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And the Winner Is… Racquel Darrian

  • Release date:
    July 2, 2003
  • Cast:
    Racquel Darrian|Shelbee Myne|Envy|Kelly O'Dell|Felicia Fox|Kym Wilde

And the Winner Is...Racquel Darrian


Genre: Compilation, Racquel Darrian

Director: varied with each scene

Cast: Racquel Darrian, Derrick Lane, Randy Spears, Kym Wilde, Randy West, Ona Zee, Kelly O'Dell, Marissa Malibu, Nikki Tyler

Length: 125.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/03 (the compilation itself)

Extra's: 3 unrelated bonus scenes, Behind the Scenes for
Last Chance, trailers, photogallery, forced spam, double sided dvd

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full
frame color. Most of the scenes had too much grain or lacked proper lighting but some were fair, even with the soft focus. The music was generally stereo/mono with little channel separation but the vocals were okay, even if the music needed to be turned down a bit.

Body of Review: Compilations can be hit or miss, particularly when they are comprised of scenes that are taken from movies that are, in porn terms at least, very old. That means all the flaws are spotlighted even more than usual since the DVD format is a harsh mistress on older porn that wasn't looking great even when brand new. In Vivid's vaults lay an awful lot of good scenes that will always look poor due to the way they were shot years ago but keeping in mind those limitations, here's a quick look at a compilation called And The Winner Is…Racquel Darrian. The focus was the popular, and former, Vivid contract star known for her rugged good looks and long mane of hair who enjoyed sex with men and women alike. If you like seeing some of the former hotties Vivid was known for in a decent compilation, here's a breakdown of the scenes by original movie, director, and cast:

Scene One: Christy In The Wild: D-Paul Thomas: Racquel and Derrick had a scene in a wooded area outdoors. The scene actually lasted quite a while and while the picture looked crappy, the scene was pretty well made with oral and straight sex only.

Scene Two: On Trial 4: D-Paul Thomas: Racquel and Randy had a scene with her dressed up in bondage gear. I thought this one was good too, considering its age and all.

Scene Three: Out For Blood: D-Paul Thomas: Racquel and Derrick were at it again outside in another wooded area. There wasn't a lot of sex this time but I can see why a fan would appreciate it.

Scene Four: Where The Boys Aren't 5: D-Judy Blue: Racquel and Kym had a scene outdoors. This little lesbian scene was pretty warm but limited to those of us jaded old porn hounds.

Scene Five: On Trial 3: D-Paul Thomas: Racquel, Kym and Derrick had a scene at a bar. The music sucked but the sex was pretty warm for such an old scene.

Scene Six: Bonnie And Clyde 2: D-Paul Thomas: Racquel and Randy had a scene in this gangster movie set in the 1930's on a bed. The lighting was bad and the scene somewhat limited but I liked it better here than I did watching the original movie.

Scene Seven: Two Hearts: D-Gloria Leonard: Racquel, Ona, and Randy had a scene after the gals warmed each other up a bit on a couch by a fireplace. It was slow and erotic which made me appreciate it a lot but Randy didn't get to participate much here.

Scene Eight: Racquel Unleashed: D-Paul Thomas: Racquel and Derrick had a scene on a bed. It was perhaps the tamest scene of the movie but there was no doubting some chemistry took place on that set.

Scene Nine: Christy In The Wild: D-Paul Thomas: Racquel, Kelly, and Marissa had a lesbian scene by a campfire at night in the woods. I think I would have liked this one better if the picture were clearer (it was exceptionally bad).

Scene Ten: Rolling Thunder: D-Derrick Lane: Racquel and her long time partner Derrick were joined by Nikki in this scene that took place in a biker bar on top of a motorcycle. It wasn't bad but it also wasn't the best scene of the show.

Summary: If you enjoy the Vivid compilation series based on award winning scenes, And The Winner Is…, you'll probably enjoy this one a lot too. Like Dasha's volume, this one will appeal to fans of the star more than anyone but I enjoyed it and I haven't seen her in years. The picture was weak in many cases and the sound not much better but I think Racquel was a force back in her day and such compilations allow fans to catch a glimpse of her in her former glory days. I'm suggesting this as a Rent It but fans will want to shell out a few bucks and make it a keeper.


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