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Sexual Desires of Riley Reid

  • Release date:
    February 18, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 53m
  • Cast:
    Riley Reid|Mike Adriano|Erik Everhard|Mark Ashley|Michael Vegas|Danny Mountain|Anthony Rosano

The Sexual Desires of Riley Reid
New Sensations
Running Time: 2:53:02


Riley Reid
Michael Vegas
Anthony Rosano
Mike Adriano
Erik Everhard
Mark Ashley

Special Features:

Chapter Index
Pick Your Pleasure

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

If you want to know what makes Riley Reid’s pussy wet, then we’ve got the movie for you! This movie features 6 of her sexiest ball-draining scenes that are guaranteed to turn your cock into Mt. Vesuvius in no time. We’ve got Riley Reid’s dirtiest sexual desires ready and waiting for you.

The simplest review I can give this movie, you have 6 scenes, that’s about 3 hours of the very sexual and sexy Riley Reid, and yeah it’s pretty awesome. Have you worn out your copy of Ultimate Fuck Toy, or are you just looking for some new material to enjoy. Well we have you covered here. I hope Riley fans have already picked this one up, or for those who haven’t fallen for her yet, what is your problem, give this one a watch and  I am sure she will win you over pretty quick. No one can deny the high sexual drive of this one and can’t see what happens next. But until then, be sure and buy this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED movie, and I can’t wait to check out the Staci Silverstone one next.

Riley/Mike from So Young So Sexy POV #5

She’s trying to get the bird to talk and he is getting all grabby and she is teasing us with some flashes of her tits and bum. He slides her panties down and she gives her pussy a little finger tease, before it’s back to showing off her ass for the camera, and giving it a few drops of spit. He dives in her ass and gives it a nice licking and really gets in there. She lets out a few of those playful smiles and then it’s time for the real fun to begin as she sits on his cock and bounces that booty for the camera, and he is already tapping out. But have no fear, cause she’s right back on top enjoying the ride once again, and showing off some great energy as she is doing it. She moves forward and sits on his face, as he gives her pussy a nice tongue workout, before climbing back on his cock. Wow she is really doing a number on him, seems she has already cam twice. She gives his cock some spit, and then gives it a few licks before she starts to swallow and gag on his man rod. And there is going to be lots of spit as this very wet and awesome BJ continues. And she is getting a real workout of the gag reflex as he shoves his cock in her mouth, I have a feeling he might be cumming again soon. I once stated that I am pretty sure this lady could read anything and make it sexy, and she gives a little sexy talk about her ass, and is back to riding him once again, just working her body in one great motion, talk about enthusiasm. She gets a breather, sort of, as it’s back to some oral love and then more booty teasing before he ends up back in her pussy. And this guy is a machine, as he cums once again for her. He should really look into a scene with Lily, they could have a cum off. But as Riley ends up on her back, legs spread wide, and he is working her pussy over with his cock, while she adds in a little finger workout of her own. And that booty is glowing in the light from all the lube, as they continue with some doggy, with some finger teasing in her ass and he pulls out and leaves a few little drops on her ass, pretty much all that is left in the tank

Riley/Danny from Lollipop Girls

Riley’s got her lollipop and while she is giving it a nice long lick with her tongue, she’s also giving a nice playful tease, while sliding off her clothes. She rubs the lollipop on her nipples making them even more sugary sweet for Danny later on. She ends up naked in the chair rubbing her pussy with her fingers and the lollipop, yes people it is ok to be jealous of a piece of candy. And after her pussy gets the lollipop treatment, Danny dives in and continues the lickfest of her pussy, followed by some nice finger banging. He stands up and pulls out another thing she can lick, his cock. And even his balls get some love from her candy coated tongue. He lays down and she ends up on top as they both get some licking in some 69 action. She moves forward and slide on his cock and is back to showing off that energy during some reverse cowgirl, as the moans get louder with every hop. And this is the position that gets her to squirt, so there is that to look forward, as we get a few squirts here and there. They roll on their sides and he is back inside her pussy for some spoon action, as he throws in a little choking action. She gets a brief break and goes for more oral love and then is right back on top as he fucks her very wet pussy. And it make it a little easier for him, it’s onto some doggy as the pussy pounding continues. She is back to licking her lollipop as her ass is up and he slides back into her pussy. And before he bursts, he pulls out and she is back to showing her oral appreciation, then ends up on her back for some missionary.  And after some dirty talk about cumming on her face, he pulls out and spreads his love in her mouth.

