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Corrupt Schoolgirls 5

  • Release date:
    September 17, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 51m
  • Cast:
    Manuel Ferrara|Erik Everhard|Mr. Pete|Johnny Castle|Carmen Callaway|Natalie Heart|Evilyn Fierce|Lilly Banks

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 51 minutes

Date of Production:  September 2013

Genre:  legal teens, schoolgirls

Condoms:   No

Director: Bobby Manila

Cast:  Starring Evelyn Fierce with Natalie Heart, Carmen Callaway, Lilly Banks, Mr. Pete, Erik Everhard, Johnny Castle, Manuel Ferrara

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Behind-the-scenes footage, trailers, cumshots, slideshow, striptease, trailers


Corrupt Schoolgirls 5 puts us back in the classroom for some true sex education. The sucking and fucking action doesn’t stop and our starlets love doing it all over the teacher’s desk. These girls are very much corrupt, taking dick in their school uniforms and accepting pop shots in their mouths. We get a few extras including some behind-the-scenes footage where we get to know the girls even more in a string of one-on-one interviews before the girls take their pounding. We hear all about their days in school, the good and the bad, and what makes them cum. These girls also give us some solo striptease action in the classroom, slowly stepping out of their school uniforms, teasing us. I highly recommend this movie with its excellent, high-def video quality and its playful classroom fantasies. You’ll find the storylines campy enough that they’ll make you smile and the fucking hot enough to keep you turned on. These girls all show us that they’re not as young and innocent as they look and in fact, they can teach us all a lesson or two.

Scene 1: Natalie Heart and Mr. Pete

Natalie is on her cell phone with a friend and bets $50 that she can get the school janitor, Mr. Pete, to fuck her.  She walks into the classroom where Mr. Pete is busy mopping the floor and tells him she’s looking for her books. She can’t find them and tries to seduce Mr. Pete, feeling and touching all over him. But Mr. Pete decides he wants nothing to do with this and he leaves the room. But Natalie doesn’t give up, vowing to get the janitor the next day. Sure enough, the next day Natalie slowly undresses in the classroom where Mr. Pete is cleaning up. He tries to detract her, saying she’s going to get him fired. But he finally gives in, kissing her passionately up against the lockers, only to have someone secretly take a photo of the action.


Natalie is moving full steam ahead, making her way down to Mr. Pete’s cock, pulling it out of his jeans, putting her mouth around it and slurping it up. Mr. Pete tries to keep mopping the floor while getting his dick sucked, but he can’t keep up. Natalie has him mesmerized as she works his dick in and out of her wet mouth, jacking it up and down with her hand.

Mr. Pete lays Natalie across the teacher’s desk, flat on her back and pulls her to the edge. He’s standing and has one of Natalie’s legs over his shoulder and his arms tight around her neck as he begins fucking her, shoving her moist panties in her mouth. Natalie is moaning in ecstasy as Mr. Pete plugs her harder and harder, making the rickety desk creek. Her pussy is wet now and she continues to take cock on her back as Mr. Pete starts slapping her tits.


Natalie gets in standing doggy position with one knee up over the desk. Mr. Pete stands behind her, fucking her and slapping her ass as he goes. Natalie keeps looking back at him in pleasure, telling him how good it feels.  Mr. Pete pulls up a chair and sits allowing Natalie to ride him in reverse cowgirl, bobbing up and down on his dick while he squeezes and licks her tits.  In the middle of the action, Mr. Pete stands up to let Natalie suck her own pussy juice off of his cock before he pushes her back across the desk on her back to finish what he started. He’s pulling her hair tightly now and slapping her really hard across her tits and she loves it, licking and sucking his fingers.

Natalie gets back into a standing doggy this time with one leg up on a desk allowing Mr. Pete to bury every inch of his pecker in her pussy. Natalie moves back to lying on the desk to get fucked then to riding Mr. Pete cowgirl style across a chair before he pulls out, forces Natalie to her knees, cumming all over her face. Mr. Pete thanks her and warns her not to tell anybody, only to find out that everybody already knows!

Scene 2: Evilyn Fierce and Erik Everhard

Evilyn tries to pull one of the oldest tricks in the book, sneaking into the girl’s bathroom to smoke a cigarette. But she can’t escape the cunning eyes of Erik Everhard who yells for her to come out of the bathroom and stop smoking. Evilyn refuses, telling Erik he’s going to have to come into the bathroom to get her. That he does, only to find Evilyn lying up against the sink playing with her pussy. Erik seizes the moment and takes Evilyn into an empty classroom to keep the momentum going.


He sits her on the teacher’s desk and starts playing with her pussy, rubbing her clit while shoving his tongue down her throat. He soon pulls her panties off and starts dining on her wet, dribbling pussy, couched across the teacher’s desk. Evilyn is moaning in ecstasy and soon asks to suck Erik’s cock.  She gets on her knees, grabs his dick, swallowing it whole while rubbing it with her hands.

Erik can’t take it any longer and he props her back up on the teacher’s desk, sitting her near the edge with her legs wide open. He’s standing with one of Evilyn’s legs over his shoulder as he beats her pussy with his dick then sticks it up her wet snatch and fucks her. Erik spends quite a bit of time working Evilyn’s pussy with his dick, in and out, fast then slow, making Evilyn scream out.  He quickly pulls his dick out of her pussy and eats her again before she moves into a standing doggy up against the desk.


She’s looking back over her shoulder at Erik who continues to pummel her from behind, pulling Evilyn into him every few minutes to kiss her around her neck and all over her face.  In typical Erik fashion, he goes into overdrive, slamming up against Evilyn’s ass making his cock disappear up her cunt. Evilyn’s screaming that she’s going to cum and she finally does.

