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Erotic Encounters 4

  • Release date:
    August 5, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 15m
  • Cast:
    Christian XXX|Aiden Starr|Danny Mountain|Tony DeSergio|Brooke Haven|Savannah Stern|Tyler Knight|Kiera King|Claudia Valentine|Jordan Kingsley|Jack Vegas|Monroe Valentino

Category: Compilation/All Sex/Couples


Cast: Brooke Haven/Kiera King/Aiden Starr/Jordan Kingsley/Savannah Stern/Monroe Valentino/Claudia Valentine/Tyler Knight/Tony De Sergio/Jack Vegas/ChristianXXX/Danny Mountain

Director: Uncredited

Extras: Photo Stills/Trailers/Web

* Bonus Scene 1: From 'The Dog Walker' w/ Sarah Jessie & Barrett Blade

*Bonus Scene 2: From 'The Six' w/ Andy San Dimas & Rocco Reed

Release Date: 8/5/2013

Runtime: 136 Mins

Scene 1:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Brooke Haven/Jack Vegas
Tease/Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Doggie/Spooning/Reverse Cowgirl/Cum on Ass (Low Volume)
The premiere scene in the fourth installment of the Erotic Encounters series begins as we see Brooke Haven thoroughly cleaning the top of a table in her bra and panties while Jack Vegas sits in front of her. Some light music plays in the background of these introductory moments, mainly consisting of an attempt at some artistic capturing of this tease sequence; it's all well and good until the latter stages of it all when it tends to get a bit lengthy. After Brooke has the table top nice and tidy, the music fades and action sets in as she leans over the table and starts sucking Jack's cock. An extremely short bj leads into some cunnilingus and ultimately the sex, beginning in a missionary style fuck given to the beautiful Brooke. The scene moves onward looking more and more mechanical as it does, with the stars switching positions lackadaisically and Brooke monotonically moaning while Jack gives his best efforts to draw a positive reaction from her. The scene draws to a close after Jack pumps out his love sauce over Brooke's backside and finishes her off with a kiss. Not great. At all. I thought the scene lacked any sense of intensity or originality, and aside from Brooke being hot, there is very little that makes me recommend it in the slightest. Poor camerawork also.
Scene 2:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kiera King/Aiden Starr
Female Masturbation/Strap-On Play/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Tit Fucking
The next scene begins again with some light music played in the background as Aiden Starr and Kiera King induce in some lesbianic foreplay. Some decent action kicks things off to begin, with Aiden jostling her fingers over Kiera's pussy before diving in face first for some muff munching. The girls share a bottle of wine throughout their 'erotic encounter' and pass it to and fro as it progresses. Aiden wears the strap-on here, and after she's done eating Kiera out, some strap-on fun ensues with her being the essential giver throughout the scene. Action is decently hot with minimal talking and a nice energy from Aiden as she works Kiera into a hot sweat from the pummeling administered to her pussy. Some picturesque shots of the girls are captured through the scene, as it later finishes with a short kiss before the screen fades. A decent scene here, one that I think fans of lesbian provocateur will enjoy, but there are a lot of slow moments.

Scene 3:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jordan Kingsley/Tony De Sergio
Light Bondage/Blowjob/Reverse Cowgirl/69/Spooning/Missionary/Doggie/Cum on Pussy (Low Volume)
The third scene in the film begins as we see Jordan Kingsley playing the part of an unhappy housewife who begins the scene fantasizing about tying up her husband as he reads the morning newspaper next to her. They both look at each other awkwardly and flirt as this seemingly unending introductory segment seems to never stop. I was actually wondering if this was the actual scene or if the introduction just ran way too long, turns out it was the latter. Eventually the music stops and Jordan has her husband (played by Tony De Sergio) tied up on the kitchen table that they were recently sitting at, and she smacks him lightly a couple times before torturing him with a blowjob. Noooooo! Jordan continues mouthing off through most of the scene, and actually shows much more energy than the cast through most of this compilation film featured thus far. The sex kicks off in a reverse cowgirl and Jordan carries the scene well even though there are a few definite skip through moments. The scene caps off with Tony busting his nuts over top of Jordan's grassy knoll before she gives him a kiss and the screen fades to black. Decent scene, but nothing to write home about.
Scene 4:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*Scene To Remember*
Savannah Stern/Monroe Valentino/ChristianXXX
Blowjob/Standing Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Female Masturbation/Doggie/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Spooning Reverse Cowgirl/Facial (Medium Volume)

