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Leg Affair 2

  • Release date:
    September 29, 2003
  • Cast:
    Simony Diamond|Sandy Style|Frank Thring

Leg Affair 2: Fantasies Of A Foot Fiend


Genre: Foot Fetish

Director: Frank Thring (AKA: Hero Bosch)

Cast: Sandy Style, Maria, Frank Gun, James Brossman, Claudio Meloni, Jessica Fiorentino, Simony, Sarah O'Neill, Steve Hooper, Jane Darling, Neeo, Laura Blue, Afrodite, Ricardo Bell, Roly Reeves
Non-sex by: Zora Banx

Length: 101.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/19/03 (box), 6/25/03 (credits)

Extra's: 35 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, 4 trailers and a slide show

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture was given a better focus this time, which was an improvement over the first volume. The colors seemed accurate and the DVD transfer seemed good with no artifacts observed. The stereo sound was mostly music with only moaning & groaning of any consequence. The music was light as well.

Body of Review: A portion of the population enjoys playing with feet and legs. It's well documented by the experts that such a fetish is healthy and a lot more common than first suspected. That said, more and more companies are addressing the market niche for such action and the latest is Hustler with their brand new series, Leg Affair 2. The movie consisted of 6 scenes of attractive gals moving about and showing off their legs and feet for your viewing pleasure. They would then engage in sex with one another and have a good time. Mostly, it was basic stuff with a bit of anal in a few scenes. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action:

Scene One: Sandy and Maria, both lean gals from Europe with attractive faces, had a lesbian scene in an indoor carwash stall. Most of the time, they were posing for the camera (some guys like this, others don't) and after warming each other up, they started rubbing and licking. Eventually, they used toys on one another and it wasn't bad to watch.

Scene Two: Jessica, a lean brunette, took on both Claudio and James in a room lit by candlelight. As with all the other scenes, they paid a fair amount of attention to her feet before getting into the action, which included some solid oral by her and lots of anal before the DP. It wasn't a bad scene.

Scene Three: Simony, the gal on the DVD cover's right hand side with the riding crop, put it to use on Frank as he was tied up in a chair. She looked better in action than on the cover and the sex included anal.

Scene Four: Sarah, an interesting brunette with nice DSL's and a cute white bikini, took care of Steve by a pool. The sex included a lot of foot play before the oral, straight and anal sex and she even did some ATM for you raincoaters.

Scene Five: Jane, a hot looking blonde with very long legs, pranced for the camera until taking care of Neeo, who was dressed in some armor. She had the best ass of the whole crowd here and that says something but her lips were big and puffy too (the lips on her head you perverts). Her sexual talents weren't as good as a few of the other gals but she was good to look at .

Scene Six: Laura and Afrodite, both okay looking gals (with good skills), did Ricardo and Roly at a bar. It was a minimal set but the action was pretty warm. Both of the gals did anal and they ended by using their feet to jerk off the men.

Summary: I liked this volume better and not just because the extras were so improved either. The women had more fun or at least acted like they were having more fun and the sex seemed more passionate at times. I'm going to raise my rating for the series from the Volume 1 level to a solid Recommended with foot fetish fans probably wanting to boost the rating even more. In almost every scene, the focus was on using the feet and legs to get the guys off and I know some of you really like that. The technical side was pretty solid as well this time so if you can, at least rent it to see what I mean.


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