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  • Release date:
    June 3, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 28m
  • Cast:
    Judith Eufrat|Tess Lyndon

Genre Lesbian, Feature

Director Viv Thomas

Cast Eufrat, Tess.

Duration 68 minutes

Condoms None

Date of Production 10 March 2013

Extras This disc is light on extras.  There are trailers for other Viv Thomas releases: Tides of Lust, Legal Lesbian Seduction, Lesbian Workout, Private Orgasms 2 & The Story of She 2.  There is also a BTS interview with Eufrat, which is included in the films advertised 88 minute running time. The interview had no noticeable connection to the feature, it was pretty random, done fully clothed, and in English. Where was Tess?  If you buy the disc, you’ll watch it, once.  If you watch this film by any other approved means, don’t bother, unless you’re a fan of Eufrat.

Audio / Video Filmed in HD. Presented in 16:9 aspect ratio. Dolby Digital audio.  All the shots were lit and blocked well.  The audio was much better for the music than the dialogue.  When the women were speaking, they could be heard, but not discernibly.  It didn’t matter to me, but if I spoke Czech, I would have been a little miffed at not being able to make the lines out. The lone technical glitch worth mentioning was the cut-off text on the title screen.  The music, composed by Jeris, was a nice touch throughout, as the foreign dialogue went over my head.

Intimacy is a close, familiar and loving personal relationship.  Eufrat and Tess revel in each others intimate feelings as they enjoy a cozy weekend at home.  They make love, they laugh, they prepare breakfast and watch TV, just like you would on a cold winters day and the Viv Thomas team capture it all on camera.  Exquisitely.

Intimacy is a novel concept in the girl-girl genre, just taking two women and putiing them together to capture the subtle nuances of lesbian lovemaking is an approach I have not seen before. Since Viv Thomas hasn’t disappointed me yet, I decided to give it a look.

Tess is a petite brunette with small breasts and just past shoulder-length hair.  In the few Viv Thomas reviews I’ve done recently, I don’t remember her.

Eufrat is a Euro-porn super star with legions of adoring fans.  She’s tall and slim with medium sized tits and long brown hair.  Before seeing Viv Thomas vids, I had encountered Eufrat online mainly in artistic, styled photo sets.

The lesbian affair begins with Eufrat in the kitchen making breakfast and Tess in bed.  Quite a fitting way to set the tone for a shared weekend indoors; no reason to be outdoors in the snow.  Yeah, snow.  It surprised me too, as most adult movies hit the market within one or two months of filming, and it’s summer in California as I write this. (Filmed in Europe, in March)

The second scene started in the bathroom.  Stop those dirty fetish thoughts, they're only brushing their teeth.  When done, they head back to the bedroom for more fun.  I never thought toothbrushing could be tittilating, but I'm proven wrong.  There is not much that is more intimate than sharing a bathroom.

They start the third set watching TV on the couch, a good realistic set-up.  The oddity of the show they were watching made me want to scan the high numbered channels on cable to see if any station was broadcasting Czech programming.  I'm never a fan of couch sex in porn because it’s too much of a play to the camera.  But in this movie it seems natural because we have the lead-in with them watching something on TV.  There was a great visual that was better because of the couch (see the screen cap).

Final Thoughts With just two beautiful stars to concentrate on, the female form was on fine display.  The snow outside set the mood well making the viewer want to relax inside and enjoy some intimacy of their own.  This is perfect for couples of any orientation. Replay value is through the roof, as any connessouir of erotic adult entertainment should recognize great talent and great filmmaking.  I loved this movie and was contemplating giving it an even higher recommendation, but the lack of length or any significant extras make it just Highly Recommended.  Oh yeah, NO TOYS!


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