Riley/Erik from That Horny Little Cheerleader (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

Riley in a cheerleader outfit, yeah this is going to be awesome. Erik is in the locker room and she is spying on him as he changes and when she sees his cock, she gets that look in her eye, like a predator getting ready to attack. And that she does, for some hot and heavy kissing and then gets her out of her uniform, and right into that pussy. She slides off his towel and covers every inch of his cock with her tongue and then introduces his cock to the back of her throat, and throw in some tongue action and you may need to take a little break before you continue. He flips her around and presses her up against the lockers for some doggy action, while he also throws in that magic finger action just driving her crazy. And that playful continues as he just keeps her motor going, hitting all the right spots. I am guessing even she would agree that this is the early contender for spotlight scene of this movie. He picks her up and as he takes a seat on the chair, she begins to hop and bounce on his cock, once again showing off that energy in this position. And to make this even better, she has kept the skirt part on this whole time, just adds to the naughtiness of the scene. She takes a seat on the chair and spreads her legs as he switches back and forth between his cock and mouth in her pussy, making this kitty purr. And she eventually ends in some reverse cowgirl and she is dripping with sweat from this workout. He adds in a little strumming of her pussy with his fingers and I am somewhat surprised we have seen any squirting yet. A few camera issues and for a moment there I thought I was watching a Digital Playground movie.  And it seems that she is one getting tired and exhausted in this scene, as she is panting even more during the doggy. He pulls out and leaves a decent money shot on her mouth, then she gives his cock a few more licks and sucks before it’s all said and done.

Riley/Mark from The Innocence of Youth

And with the last scene we are switching over to the more artsy and visual scenes. And that continues with this scene. She arrives at his door and they head up to the bedroom where he has an outfit all picked out for her and so we get to enjoy her changing into it. And when she meets him again, he has his hand up her pink dress, playing and teasing her pussy, while kissing her neck. She reaches over and makes his cock nice and hard just waiting to burst out of his pants. She falls to her knees and worships his cock with her tongue and mouth, going deeper and deeper, with plenty of spit of course and lots of spit play. He lays her down on the bed, she spreads her legs and he is face deep in her pussy, getting her motor running with his tongue magic. But the magic and moans continue as he slides his cock in her pussy, and she really gets vocal with every thrust. Some brief face time in her ass, and then he slides into her pussy for some doggy, as she looks back at him. She sucks and swallows the taste of her pussy off his cock, and then he helps her out of her dress and stockings and then finger bangs her getting her to the verge of cumming and squirting, but he slides out his fingers and they are very wet, job well done sir. He lays down on the bed and she climbs on for some cowgirl and lets him take control as she takes him in her pussy. And she flips around and into her favorite position and lets him take control as her moans and purrs get louder, and then a brief break before he’s back inside for some spoon. And he is getting a nice workout as he is covered in sweat and pulls out and leaves a very nice money shot in her mouth and all over her neck, nice touch as the camera zooms in as she gives his cock a few licks.

Riley/Michael from Angel Face #2

And we are sort of trying the 80s feel a little with this one. She is on the couch, wearing some classic white socks with stripes, and begins to show off the body, as she teases and play with herself. She is wearing some very shiny and shear underwear which hugs her ass very nicely as she bends over. She rolls them down a bit and commences the booty shaking, followed by some finger teasing and then a few glimpses of that smile that will melt your heart. Some pussy play starts as she shoves a few fingers in her pussy, getting it wet and ready for her lucky boy. She seems to speed up the process when she sees him standing there, but he falls to his knees and takes things over with his tongue as it dives in and licks her pussy. And lets just say he is really good with his tongue. But it’s time for her to show off her oral skills, as she bobs and licks his cock, getting face fucked as he thrusts it far in her mouth.  And the spit makes an appearance as she continues, and then she lays on the couch and he slides in for some missionary. Some very nice energy and he only slows down to give her a chance to catch her breath or change positions, cause when she ends up on top for some cowgirl, he doesn’t seem to slow down at all for her. But when he does, she works that booty, grinding and hoping on his cock, as he gets a nice handful of ass. He literally sends waves through her ass with every thrust. She flips around and by this point we know this is her favorite and he just adds more to her reasoning, keeping the pounding at a nice speed. She sucks and swallows his cock some more, then bends over and waits for him to slide back inside for some doggy action. She leans over the side of the couch as the ball slapping doggy continues.  She scream and moans for him to fuck her pussy and then turns into some very hot begging for his cum, which he leaves in her mouth, followed by a few licks from Riley.

Riley/Anthony from The Friend Zone

And we are going to end with her scene from the AVN nominated movie, The Friend Zone, with her fellow co-star Anthony. She is wearing a nice spring dress and then are in the midst of some passionate kissing and some playful foreplay. He unbuttons her dress and kisses her stomach and then slides off her shoes and shows her feet some love, and then makes his way to her pussy. The moans get louder and longer as he licks and sucks her pussy, while she runs her fingers through his hair. And she attacks his body with kisses before going to work on his cock, soft and gentle, but deeper and deeper in her mouth. She jerks him off a bit and then slides on a condom, gives it some natural lube, spit, and then climbs on and rides him, while they continue the heated kissing, keeping the heat high between these two. And even when we are in the romantic mood films, she still oozes sexual energy. He lays on top and mounts her for some missionary and then dives in and gives her pussy more oral love. They continue with some spoon as she arches her body just right, showcasing her body very nicely in the light. And the romance comes to an end after some missionary and he spreads his love on her stomach.


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