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Babysitter 9, The

  • Release date:
    September 24, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 17m
  • Cast:
    Jessa Rhodes|Erik Everhard|Dana DeArmond|Tyler Nixon|Steven St. Croix|Gigi Loren

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 17 minutes

Date of Production:  March 2013

Condoms:   No

Director: James Avalon

Cast: Starring Jessa Rhodes and Erik Everhard with Dana Dearmond, Gigi Loren, Tyler Nixon and Steven St. Croix

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Behind-the-scenes, trailers, slideshow


Porn fans know that with every movie written and directed by James Avalon, you can expect there to be a plot, some character development and a movie shot well in really high-def.  The Babysitter 9 is no exception with its well-woven storyline.  Jessa Rhodes is the babysitter for her neighbor, Erik Everhard, who is left to take care of his son while his wife, Dana Dearmond, who has filed for divorce, is on an international traveling spree.  Well, Jessa does a little more than babysit in this film, fucking Erik and her boyfriend. I think fans and possibly even couples who love to watch porn with a plot will enjoy this film. The storyline makes sense and it’s believable. The fucking is definitely more on the passionate, love-making end of the scale as opposed to the hardcore fucking end. There are no messy, facial cumshots or popshots dripping out of girl’s mouths but steady fucking followed by cumshots on the stomach.

I recommend this movie because lovers of plot porn will find it appealing and the overall high-def production quality makes it tantalizing to watch.

Scene 1: Dana Dearmond and Erik Everhard


Estranged wife Dana Dearmond shows up at Erik Everhard’s house unexpectedly, saying she misses him and possibly wants to get back together. She soon shares that she recently broke up with her boyfriend. She reminds Erik how much of a good kisser she is, trying to get him to reminisce about old times. But, Erik isn’t interested. He’s definitely over her. This doesn’t stop Dana, who keeps on trying to seduce Erik. She finally wins him over, forcing him back into the bedroom and pushing him down on to the bed. She’s definitely in charge here, straddling Erik and pinning him to the bed while she undresses.


They kiss all over each other with Erik pays close attention to Dana’s tits, moving back and forth from one to the other, sucking on them.  Dana takes Erik’s hard dick out of his pants and starts blowing him. He’s still lying on his back across the bed. She’s sucking his dick carefully, slowing moving her mouth up and down his shaft, deep throating it in between strokes.  After more heavy kissing, Erik quickly moves to his feet, forces Dana down on the bed on her back and buries his face in her pussy, driving her wild. She’s ready to be fucked missionary style.

Erik keeps Dana’s legs spread wide open and his dick in her cunt while he fingers her clit. The couple enjoys the heavy kissing and works that in to their love making. But Erik can’t stop eating Dana’s pussy, pulling out to dine between her legs again, driving Dana crazy and making her body shake. From pussy eating to pussy pummeling, Erik keeps up the back and forth pace, shifting to spoon fucking with finger licking and then into doggy.


Dana is on all fours on the bed and Erik is crouched down over her, fingering her and fucking her. The fucking and body slapping is getting harder now because they’re in good with the doggy position.  But it’s back to their passionate missionary-style fuck that gets Erik off, making him cum on Dana’s stomach. She helps stroke Erik’s cock, drawing out the last few drops of cum before they go back to kissing.  But just as Erik opens up and tells Dana he wants to get back together, Dana gets “no-nonsense,” throwing divorce papers at him and saying she’s leaving for Tokyo. Erik is left to watch their son while she’s gone. Erik needs a babysitter!

Scene 2: Jessa Rhodes and Tyler Nixon


Jessa and Tyler are lying in Tyler’s bed and Jessa is supposed to be helping Tyler study for his biology test. But, Tyler is more interested in Jessa’s anatomy, and he starts kissing her. Tyler’s dad, Steven St. Croix, interrupts the teenagers to ask if Jessa is interested in babysitting for Erik since his wife is leaving the country. Jessa agrees to check it out later that day. Steven leaves and Jessa and Tyler get back to business — making out.

5Tyler is enjoying Jessa’s perky breasts, with her nipples pointing straight up. He’s sucking on them, going from breast to breast. Jessa is lying flat on her back and Tyler makes his way down to her cunt, kissing along her stomach and navel as he makes his way down to the prize. He starts kissing, licking and fingering Jessa’s pussy, spitting on it to get her going. She’s grabbing the pillow behind her in ecstasy as Tyler licks her clit.

Jessa positions Tyler on his back as she makes her way on top of him, kissing along his stomach then inhaling his dick down her throat and licking his balls. She moves to straddle him, putting her in perfect cowgirl position. Tyler sticks his dick up her snatch and Jessa starts slamming her ass down on top of him. Tyler grabs hold of her ass tightly, forcing Jessa to bounce up and down on his dick.

