer, and some director websites but the second offered trailers, filmographies, photogalleries, a cumshot recap, cast list, and websites.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Spinners was presented in a visually appealing anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Mike Adriano for Evil Angel. The scenes were all shot with basic lighting to eliminate any shadows, texture, or hints of color variations. The set up was simple with the basic tease, then Mike would join in for various forms of intercourse (as always, a very strong emphasis on all sorts of anal exploits), all in some form of point of view fashion. It was not perfect but this did enhance the replay value for me as it showed more care than usual, fans of well rounded women certain to appreciate it. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English but there wasn’t much to talk about aurally speaking though, the tease portion of the scenes employed music but the rest of the show was fairly easy to hear the vocals even if it sounded like a home camera shot them.

Body of Review: Mike Adriano has been making a lot of fans with his works at Evil Angel these days, his devotion to all things ass related making him increasingly popular. While he enjoys showcasing ladies wearing booty shorts, lingerie, and taking large toys in their asses, he is also known for his love of point of view (POV) work that allows him to partake in the sex, his latest fuck flick to make it my way being Anal Spinners, the emphasis on relative newcomers to porn the kind of thing fans always seem to appreciate (just keep in mind that the large toy exploration angle was drastically cut back). The movie was another lengthy double disc effort, clocking in at over five hours, with ladies such as Casey Calvert, Tinslee Reagan, Gabriella Paltrova, and others getting their asses pounded, licked, and otherwise toyed with.

Here is what the company website said about the show: “For "Anal Spinners," director/performer Mike Adriano assembled a cast of young, all-natural, petite little ladies, yet he manages to cram his thick wang inside their talented, malleable assholes. Even devoted fans of Mike's stylish, uncompromising rectal raunch may have trouble believing what they see in this two-disc release - there's something extra perverse about the image of a big, imposing cock shoved it into the tightest places. Totally adorable brunette Trinity St. Clair gags on the director's meat pole and takes a ruthless, prone-bone ass banging followed by an oral cum shot. Sweet, doe-eyed Latina cutie Angel Del Rey gets her tiny ass totally wrecked and sucks down Mike's sperm. Glamorous, brown-haired Kat Dior and diminutive blonde Tinslee Reagan are two sexy spinners new to on-camera sodomy. The vertically challenged teens team up to worship Mike's member, lick his anus and taste each other's winking butthole. Skinny blonde Kelly Klass makes her porn return a memorable one, submitting to a ruthless face fuck and an outrageous, asshole-stretching ravishment. She obediently swallows a creamy dollop of semen. Raven-haired Gabriella Paltrova lets Mike manhandle her plump, natural boobies and has her sphincter rudely expanded before she slurps his jism from a martini glass. Mike probes the rosebud of smutty supermodel Casey Calvert with his tongue and receives some awe-inspiring deep-throat service before ferociously reaming Casey's flexible rectum. There's plenty of crazy ass gaping, lewd rim jobs and ass-to-mouth cocksucking throughout "Anal Spinners," which proves that big things do fit in small packages!” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Trinity St. Clair, the lean brunette wearing a baggy stripped shirt on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up first with Mike Adriano, the gal covered by the shirt during the opening interview and well into the scene. Trinity seemed intelligent enough and her all natural body was “spinner worthy” though she has had a solid anal porn resume for some time now as I recall. They were outside on a mattress as a plane flew by, his turgid erection drawing her in as she helped unwrap the present to slob the knob with flair. Her small head looked way too tiny to address such a big pecker but she cranked up the heat to satisfy him orally, the sloppy hummer showing a lot of enthusiasm before the relatively passive anal penetration began. She held her ass cheeks wide apart as Mike porked her, her shaven snatch looking pretty good too. There was no salad tossing or taste testing this time, Trinity taking his wealth of genetic juice orally only at the very end, the gal swallowing his juices before he tapped her briefly a second time to wave a kiss at the camera.


Scene Two: Angel Del Rey, the skinny little cutie in her early 20’s, was up next in lingerie, her picture on the upper middle of the front cover showing her better than a thousand words. Due to her size, she looked younger but she admitted to doing a handful of scenes when this one was shot, this being the only scene credited to the IAFD at this writing. She had a neatly trimmed snatch and some roast beef labia, the homebody gal appreciating Mike Adriano once he gave her what she needed. Her blowjob was much more reserved than Trinity’s had been before this, some saliva and slobber building up on his shaft as they both pushed her oral limits. It got messier and more aggressive as she built up some courage, her eye contact with the camera very well done and Mike showing her boobs some love before a series of kisses. He rimmed her and gobbled her gash, some passive vaginal positions leading to anal in short order as her respiration rate increased. She spit on his pants and he fucked her in the ass from there, Angel holding her legs apart as she “squirted” all over his member, both of her holes getting a workout from there on in. That led to a believable anal creampie of lube (not semen), the population pudding and fluid works likely to find an audience given her devotion to slurping up the facial he provided of baby batter.


