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Evil Angel’s Double Anal Duels 2

  • Release date:
    February 16, 2022
  • Runtime:
    2h 8m
  • Cast:
    Anna de Ville, Brittany Bardot, Lydia Black, Sasha Beart, Angelo Godshack, Brian Ragnastone, Damien Soup, Mad Bundy, Michael Fly, Yanick Shaft

Proxy Paige directs these two very over the top group sex scenes filled with big gapes, lots of double anal and double penetration and a whole lot of appreciation of the pervy appetites of this entry in the new series' female stars.

Gaping blonde beauties Brittany Bardot and Sasha Beart wear strappy black lingerie and rim each other in a hurry before they warm up with some fingering and some really big dildo ass fun. They also love screaming into each other's assholes to make the air come back out of the screamed into asshole as farts of a sort. They really seemed to be into using the air to fill each other up more than they previously were and damn, that is some kinky fun stuff right there. Damien Soup, Michael Fly, Angelo Godshack and Yanick Shaft show up and give them each a pretty impressive double ass stuff along with some double penetration thrown in for good measure. It is rough and hard fucking with a lot of wonderful fully filthy moments and these women love their fuck fluids along with every bit of cum that these men give them.

Inked American butt sex lovers Lydia Black and Anna de Ville show off their bodies as blaring hard rock plays in the background. They warm up with huge dildos and de Ville's gapes get just enormous, readying them for the double anal, double penetration and fisting fun that they have with Mad Bundy, Soup, Godshack and Fly. Black and de Ville are just so skilled at this kind of debauched, high energy/high reward hole stretching goodness and this scene will please the fuck out of anal fans. These two look like damn queens of the earth getting their holes stuffed in piledriver together in this great time. There is a natural affection between Black and de Ville that is here in this and I love how it comes out in them doing this really hard kind of scene together. I would think that doing souble anal with a friend would be hella bonding, right?

The DVD includes a behind the scenes featurette, a cumshot recap, trailers for other Proxy Paige directed Evil Angel releases and an ad for the company's websites.  You can also watch this online over at the Fleshbot Award winning Evil Angel website.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Evil Angel.


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