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  • Release date:
    January 1, 1970

Genre: Queer

Director: Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn

Cast: April Flores, Jiz Lee, Jolene Parton, Sophia St. James, Maya Mayhem, Arabelle Raphael, Varina Adams, Wolf Hudson, James Darling, Papi Coxxx, Max Wellander, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Quinn Valentine, Ned Mayhem

Length: 97 minutes

Extras: There is a version of this film with a directors commentary included while it is running. A very informative documentary titled "What Makes Us Queer" is also provided. A nice looking photo gallery, QueerPorn.TV shoutouts and a trailer for Live Sex Show.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Fuckstyles is a film by performer-director Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn. Courtney Trouble has her own production company called Trouble Films. The website Queerporn.tv was one of the honored websites at the 2011 Feminist Porn Awards.

Scene One: Jiz Lee and Papi Coxxx are cuddling while a female artist is drawing them on her sketch pad. While on the couch, they are feeling each other's breast. The background music sounds romantic. Moments into their scene, the naked affectionate pair kiss. It leads to a heighten desire of passion between them as Papi sucks her partner's breast and kisses his inner thighs with good suction. I like how she focuses on them and not on the pussy. Afterwards, Papi is on the couch while Jiz prepares to massage and finger his partner's sexual mound with a very lubricated black glove. The nicely paced fingerfucking rhythm occurs while they kiss. Papi's pussy gets very soaked. Then, Papi is rubbing and fingering Jiz so effectively that Jiz unloads a good amount of juice. This back and forth vaginal rubbing activity is hot. Also, the sight of their wet pussy hair looks appealing too. Later, Jiz is wearing a strap-on. Papi bounces on him a bit. A doggie fuck follows where Jiz is smiling so joyously and Papi is squealing and moaning with heavy breathing. Next, Papi is wearing the strap-on. Jiz sucks on it before riding it. He straddles her groin with solid effort. It is quite apparent that both of them are providing good fucking deliveries. The scene becomes quite exciting. Meanwhile, the artist continues her sketching work without being distracted by their sexual performance.

Scene Two: Wolf Hudson and James Darling are kissing in a bathtub. Then, Wolf is sucking on James' nice looking pussy. The kissing activity makes this scene feel a bit personal. Suddenly, James is seen sucking on Wolf's dick momentarily before focusing on his asshole. The fuck from behind screw occurs as soon as Wolf puts on a condom. He fucks James in his pussy slit with a nice driven passion. Later, we see James suck Wolf off. Then, he goes back and forth in eating the man's ass and orally massaging his dick. Finally, Wolf cums on James' back.   

Scene Three: Cute brunette Varina Adams and Max Wellander are kissing on the sofa. The guy is playfully running a knife on the woman's upper leg. Varina continues to smile. Personally, I do not like playing with knives so I felt uneasy with this portion of the scene especially as Max pretends to want to cut off Varina's breasts. Afterwards, the knife play ends and Max is seen eating her pussy. Varina continues to smile with enjoyment. Next, she is humping her partner's upper leg while riding it. I got very turned on as soon as Varina fingerfucked Max with good effort. Some hot titty sucking action by Max occurs as Varina is laying on top of her. At some point, I would had loved to have seen Varina's hand be swollowed up by her partner's pussy during the lengthy pussy rub.    

Scene Four: The colorful hair maven Maya Mayhem and Tobi Hill-Meyer are drinking from their cups on the side of a bed. Soon, they are kissing and making out. The stylish Tobi pushes her down onto the bed. I like their playfulness. Some humping action occurs with Tobi instigating the effort. Next, Maya is sucking on her partner's blue strap-on. Soon, she places a condom on the plastic pecker. Tobi looses her clothing and lays down as Maya sucks her titties. Tobi gets turned on by the woman's actions. A cock ride follows that showcases Maya's nice body. She really gets a good workout on her pussy during the mish and doggie moments. Then, Maya has her face shoved into Tobi's sexual package for the oral pleasuring session. We receive a lot of shots of Tobi's dick. Later, Tobi is fingerfucking Maya's asshole as Maya strokes herself solidly. I would had liked to have seen Maya's sexual playground more often. The combined efforts really get Maya off. In the end, they are cuddling together.   