Jessa gets on all fours on the bed, positioning herself for a solid doggy fuck. But before Tyler sticks his cock in her, he sticks his tongue in, slurping around her wet pussy. They fuck doggy style, going from a slow grinding fuck to a fast ass-pounding fuck and then back again before transitioning into the spoon then missionary positions. Jessa’s lying on her back holding her feet high up in the air and Tyler takes advantage of her wide open legs, burrowing his way deep into her pussy until he can’t take it anymore.  Jessa begs him to cum and he does, all over her stomach.  He jokes that she better make her way over to Erik’s house for the babysitting job.

Scene 3: Gigi Loren and Steven St. Croix


At the start of this scene, Jessa is at Erik’s house to talk about the babysitting job. Erik explains that his wife is leaving town and he needs help. Jessa says she’s available and ready to start now. They go over all the ins and outs of what Erik really needs.  Jessa gets to know Erik a bit more, taking advantage of his being a P.E. teacher at the local college. Erik gives her golf lessons and tennis lessons. Jessa soon settles in to her babysitting job, cleaning up and doing laundry.  Steven catches up with Erik on the golf course later that day and they talk about everything, including the affair Steven had with his maid’s daughter, Gigi.

He reminisces…Gigi is washing dishes in short shorts and Steven is watching her every move. Then she moves to cleaning the windows, attracting Steven’s attention even more. The attraction is  overwhelming. Gigi tells Steven “you know you want this!”  This is Steven’s green light. They grab each other, kissing passionately.  Steven takes Gigi’s short shorts off so he can kiss all over her ass. He pulls her shirt up and starts dining on her breasts, trying to swallow them whole. Gigi loves being worshipped this way and soon reciprocates, pulling down Steven’s pants, revealing his already hard cock.


They’re standing and Steven starts fucking her from behind, stopping only to allow Gigi to get on her knees to suck his dick before he fucks her again, and telling her he’s got to get his dick deeper and deeper inside her. Steven lies back on the couch so Gigi can sit on him and ride his dick cowgirl style. She lets Steve fuck her mouth before she turns around to fuck him in reverse cowgirl, screaming out this time. Steven easily slides into a spoon fuck, keeping one arm tightly around Gigi’s neck and his tongue down her throat.

They move into a number of variations of missionary style and Steve just barely pulls his dick out of her pussy in time before he starts shooting cum all over her.  Cut back to Steven and Erik on the golf course where Steven explains that he never saw the maid’s daughter again.

Scene 4: Jessa Rhodes and Erik Everhard

Well, Jessa and Tyler are arguing now. It seems Tyler is jealous of all the time Jessa is spending at Erik’s house getting tennis and golf lessons. Tyler decides to end the relationship and Jessa storms out, right over to Erik’s house. A sobbing Jessa tells Erik the whole relationship story and Erik’s advice is that they go workout. The two go jogging around the neighborhood and Jessa has worked up a sweat. She asks to take a shower but Erik needs to get her some fresh towels.


Jessa starts to take her shower, getting herself all lathered up as Erik arrives with the towels. But Jessa doesn’t just want the towels; she wants him, inviting Erik to join her in the shower. Erik wastes no time, pressing Jessa up against the shower wall then making his way down to eat on her cunt. Erik barely comes up for air, burying his face between Jessa’s legs.


They move into a standing fuck, with Erik pounding Jessa from behind as she presses her hands up against the bathroom window. Erik’s the master at fucking and fingering at the same time, driving Jessa bonkers as he grinds his way deeper and deeper up her box. Erik picks Jessa up, flips her around and puts her into a standing cowgirl, holding her up by the thighs and bouncing her up and down.  They move from the shower into the bed where Erik continues to feast on Jessa’s pussy. They fuck missionary style before flipping over into a cowgirl where Jessa shows us once again that she knows how to work her ass when riding dick.

From cowgirl to a spoon fuck and back to a long-winded missionary style fuck until Erik finally blows his load all over Jessa’s stomach. She grabs his dick, jacking it to get the remaining cum out.

Final Thoughts:

Plot porn lovers, this one’s for you! The Babysitter 9 is the latest in the series from writer, director James Avalon and it’s true to form.  Heavy on storyline and characters with passionate fucking mixed in between. One of the best things about an Avalon film is his attention to production quality, shooting his movies in some of the best high def out there. I recommend The Babysitter 9. Jessa Rhodes and Erik Everhard definitely heat up the screen with their up-against-the-wall, standing fuck in the shower, and the overall plot of the movie works. But if you’re looking for wall-to-wall fucking ending in sloppy cream pies or messy facials, this isn’t the movie for you. There’s an interesting storyline here with individual characters.


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