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Fuck These Feet 5

  • Release date:
    August 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 32m
  • Cast:
    Dasha|Nika|Dasha|Armania Weiss|Cindy K.

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 32 minutes

Date of Production: June 3, 2013

Genre:  foot fetish

Condoms:   No

Director: Not named

Cast: Sandra, Dasha, Nika and Cindy. Male performers not named

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras:  chapter index, pop shots, scenes divided into intro, foreplay, oral, fetish, popshot


Fuck These Feet 5 is a foot fetish film by Pulse Distribution that introduces us to four lovely ladies with pretty feet and edible toes.  What this film does have is sumptuous legs, feet and toes galore and there is a lot of foot fetish action. There’s an endless supply of foot worship, foot fucking, toe licking and feet sucking throughout the movie.  The flow of the film and the editing sometimes leave much to be desired, cutting back and forth between the action in some places, clearly out of sequence especially in scenes one and two.  These two scenes seem to be all over the place, going back and forth to footage that looks like stuff we’ve seen already. The video quality is a little questionable as well. Even so, the scenes are broken down into chapters that allow you to jump directly to the fetish action, or the oral action or the popshot. Whatever suits your fancy. All in all, I say rent this one. Foot fetish lovers may find scenes three and four notable.

Scene 1: Sandra

Sandra has on light purple, see through stockings and high heels and she’s standing in the living room. We can see her pussy through her stockings.  A guy lies on the floor underneath her and is rubbing his hands all over her thighs, calves and feet. He starts licking her heels, running his tongue all the way up her leg to the crack of her pussy. She’s groaning. He gets to work on her toes, which are barely peeping out of the front of her high heels. It’s Sandra’s turn now and she starts sucking his cock, bending over in our face giving us a solid view of her pussy and ass.  She starts foot fucking him with her high heels on, running her feet up and down his shaft.


The guy takes her heels off to get a better taste of her feet, licking all over them.  With both heels off now, she continues to foot fuck him with both feet still in her stockings. He’s standing and she’s in doggy position looking back over her shoulder as she rubs his dick between her feet.  He sits on the couch and she lies on her back perpendicular to him and continues the foot job. She stands and slowly takes off her purple stockings then sits on his chest so she can reach his dick with her feet. She’s massaging his cock with her feet, wriggling her toes as she slides them up and down his meat. She continues the foot jacking until he cums, splashing the wet stuff all between her toes and all over her feet.  She immediately licks the cum off of her feet and toes.

Scene 2: Dasha

Dasha is lying across the bed as one of the guys walks in. She has on bright red socks, calling attention to her feet. The guy grabs them and starts kissing all over them. He’s kissing up and down her thighs and then makes his way to her pussy. It’s not long before his dick is out and Dasha is foot jacking him with her bright red socks. She wants a taste of the dick and moves in quickly to swallow his cock.  She’s still wearing her bright yellow panties and bright red tank top. The guy starts spoon fucking her, holding one of her legs high up in the air. He pulls his dick out of her pussy for a moment for more foot fucking before spoon fucking again, lifting her yellow panties up to the side so he can penetrate her.


Dasha moves to a cowgirl fuck, riding him hard, bouncing up and down before foot fucking him again between her naked feet. She climbs back on top of him reverse cowgirl style, screaming out as she straddles him.  Her pussy is getting wet now and she wriggles her toes for a camera close up. The couple alternate between cowgirl fucking and foot fucking, getting wetter and wetter each time.  She lies on her stomach, looks back over her should and grips his cock with her feet and begins to massage it back and forth before getting back on top of him reverse cowgirl style. He fucks her doggy style with her feet curled back in the air and her toes clenched tight.  She finally grabs hold of his cock again with her feet and foot jacks him vigorously until he spills his cum all over the soles of her feet. She rubs it all over her feet like warm moisturizer

Scene 3: Nika

Nika is dressed as a cheerleader in her bright red and blue uniform waving her pom poms in the air. The guy flips up her fluffy skirt and grabs hold of her ass, kissing all over her ass cheeks and moves into her inner thighs and legs.  He proceeds to undress her, lifting up her top exposing her perky breasts and pulling down her skirt leaving her in pink panties. He moves to kissing and licking her feet which are still in pink socks. He sucks her toes and slowly rubs the soles of her feet. The guy takes out his cock and Nika slowly starts jacking it with her feet. She gets faster and faster with her foot job, making him rock hard. She turns on to her stomach and looks back over her should to foot fuck him in her socks. He lies on his back and she sucks him off for a few minutes, keeping her feet planted across his body.


He moves her on her back, grabbing her by the ankle and running her feet up and down his dick. Nika is playing with her pussy now, rubbing her clit hard and faster while foot jacking him. She climbs on top of him to fuck him cowgirl style. He moves her into missionary position and slams his dick into her, making her scream. She sucks it briefly before riding cowgirl style again, wiggling and curling her toes. She moves into reverse cowgirl and her pussy is slippery wet now. She takes his dick doggy style before he pulls out and cums across the bottom of her feet, letting the cum drain down her soles and onto her heels.

Scene 4: Cindy

Cindy is watering the plants in the office, reaching up high in her short black tennis skirt and white knee-highs. Her boss can’t help but be turned on as she bends on all fours, exposing her yellow panties. The boss grabs one of the plants she was having trouble reaching and helps her water it. They accidentally spill water on her feet and he moves quickly to dry her feet off, removing her white knee highs and rubbing her feet and toes with a towel. Cindy takes her exposed feet and rubs them across the front of her boss’ pants, turning him on. She keeps one foot pressed up against his dick and pushes the other foot in his mouth. She wiggles her toes as he kisses each one individually, sucking and licking between them. He massages her feet and starts kissing up and down her legs.


He sits her on his desk and he takes out his dick. She grabs it between her two feet and starts aggressively foot jacking him, running her feet up and down his cock. She occasionally holds her feet still, allowing him to fuck them, piercing in and out between her instep.  She’s still got her clothes on but her skirt is up across her waist, allowing us to see her bright yellow panties stuck up the crack of her ass. The guy keeps foot fucking her and starts fucking her between her big toes. Cindy lies across the desk and the guy sits in the chair behind her. She’s got her long pretty legs stretched out straight, reaching back with her feet to grab his dick. He helps her out by holding her by the ankles and rocking her feet up and down around his dick. She’s really working her toes across his dick before he stands up, pushing her feet back and fucks her between the calves.  She sits up on the desk and he leans back into her, allowing her to wrap her legs around his body from behind and grab his dick with her feet. She continues the foot jacking, making him blow his load all over her feet. She rubs the cum all over her feet before he grabs her white knee-highs and shoes and puts them back on her feet.

Final Thoughts:

Fuck These Feet 5 is focused on bringing Sandra, Nika, Dasha and Cindy’s feet and toes to light, tempting us with four scenes highlighting beautiful long legs, impeccable feet and sumptuous little toes. The movie does succeed in drawing us into the foot fetish world, but the video quality and poor editing in some places take away from the film. I say rent this one. Although the producers took the time to break up each scenes into very specific chapters that allow us to jump to the part of the sex that we like, the other issues are strong detractors. Foot fetish lovers may take pleasure in scenes three and four, with scene four being the most notable.


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