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  • Release date:
    May 1, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 34m
  • Cast:
    Julia Ann|Asa Akira|Jessica Drake|Misty Stone|Marcus London|Steven St. Croix|Derrick Pierce|Brad Armstrong|Courtney Taylor|Leilani Leeanne|Aaron Wilcox

Wicked Pictures
Directed by Brad Armstrong
Date of Production
Running Time: 2:34:49
Adult Drama


Jessica Drake
Asa Akira
Courtney Taylor
Julia Ann
Leilani Leeane
Misty Stone
Brad Armstrong
Steven St Croix
Derrick Pierce
Marcus London

Special Features:

3 Bonus Sex Scenes: Jessica Drake and Derrick Pierce from Tuff Love (13:52), Asa Akira and Brad Armstrong from Asian Anal Assassins (12:56), Leilani Leeane and Xander Corvus from Dirty Little Secrets (13:25)
Behind the Scenes: 9:27
Bloopers: 1:46
Photo Gallery
Promo Reel
Trailers (2 before main menu, as always) and 7 in special features section
Chapter Index

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

In the “not so distant” future the world is a very different place. Sex is now a very valuable commodity, bought and sold like any other product and all monetary transactions are done via a barcode tattooed on one’s wrist. In this “new world” Jessica is one of the most successful purveyors of sexual commerce. However, after a transaction goes awry, her perfect little world starts to crumble. Director Brad Armstrong, Jessica Drake, and an incredible cast of today’s hottest performers bring the chilling tale to life. A fresh look at the world’s oldest profession!

It’s been awhile since I have had the chance to review a Wicked title, directed by Brad Armstrong, and starring the very lovely and talented Jessica Drake. And after seeing the cover on this one, I had to make sure to check this one out, even if I had to order it myself. After reading the box quote, this seems like a porn version of In Time, a movie I never got around to seeing, but partly due to some rather blah reviews. And this one was reviewed by Houston Don and he gave it a recommended, so now it’s time to see how it stacks up for me.
And I think I am going to give this one a slight bump up and go with a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this movie. We have some solid scenes with star Jessica, including the spotlight scene with her and Julia and Brad. And you throw in a solid scene with Asa and a nice three way with Misty and Leilani, plenty of sexy ladies for you to enjoy. And consider the effort on the technical side and with special features, this all adds up to deserve the great rating. It’s been awhile since I have had the chance to review one of their movies and it’s nice to see that nothing’s changed while I was gone, some very solid scenes, all shot great, and of course showcasing some very sexy ladies.

Jessica and Derrick

And when she slides off that jacket, we can all agree that we would use up all of our credits by the time it hit’s the floor. She’s a sexy lady and the outfit just seems to enhance that even more. She lays back as he starts to undress and then motions for her to come closer as he blindfolds her with his tie. He starts off with some kisses and then slowly heads south, to her neck, while giving her ass a few slaps and grabs. Seems like he is into the kinky stuff, as he gives her ass a few whacks with his belt, followed by some finger love of her pussy. It’s all about the dominating, and when he rubs her pussy, it really gets the moans and purrs going on this sexy lady. She softly teases his cock before swallowing him whole. Some nice spit and tongue work as she works over his man meat. He stands her up against the window, and we get a great look of her body, as he dives in and gives her ass a nice tongue workout, before moving onto her pussy. She makes her way to the chair as he slides in from behind while getting a nice hand full of her hair. She climbs on and works her body on his cock for some cowgirl, followed by some missionary as she strums her pussy. And it seems he paid enough that he gets some anal time. She takes a so-so money shot in the mouth, with most of it falling on the couch. Well we are off to a great start so far.


And we have the busty and blonde Courtney up next as we see her show up for her appointment, and wastes no time kissing all over his chest as the find themselves in bed. And he gets a mouth full of her tits as she brings those babies closer, and he seems to really enjoy them. She gets on all fours and slides open his pants and then gives his cock a few long licks with her tongue, covering every inch. She comes prepare as she pulls out a condom and slides it in on his cock, lubing it up with spit before sliding it into her pussy for some cowgirl fun. She’s not lacking in the booty area either. She flips around for some reverse cowgirl, a few moments of life here and there, but the view is still decent. As she lays back, he gives her pussy a nice work over with his tongue and fingers before sliding in with his wrapped sword. Brief missionary and then onto some pile driver, while he rubs and plays with her pussy. Well the so so action ends with a pretty impressive money shot as he showers her body.