They move into a hot standing cowgirl with Evilyn holding on for dear life, wrapping her arms around Erik’s neck and her legs up around his waist. He’s holding her up by the thighs, keeping her legs open wide as she bounces up and down on his dick.  Evilyn’s really enjoying herself as she lies sideways over the teacher’s desk, allowing Erik to continue the fucking.  Erick quickly sits on a chair and helps Evilyn straddle him cowgirl style, gripping, slapping and grabbing her ass as she fucks him.  Evilyn is going to cum again as she enjoys Erik’s prick lying on her back over the desk.

Erik pulls out and Evilyn drops to her knees, mouth wide open to catch the cum shooting from Erik’s cock. She picks up a cigarette again, lights it and blows smoke all over his dick.

Scene 3: Carmen Callaway and Johnny Castle

Carmen’s been called to the principal’s office for being rude and disrespectful to her teachers and classmates. But Carmen doesn’t care what people think. This lands her in detention, but she’s determined to show the principal who’s boss. She boldly walks over and straddles Johnny, daring him to do something about it. Johnny picks her up and bends her over his desk, spanking her ass for bad behavior.  But Carmen’s no novice; she’s tells him to keep going.

Johnny rips off her polka dot panties and starts rubbing her pussy, dropping spit bombs on it, helping moisten it up. He decides to put Carmen’s talkative mouth to good use, pushing her to her knees and feeding her mouth with his cock. She works on Johnny’s dick, sucking and jacking it while he grabs her behind her head and skull fucks her, beating her tongue with his dick from time to time.


Carmen soon sits up on the desk, legs wide open still dressed in her high school skirt. Johnny opens her up like a can of soup, licking her clit and slurping up the juices. Carmen’s enjoying it as Johnny starts fingering her really hard, slapping her ass cheeks in the process. He finally pulls her closer to the edge of the desk and penetrates her, fucking her with one of her legs over his shoulder, telling her to spread those legs. She does, right before dropping to her knees to suck his dick fresh out of her pussy.

It’s Johnny’s turn to lie on his back on the desk, allowing Carmen to straddle him cowgirl style. She leans over onto him, looking back over her shoulder as his dick slides in and out of her pussy. Johnny snacks on her schoolgirl tits while forcing Carmen up and down on his dick, her ass cheeks bouncing as they slam up against Johnny. Carmen climbs down off of Johnny and goes straight to sucking his dick, tasting her own pussy before moving into reverse cowgirl. She’s straddling him legs wide open and we’ve got a great view of her pussy as she lifts both legs high up into the air, moaning and groaning in pleasure.


Johnny moves Carmen to her side and spoon fucks her, gripping her thigh and holding her leg up over his. She can’t go anywhere while Johnny teaches her a lesson with his cock. Johnny puts her in a hard standing doggy, body slapping her from behind, making her ass cheeks red before flipping her back onto her back on the edge of the desk and drilling her.  He pulls out quickly and Carmen barely can get to her knees before Johnny pops cum on her tongue and down her open mouth.  She sucks up the rest while Johnny warns her that she better behave or else.

Scene 4:  Lilly Banks and Manuel Ferrara

Lilly and Manuel are taking a test in class but Manuel is acting up, throwing things at Carmen. They agree to get together after class and as soon as the bell rings, they move to an empty classroom, kissing and grabbing all over each other. Manuel wastes no time, pulling up Lilly’s skirt and grabbing her ass, wedging her white panties up between her crack. He soon gets her lying on her back across the desk topless as he shoves his fingers up her pussy and sops the wetness up with his tongue. She’s twisting and turning all over the desk in ecstasy.  It’s Manuel’s turn now.


Carmen leans him back over the desk and starts sucking his dick, trying to deep throat it while Manuel spanks her ass.  The heavy, passionate kissing continues until Manuel positions Carmen back across the desk, holding one of her legs up over his shoulder while slowly stuffing her pussy with his cock and fingering her at the same time. He starts fucking her harder and faster, making her lick his fingers. Carmen turns on her side, allowing Manuel easy access to her pussy as she looks up at him making fuck faces.

Manuel soon moves in to spoon fuck her, slapping his balls up against her pussy and grabbing her tits. He turns to lie on his back and Carmen makes quick work of his dick, fucking him cowgirl style. But Manuel turns the tide, holding her ass in place and fucking her hard from underneath, pressing her body down onto his and sucking on her nipples. But Carmen wants to taste her own pussy juice so she sucks his cock again right out of her pussy before Manuel  puts her in a standing doggy with one of her legs up over the desk.  Her body is going into convulsions as she hosts Manuel’s cock, letting him open her up more and more.


Carmen moves back to lying on her back with Manuel standing and fucking her on the edge of the desk, pinching her nipples and fingering her clit. Manuel picks up the pace, driving Carmen crazy as he goes back to eating her pussy.  They move back into doggy position with Carmen on all fours on the desk near the edge where she pushes back on Manuel’s dick until he pulls out and cums on Carmen’s cheek and in her mouth.

Final Thoughts:

I say get a copy of Corrupt Schoolgirls 5. I highly recommend it. The fucking is hot, the storylines keep your attention and these girls know no boundaries, teaching these guys a lesson in the classroom. Evilyn Fierce, the star of the movie, is as bad as they come, smoking in the girl’s bathroom and trying to cover it up. Well, there’s only one way to take care of that: fuck her! The other girls follow suit, acting up in class, seducing the janitor and threatening the principal. But they soon have their way, sprawled out across the teacher’s desk, legs wide open taking cock of their cunts. With the addition of extras like the one-on-one interviews in the behind-the-scenes footage and the individual classroom striptease each girl performs, you’ll enjoy this movie. The video quality is excellent and director Bobby Manila makes sure we get up close and personal in the middle of the fucking action.


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