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First Gape Experience

  • Release date:
    July 10, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 17m
  • Cast:
    Omar Galanti|Liza Kolt|Suzanna Scott|Bella Marchelli|Branda Hally

Category: Anal/Gaping/Gonzo


Cast: Bella Marchelli/Suzanna Scott/Lizaveta K/Brenda Hall/Omar Galanti

Director: Omar Galanti

Extras: Trailers/Photo Gallery/Web

Release Date: 7/10/2013

Runtime: 117 Mins

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Scene 1:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bella Marchelli/Omar Galanti
Blowjob/Deepthroating/Cunnilingus/Ass Eating/Anal Dildo Play/Missionary Anal/Dildo DP/Rimming ATM/Cowgirl Anal/Doggie Anal/Gaping/Facial (High volume)
The premiere scene in Omar Galanti's 'First Gape Experience' begins as we see euro girl Bella Marchelli. Bella sits naked on a couch in front of us, attempting to remember her stage name, which has apparently escaped her for the introductory moments of the scene. This is a first for me, but I suppose Omar is trying to keep it candid, and it certainly is through the early stages. Actually a little too candid, but I digress. The interview goes on forever, with Omar asking some random questions for what seems like an eternity in a language that I am not fond of, followed by giving the viewer an English translation so we all know what exactly is happening. The problem is that it takes forever, or seems to at least. Action sets in at about 7 minutes through with a blindfolded bj from Bella that starts pretty slow with some relatively harder moments to follow. Things get pretty sloppy once it gets moving, as a hesitant Bella gives her best efforts toward throating Omar's jizz whistle as deep as possible. Anal sets in later, with Bella letting loose some gapes sporadically as it moves forward. The scene progresses with some good intensity, the best parts being when Bella gets fully throttled in a doggie style anal toward the later stages. The scene lasts for about an hour before the finale facial is provided to Bella, and she gets doused by Omar's hose when it does. Decent scene here with some slow moments at times.
Scene 2:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Suzanna Scott/Omar Galanti
Blowjob/Anal Dildo Play/ Cunnilingus/Ass Eating/Missionary Anal/ATM/Facefucking/Doggie Anal/Gaping Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Cum Eating (High Volume)
The second scene starts as we see  another non-English speaking hottie, Suzanna Scott, chatting it up with Omar in the opening moments. It all takes quite some time to get going here, but eventually the action begins in the form of a bj administered by Suzanne. Afterwards, a long stint of dildoing is provided by Omar, and the anal sex begins in a missionary style reaming, moving forth with an array of different positions, including some solid facefucks accepted from Suzanne. It all goes on for quite some time, eventually ending after Suzanne laps up the jizzload that Omar shot onto the glass table. This scene was much like the first, having its moments, but it seemed to take forever to develop.

Scene 3:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lizaveta K./Omar Galanti

Blowjob/ATM/Dildo Play/Missionary Anal/Ass Eating/ATM/Cowgirl Anal/Gaping/Cum on Stomach (High Volume)

Third up for a new gaping experience is Lizaveta K, who luckily speaks much better English than the girls in the previous scenes in the film, so we can at least understand the introductory interview better. Once things get moving, Lizaveta walks in front of us with a horse-tailed buttplug protruding from her tiny skirt, before she falls to her knees for a more standard bj than we've seen in the previous scenes thus far. The first vaginal sex in the film begins the action, followed quickly with Omar switching holes as Liz does her very best to accept Omar inside of her dirtbox. The sex is slow here, as Omar continues in trying to stretch Liz's hole to properly bang her, eventually doing so pretty well when the scene reaches its middle stages. The scene ends awkwardly with Omar attempting to give Liz a facial but she literally says no, so he ends up just cumming on her stomach while she stands beside him. This scene was pretty rough around the edges, and there weren't all that many notable moments unfortunately. I didn't love it.

Scene 4:*Scene to Remember*-------------------------------------------------------------------
Brenda Hall/Omar Galanti
Anal Dildo Play/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Facefucking/Rimming/Squirting/Spanking/Missionary Anal/ATM/Dildo DP/Pile Driver Anal/Cunnilingus/Mouth Spitting/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Facial (High Volume)

Super sluttified Brenda Hall opens up the next scene, looking fuck-me fabulous in a hot pink get-up while Omar interviews her. It's apparently her first scene ever, so we shall see how Brenda handles her first gape experience. We later open as Brenda is now being prodded by Omar with a ballgag placed in her mouth and a leash hanging around her neck. Brenda is a tiny thing, but her body is certainly of note as we get some better glimpses of it moving forward. Some great stuff in the early stages, with Brenda jamming a dildo into her asshole with her free hand while her bush lies in full view of the camera. Once Omar gets a hand in, there is some seriously deep dildo jamming that takes place, and it follows with some insane deepthroating from the hairy-twatted euro babe. Definitely the best segment of the movie here, as Brenda's ultra submissive side is displayed perfectly. Omar gives her all that she can handle and more; jostling his hands in her asshole producing some massive squirts, and when the anal finally sets in, Omar places her stockings over her head and fucks the living daylights out of her in a missionary position. Wow. This girl is amazing and this scene is fucking intense to say the very least. Her sluttiness is portrayed beautifully when Omar spits into her mouth, and she literally swallows it. TWICE. Brenda  never stops moving the entire scene, she constantly begs for more, and when Omar retaliates it almost seems as though he doesn't know what to do next. This scene is what Omar Galanti porn is all about. Seriously depraved shit, and I loved every minute of it. I didn't want it to end, but it eventually did with Omar firing off a massive cumload into Brenda's propped open mouth as she attempts to swallow the goods. This one will definitely be in my running for top 20 scenes of the year. Sweet!

This one just didn't have it. Although the final scene in the film was fucking outstanding, the rest of the film was just forgettable. I feel like Omar could have tacked on 2 more scenes to this movie with all the time that was wasted on long interviews, and slow moving introductions. That being said, the final scene in the film is most definitely worth a watch, which makes this one a tough grading for me, but I'll go ahead and tell you to rent this one. The action in the film just doesn't merit owning it, but the Brenda Hall scene will blow your mind if you're into Omar movies. Check this one out if you're in the market for renting.


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