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Private Fetish 4-Pack

  • Release date:
    November 10, 2003
  • Cast:
    Frank Thring

Private Fetish Four Pack

Director: Frank Thring

Overall Length: Approx 6 hours 30 Minutes

Genre: Fetish Feature/Vignette

Overall Cast: Silvia Saint, Zita, Dru Berrymore, Michelle, Caroline Cage,
Nicole Thomson, Julia Taylor, Rumika Power, Rumika Power, Brandy N., Chrissy,
Cintia, Sheila, Cheetah, Mikki, Tunde, Harmony Grant, Vanessa Freeman, Nikky
Blond, C.G. Summer, Daniella Rush, Katy, Tamara N- Joy, Monika Sweetheart,
Monica Moore, Lea de Mae, Zarina, Alexandra Nice, Amber Michaels, Rachel Moore,
Alexis Amore, Amia Moré, Anastasia Blue, Allysin Embers, Olivia, Sandra
Russo, Frank Gun, John Walton, Mike Foster, Damien Michaels, Dick Nasty, Kevin
Long, Frank Thring, Guy Di Silva, George, J J Michaels, Rob Scott, Lexington
Steele, Alek James Hidell, Thomas Stone, Evan Stone, Billy Glide, Herschel
Savage, T.J. Cummings, Axl Hose, Mark Wood, David Perry

Video/Audio: All titles are presented in 1:33.1 full frame color. The video
transfers for these dvd's are on par with some of the earlier private dvd's.
Crisp and clear visuals look good with rich colors for the most part. A few
times the colors are muted slightly as the video seems to be shot different
to create a softer look for a scene. Audio is stereo and besides a few instances
in The Academy dvd, sounds nice and crisp.

Extras: Each Disc contains: Film Reports, Trailers, Photo Galleries, Cast
Info, Production notes

DVD Set Review: Frank Thring has been shooting porn for a while now and some
of his best work was shooting for Private's fetish line, Pirate. Assembled
here are four separate dvds that Private feels best showcases Franks skills
as a fetish director. With two Pirate Video Deluxe features and two Pirate
Productions vignettes, we are treated to several hours of gorgeous girls in
latex having hot sex.

DVD 1: The Academy | Date of Production: 09/2000 | Length: 2 hours 27 minutes

DVD Cast: Silvia Saint, Zita, Rumika Power, Daniella Rush, Katy, Tamara N-
Joy, Monika Sweetheart, Monica Moore, Lea de Mae, Sandra Russo, Dick Nasty,
Frank Thring, Guy Di Silva, George, Lexington Steele, Thomas Stone, David Perry

Review: One of the two included features, The Academy is
the best one of the entire bunch. A story about a secret porn star teaching
academy that teaches
hot young women to be the world's best sex superstars. Frank out did himself
with this one. The women are outstanding, the sex is raw and sensual while
the outfits are out of this world. The first scene is what may be Silvia Saint's
finest scenes in her porn career. I know I just promised a lot with that statement
nut, you have to watch as she fucks Lexington Steele hard and fast. It's also
her most vocal scene I've ever seen from her which is a bonus to hear her tell
him," You like fucking my ass, don't you? Yeah!" as she bounces hard
on his rod. Silvia is the narrator for this journey taking us to the Academy
and through some of the "studies" the girls go through. Another great
thing about this video is you get earlier performances from some of today's
biggest euro stars. Monica Sweetheart is here with very dark hair, Sandra Russo
looking gorgeous in several latex outfits and Lea De Mae turning in some very
nice scenes. The Academy has everything you would expect from a Private release;
sexy women, great sex, lots of anal, some hot tease footage and lots of facial
cumshots, not to mention, it's very heavy on groups sex. This dvd ends with
a huge orgy that takes place after the graduation ceremony...I went to the
wrong school! There is a second storyline that has to do with to American porn
directors trying to find and enter the Academy that is fairly amusing. One
problem with this title that I've noticed, is the audio sometimes jumps in
volume. It will get lower in some parts and then jump back up at others at
inappropriate times. Even with that minor audio problem, I Highly
this dvd alone to anyone.