Scene Three: Tinslee Reagan, the blond seen on the lower right hand corner of the cover, and brunette cutie Kat Dior, seen on the upper right hand corner, were up next as the final scene on the first disc with Mike Adriano. Both ladies were 19 years old and Kat was relatively new to anal, the ladies providing a lot of nervous energy as they fed off one another during the introduction on the mattress outside. Kat had a great ass under her red skirt, the heart shaped rump sporting a black thong nestled deep between her cheeks, Tinslee getting her chance to show off immediately afterward as she peeled off her blue jean shorts. This scene lasted a lot longer than the previous two, the ladies savoring each other’s asses and other body parts though Mike jumped right in too. The oral outside led to continued oral by Mike inside, the ladies kneeling to offer him greater access before they reciprocated like cock hungry whores. Of note here too was the way the ladies tossed his salad and aggressively worked over his cock and balls, sharing a kiss before continuing to excite the fellow. He then anally fucked both of them and the ladies did some ATOGM, overdoing the dirty talk but becoming more active at riding too. The scene ended when he beat off to Kat’s mouth, his spunk shared with Tinslee and swallowed in nasty fashion, the ladies kissing to finish off the goo as expected.


Scene Four: Kelly Klass, the lean blond on the upper left hand corner of the cover, was next as the first scene on the second disc in what amounted to her second scene during her comeback (also her first anal). Mike Adriano interviewed her as he welcomed her back to the fold, the gal not hesitating as she grabbed her cheeks and spread them to reveal her Oklahoman taint. The interview continued briefly until she started slobbing his knob, her active oral deploying some hand to gland action as she warmed him up. She continued with his balls and asshole, making strange noises as she pushed her limits like the good old days, his rod up her rectum in no time at all once she lubed it up with a syringe. While she was a passive rider at first, she warmed up to show her abilities, Mike splitting her shitter in a variety of ways before he beat his meat to coat her tongue with splooge, his seed satisfying her needs.


Scene Five: Gabriella Paltrova, the fetching young brunette seen on the middle of the left side, was next as she bent over and stretched for Mike Adriano, the gal getting to walk on his treadmill as he perved on it. She had some great junk in her trunk, the heart shaped booty driving Mike crazy with desire as she playfully laughed, the man playing up the compliments as he continued admiring her boobs as well. She peeled her pants down to show her cheeky ass with a bright blue thong in it, some pubic hair differentiating her from some of those wanting to play up the youth angle more. She then walked naked on the treadmill and her labia looked heavenly, the couple making out before going inside to allow Mike ample opportunity to go down on her at great length. Gabriella then reciprocated in kind, sucking him off passionately before going to town sucking his asshole as she continued her awesome eye contact. She jumped on his rod anally and slowly worked them both up to a degree of energy matching her enthusiasm. What really worked for her was to go balls deep, the gal arching her back to drive him in as far as possible with Mike ram rodding himself into her ass as he saw fit, unleashing his seed into a martini glass for her to drink down happily.


Scene Six: Casey Calvert, the sexy little gal featured on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up last as she teased inside the house for Mike Adriano. This was not the 22 year old’s first romp with Mike, his hands all over her sweet ass as he pawed her blue stretch pants and white thong, the man diving in orally on her perfect pucker to suit her quite well. After giving her some full service oral, she reciprocated like a seasoned professional, pushing her limits as almost his entire pecker went inside her mouth. The messy head led to some anal porking, her dirty talk elevating the moment even if she began doing it quite passively. They banged for some time and she eventually started bouncing on his cock in her ass, her perfect pucker getting her off as well as when she impaled herself on his rod to milk his nads dry of ball batter. He tossed it off to her open mouth as she knelt before him, the gal swallowing and maintaining a positive attitude the entire time.


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Summary: Anal Spinners by director Mike Adriano for Evil Angel was fun, full of hardcore fuck for the buck, and had a cast of lean and young anal enthusiasts so I rated it as Recommended, some of the ladies much more at home with the booty plundering action than others. I prefer more seasoned hotties but Trinity St. Clair, Angel Del Rey, Kelly Klass, and others mentioned above had some serious anal potential so I hope they continue to improve their skills. In short, Anal Spinners was the kind of work the director has become known for offering, a set of attractive young ladies doing anal so give it a look to see what the fuss is all about.


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