Scene Five: Sophia St. James and Quinn Valentine are kissing and making out. They are laughing too. Some kinky action follows as Sophia is sucking Quinn's armpit. Then, we see her fingering her partner's asshole as Quinn is stroking her own cock. The sexual play becomes quite wet. Next, Quinn is sucking on Sophia's strap-on. While sucking it, Quinn has a bewildering facial expression. Some exciting spanking action follows when Quinn is in doggie position. My favorite moment of their performance is the cowgirl ride by Quinn because I enjoyed seeing Sophia on the bottom. In addition, I also liked seeing her stroke Quinn's dick. 

Scene Six: Lovely ladies Arabelle Raphael and Jolene Parton are having some personal time together. Pretty Jolene has her fingers inside of Arabelle's passion fruit with a firm grip around it. Meanwhile, Arabelle is rocking a bit as she is enjoying the stimulated action. As Arabelle becomes more overwhelmed by it, she lays even further onto the bed. Afterwards, Arabelle is fingerfucking her pal's pussy with much desire and rhythm. As the rhythm picks up pace, Jolene has her eyes closed and her mouth open. The heated pussy play continues with a couple of dildos. Jolene looks cute on the bed as she sucks a rubber dildo. A very energetic moment occurs when Arabelle is humping Jolene's mouth. A doggie screw by Jolene on her pal follows. Regardless of the position, both women look amazing. I enjoyed looking at Arabelle's sexy legs. Next, the dark-haired beauty fucks herself with a butt plug before Jolene inserts a very long double-ended rod into the woman's pussy. A rocking hot effort occurs when both ladies are getting fucked by that item simultaneously. The addition of an electronic vibrator on their clits enhances the stimulative sensations that are running through them. 

Scene Seven: Maggie Mayhem and Ned Mayhem are laying on a bed. He is wearing a suit and she is wearing a sexy black dress. The couple are frisky. Soon, he gets her in the doggie position so that he can spank her ass several times. It turns red. Then, Ned is eating her pussy while she provides some brief dirty talk. Suddenly, his oral massage makes the woman squirm and breathe heavily. When he constantly pats her pussy, Maggie moves a lot. His slap happy hands move onto her cute titties while her pussy is shoved into his mouth. Then, his wife takes out his cock and playfully teases it with her mouth. I loved watching her teeth run up it. Her playful behavior rises a notch when she slaps his sexual package. I enjoyed watching her joyous and pleasant looking face shine as her man is squirming from her actions. It's hot. Maggie cums while she is on top of Ned for the cowgirl moments. However, the most intense portion of their performance occurs during the missionary session where Ned is fucking her hard and slapping her tits several times. Meanwhile, Maggie has an elecronic vibe on herself. While watching it, I wanted to be a part of it. This fantastic moves to the hot doggie fuck. Both of them are perspiring a lot. Then, I cringed when Maggie placed the vibe on the tip of Ned's dick. Next, a very hot mish fuck occurs. I was breathless. At this point, their dirty talk is amazing. This must-see scene then shows Ned cumming on her beautiful body. Then, they are seen embraced on the bed saying that they love each other.

Scene Eight: April Flores is laying on a bed in her nightie. She stares at the camera as her tease continues. The woman sucks the dildo well. I enjoyed watching her suck it while it was in between her tits. Her facial expressions are turn-ons. Later, April is sucking her huge titties. She is very attractive while laying on her back. Then, the entertainer rips her red fishnet stocking at the crotch area so that she can rub and pleasure her pussy. Her rubbing activity makes herself wet. In the meantime, I like the soft sounding background music. After more self-pleasuring actions by her, April sticks a condom on a dildo and fucks herself with it. The good camera shots from above her showcase her body well. I like watching her get off. Later, April is sitting on the item and rocking back and forth.

Final Thoughts: This film is a mix bag. Two performances are incredibly amazing with the husband and wife duo Maggie and Ned Mayhem being the most memorable and intense. This outstanding scene deserved to be nominated for an award. Arabelle Raphael and Jolene Parton are the second hottest session. These two performances have fantastic replay value and fuck for your buck action. The remaining scenes are good especially the Jiz Lee-Papi Coxxx one. Having reviewed two other Courtney Trouble directed films prior to this one in less than twenty-four hours, I have to rate this one as a recommended production. I must stress that if you enjoy this film that you should check out their website www.queerporn.tv.


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