The fourth scene kicks off as the camera pans up Savannah Stern's body, while she shows off her fabulous curves for the home viewers. Monroe Valentino is shown next, and this mega-babe is nothing to shake a stick at either. The introductory segment consists of Christian pouring small dribbles of milk over top of the girls bodies and mouths while they kiss and lick the excess off of one another. The early stages again run pretty long, but the girls are so hot I'm still digging it hard. Action sets in with the girls sharing Christian's sausage via blowjob and does so very well. Some good energy right off the bat with Savannah taking the bulk of the fucking early on, and Monroe sitting off to the side dittling her lady parts. Both girls end up getting a nice reaming by scene's end and things ultimately finish with Christian milking his meat whistle over top of the girls faces while they lap up the contents of his sack. I thought this was a great scene, the girls were both fully into it, and the sex was top notch in comparison to the rest of this collection.

Scene 5:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Claudia Valentine/Danny Mountain
Female Masturbation/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Facial (Low Volume)
Milfalicious Claudia Valentine is next on the list, kicking the fifth scene off looking fabulous as she lies in the corner of a bathroom playing with herself. As this goes on someone off camera is throwing playing cards at her for whatever reason, but ridiculous symbolism or not, Claudia is easy on the eyes. After a shorter introduction we see Claudia going to town on the cock of Danny Mountain before she jumps up onto him for a cowgirl romp on the commode. Sex runs through the standard rigor of position changes and has some pretty decent moments amongst some longer running ones by the end of it all. The scene caps off with a jizz shot to the mouth, ending after Claudia swallows up Danny's seed with a look of contentment. Decent scene here I suppose, again nothing amazing but I suppose some may find it more watchable than I did.

Scene 6:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kiera King/Tyler Knight
Female Masturbation/Hitachi Play/Cunnilingus/Doggie/Blowjob/69/Cowgirl/Missionary/Reverse Cowgirl/Cum on Ass (Low Volume)
The final scene in the fourth installment of the Erotic Encounters series begins as we see Kiera King having some fun with herself on a chair before Tyler Knight presents himself to help out in matters. Things continue in more of a sensual manner, with the trusty hitachi wand being used on Kiera before Tyler jams his dong into her for a doggie style fuck. Not too much to note in this scene as it seems like a rather uncomfortable affair between the two stars more than anything. Very little expression or enjoyment seems to be shown and when it is it seems pretty forced. The scene ends with what might be the smallest cumshot in the history of man gently placed over Kiera's backside before the credits eventually roll. Umm...ok. Nice one to end the movie on guys. Not good.
Although this film doesn't present itself as a compilation, all of these scenes are taken from previously released titles from Adam and Eve/Abigail Productions. I'm not sure how they were chosen for this film, but it seems that they just put a bunch into a hat and randomly picked them out of it. The same seems to go with the order of the scenes, because the final scene was absolutely an abysmal one. There wasn't very much in this film to rave about, or even care about for that matter, but Savannah and Monroe were pretty solid in their scene (which was taken from Triple Trouble 2 from Abigail Productions). Some of the sex in this movie was pretty awful though aside from the scene that I just mentioned. I didn't care much for the cheesy introductory segements in the film either, mainly because it seemed like it tried a little too hard, and fell extremely short in terms of hotness. This one is categorized as a couples film, so some of the less porn savvy couples may find more appeal in it than I did, but I highly doubt it. I say skip this one.


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