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Exchange Student 5

  • Release date:
    May 29, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 10m
  • Cast:
    Anissa Kate|Marcus London|Jessa Rhodes|James Deen|Seth Gamble|Jennifer Best

Genre: Feature

Director: James Avalon

Writers: Jet Michaels and James Avalon

Cast: Anissa Kate, Jennifer Best, Jessa Rhodes, James Deen, Marcus London, Seth Gamble

Length: 131 minutes

Dates of Production: 11/26-27/2012

Extras: The best part of this section is the Behind the Scenes segment. There is also a good looking slideshow with several trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: Exchange Student 5 is a film by director James Avalon with studio Sweet Sinner. It is the fifth installment to this very fine series. In this episode, Jennifer Best wants to get an exchange student in order to get her suspecting husband Marcus London to pay attention to their beautiful new arrival Anissa Kate instead of his wife's indiscretions. A supporting cast of James Deen, Jessa Rhodes, and Seth Gamble round out this good storyline.
Scene One: After selecting an exchange student, Jennifer Best begins to make out with James Deen in his office. Some kissing occurs on his chair before it leads onto his desk. I enjoy seeing the blonde hottie lay on it as the guy pleasures her from rubbing to eating her pussy. I love seeing her in this position where Jennifer has her sexy right leg up in the air while squeezing her breasts. As the intensity of her cumming rises, the woman is squeezing the side of the desk with her hand. The exciting fuck action occurs when she is getting mished by him. Very good eye contact occurs between them as the woman moans with much emotion. You can feel the intensity just by watching them. Afterwards, the very pleased woman sucks his dick with a very consistent rhythm while James is laying down on the black leather sofa. I loved watching her stay focused for a while on the tip of his cock. After Jennifer applies her solid and lengthy oral massage on the man's dick, she rides him on the sofa for a while with a joyous smile on her face and some good moaning. A steady spoonful of pleasure on the floor occurs next. A fuck from behind follows on the sofa with very good eye contact between them as Jennifer stares into James' eyes while looking back at him. The following mish fuck has Jennifer staring at him with good joy. She really enjoys having him fuck her steadily. He picks up the pace to conclude their performance by shooting his load on her beautiful body.

Scene Two: Jessa Rhodes and her boyfriend Seth Gamble make out on the bed. I like the chemistry that they develop. The sex is not forced. It's pretty smooth like a regular boyfriend and girlfriend having sex. Jessa's bj action looks hot and Seth's fucking demeanor is passionately driven. It appeared that he was putting forth much additional effort into fucking his cutie. It started to show during the missionary moments, but it was more expressive on his face during the spoonful of pleasure screw. I was impressed by him. Their good performance ends with Seth cumming on her after another missionary fuck.

Scene Three: Gorgeous Anissa Kate and Seth Gamble make out after their day together. Her body is amazing. When he kisses it, the woman squirms as his actions get her turned on. I love her full lips. Seth is so lucky to be able to kiss them. I also like watching her lay on the bed and maneuver her legs as she anticipates Seth's pussy eating delivery. Afterwards, Anissa sucks his dick a bit before riding him actively. Seth puts in a very good fucking effort during the spooning and mish moments. Once again, his face shows a lot of expressive determination and vigor in wanting to fuck the sexy girl. Next, Anissa fucks him well while being on top of him again. A final mish follows that leads Seth to pull out and cum on the woman.

Scene Four: Anissa Kate and Marcus London are talking on her bed before they begin to kiss. Their kissing moments generate good steam and heat. It leads to a more steamier pussy suck by Marcus. In the meantime, Anissa's naked body is pure eye candy. Afterwards, her face is a huge turn-on as she is giving head. A nice looking cowgirl ride follows with both performers doing a good job in fucking one another. Marcus continues his very swell work during the mish moments. I really enjoyed watching Anissa's breasts jiggle during Marcus' driven screwing delivery. His constant pounding on her pussy really gets her off. He finally cums on her.

Final Thoughts: Anissa Kate will get a boost in her career with this well acted and sexually performed appearance. I expect to see her in many more Sweet Sinner and also Sweetheart Video films. She is very likable and also very sexy and beautiful. She can play the bad girl and also the good girl. I also enjoyed Jennifer Best's acting and sexual performance. I wanted to see more of her in this movie. I hope that Jennifer will be used more often in more films for them. The storyline is crafted very well. I really liked the ending. Exchange Student 5 is a movie that I did not want to see end. I highly recommend this one.


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