Jessica, Julia and Brad (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

And speaking of beautiful, Julia Ann still looks amazing. And it seems like Brad wants to make this a three-some with these blonde beauties. The girls gets started on the bed, as Julia slides off her robe and shows off her sexy lingerie and body. They look over at Brad as the girls start to kiss, and he’s already playing with himself. Jessica has some fun with her tits,as Julia slides her hand up her dress and slides it up, teasing Brad. She slowly slides off her panties and dives in with her tongue in her ass, getting her motor running. Brad comes over and shoves Julia’s face in her pussy, as she gives it a tongue and finger workout. He gives Julia a little pussy tease before making his way around to Jessica ending up with his cock in her mouth. This scene just proves that sometimes it’s great to be the director. Some very nice oral work from both ladies and then Julia climbs on for some reverse and cowgirl fun, as Jessica gives her pussy a few licks before leaving. But don’t worry, she comes back and plays with herself as she watches them. She lays down and Julia is back to fingering and licking Jessica’s pussy. Brad gives Julia’s ass some finger love, and then finally gets his turn with Jessica as he teases her pussy before finally sliding in and later gets some time in her ass. It’s been awhile, but I don’t remember as much anal in Wicked Films before, no complaints here, just stating a fact. And I think we are going to go even farther, as Julia comes in and she’s all strapped up and ready to go. Jessica climbs on the strap on and grinds her body on it, while Julia gives her ass a few slaps, and then Brad comes in and slides in her ass, and we have some DP action folks. And Julia has some anal fun as he slides into her ass and then shoots his load in Julia’s mouth and face, as the girls share his love before it’s all over. Easily a spotlight scene contender.

Asa and Steven

And it seems like it has been awhile since I’ve seen the award winning Asa in action. She meets up with Steven and after the transfer of credits is walking on aall fours, making her way towards him. She joins him on the couch as he gets a nice grip on her ass, while they kiss. She makes her way on his lap and gets her body in motion as he rubs her pussy. Some very hot and heated foreplay from these two, as he shoves his fingers deep in her pussy. He shoves his fingers in her mouth as she sucks the taste of her pussy off, and then grabs on tight to his balls as she sucks and swallows his cock, getting it nice and wet. He tells her to get on all fours and moves her around the room as he shoves his cock deep in her mouth. Some very nice deep throating from Asa, as she takes a seat on his face, so he can return the oral favor, giving her ass and pussy some love. He slides on a condom and makes his way into her pussy for some missionary on the counter. They continue with some reverse cowgirl, as he makes his way into her ass, while continuing to shove his fingers in her pussy. After some intense thrusts he pulls out and covers her body in cum.

Misty, Leilani and Marcus

He’s dressed up and is ready to have some fun with these two ladies. Some heavy kissing with Misty to get things going, and then Leilani joins in as she rubs his crotch. He starts to take off his fancy suit as Leilani shoves her fingers in Misty’s pussy, getting her body moving in excitement. She dives in and gives her pussy a nice tongue workout, and then it’s a free for all, as they help each other shed off a few layers of clothes. They double team Misty, giving her pussy lots of attention, and then make their way to her tits. He works his way to Leilani’s back side and laps her pussy with his tongue, and then takes a seat in between the ladies as they go for his cock. Very nice team work from these ladies, make sure every inch of his cock is getting plenty of attention. After a very nice oral session, Leilani climbs on and works her booty on his cock, as he gets a face full of Misty. He reaches around and gives her ass a little tease with his fingers, perhaps we will get another scene with some anal. Misty finally gets her turn as she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, while Leilani gives his balls a nice licking with her pierced tongue. As Leilani is working over his cock and rubbing her pussy, Misty has a champagne bottle and gives Leilani’s ass some love as she shoves it in and out. And the anal continues as he shoves his cock in her ass, giving her some hard thrusts until he pulls out and gives Leilani a nice facial.

Jessica and Steven

Well like I have said before, she looks amazing once again, as she is decked out in a skin tight latex dress, and as he comes up from behind gets a nice feel of her body, and gives her ass a few smacks. He lays back and tells her to give him a nice tease, as she lifts up the dress and he gives her ass a few whips with his belt, before diving face first in her ass. Jessica seems to showing off her kinky side in this movie, and there are no complaints here. Some fun with her tits and then he makes his way back to her ass, giving it a few licks, while fingering her pussy. She gets on all fours and shows off her body as she makes her way to his cock, as he shoves it deep in her mouth, keeping it nice and wet with spit, as she works both hands over it. She stands up and slowly slides off her panties in front of him and then climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, as she rubs her pussy. They follow up with some booty clapping doggy, which really seems to get her motor running. And of course, we are going to get some anal in this scene as well, as he slides deep in her ass during some spoon. He pulls out and drop a nice load on her tits, as she gives his cock a few last licks before it’s over.


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