DVD 2: Double Confusion | Date of Production: 11/1999 | Length: 1 hour 28 minutes

DVD Cast: Dru Berrymore, Caroline Cage, Nicole Thomson, Harmony Grant, Vanessa
Freeman, Nikky Blond, C.G. Summer, Frank Gun, John Walton, Dick Nasty, Kevin
Long, Rob Scott

Review: In the second feature, Harmony Grant plays a mainstream, "no
nudity" actress that is mistaken for a dominatrix who is played by Dru
Berrymore. Dog collars, whips, latex, thigh high boots, leather and hot women
are all present in this story filled with kink and hot sex scenes. Harmony
looks fantastic in all of the fetish garb she wears in this dvd and I can't
help but think, the fact she wears it at the airport may have been a big factor
in the mix up! A very odd but strangely erotic scene involving Harmony teasing
a horny old man and her driver on the side of the road, sets off a new found
dominant side. After her first night in Cannes she goes to the set of the movie
Dru was supposed to be in and watches a sex scene take place; strangely enough
she doesn't seem to worried by it. The story takes Harmony, the good girl actress
and transforms her into Harmony, the dominant porn star. The final scene is
Harmony's turn to be in front of the camera. An event that soon turns into
an all out orgy as all of the other actresses and make-up artist start fucking
along side Nurse Harmony and her patient. Although it's not as good as The
Academy, I Highly Recommend this title for the great sex action,
hot wardrobe and sexy women.

DVD 3: Rich Bitch | Date of Production: 03/1998 | Length: 1 hour 10 minutes

DVD Cast: Ilana Moore, Judith Grant, Holly, Silvia, Frank Gun, Ian Daniels,
David Perry

Review: The third installment of Pirate Video Productions
was great introduction to this series for me when it was originally released,
on video! The title
of Rich Bitch is a little misleading because the vignettes seem to focus more
on people's kinky fantasies. A small but, hot cast make several appearances
in the different settings turning in excellent performances. Another dvd that
focuses mainly on group sex this, has has a very nice dreamy, erotic feel to
it with the use of slow motion in some of the scenes. Luckily, it's not over
used and doesn't ruin the overall flow of the sex, instead it accentuates certain
moments in the six scenes presented. One of the hottest scenes involves a fourway
with Illan, Silvia and Holly in a fantasy the three women have about a pool
boy played by Frank Gunn. The running time is about 20 minutes less than the
standard 90 minutes the majority of the series has, so I can only think that
some content was edited for US release. This dvd is a nice, light but hardcore
fetish dvd and can easily Recommend it to anyone looking to
introduce themselves or someone else to a fetish themed dvd.

DVD 4: Hell's Belles | Date of Production: 12/1998 | Length: 1 hour 31 minutes

DVD Cast: Silvia Saint, Fovea, Kate More, T.J. Hart, Janet, Silvia Silent,
Laura Angel, Frank Gun, Mike Foster, Hakan Le, Kevin Long, Boby T., George

Review: *** My copy has a problem
with menu selections. Looks like the buttons commands and sub images were
off this disc. I hit the chapter forward
button to access the movie. Unfortunately, you cannot access the extras on
a stand alone player. I used my dvd-rom to check these out.***
last volume of the Pirate Video Production line is another winner. A very nice
scene with
Laura Angel and Sylvia Saint start this movie off and a hot dp ends it. the
material in between are anything but shabby. Threesomes and anal sex are the
dominant themes throughout the vignettes and pull it off with out a hitch.
The underrated, Foeva, gives us a couple of very nice and sexy scenes in this
Pirate episode. Kate more makes an great scene with Laura dressed up in the
same outfit as they fuck the same man. I wish they would bring back a vignette
based fetish line like this. I like the fact, the scenes can mix up the mood
and focus on the same thing at the same time while being completely different
since there is no huge story line to get across to the viewer. As I said above,
this one is a winner, with more beautiful girls, outstanding sex and sexy wardrobes
I can Highly Recommend Hell's Belles.

Overall Thoughts: Private came through with this one and delivered an outstanding
group of dvd's. With each dvd retailing for 29.95 each this set is a great
find with a great price. Hour after hour of fine women in beautiful fetish
wardrobes definitely is a highpoint. One of the best things about this set,
is the fact the women's faces were never completely covered with masks, something
I hate about "real" fetish movies. You pretty much get all of the
sex acts you could ever want here, with the exception of some of the newer
one hole many dicks/objects shows. A good mix of straight forward and slightly
kinky action fills this four disc set with great results. I wish frank could
go back to more productions like these presented here. The last few I've seen
from Hustler (see Golden
Girls 3
) have not been up to the standards he set
with his Private years. Not as "MTV" or kinky as Tanya Hyde's work
or as "cinematic' as Kovi's Fetish Machine videos, this is definitely
a very solid and sexy set of dvd's. The Academy takes top spot for me as the
best here with Hell's Belles, Double Confusion and Rich Bitch following, in
that order. Even with a few of the technical problems, that I hope Private
will make sure to fix, I can give this dvd set no lower than Highly


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