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College Guide To Female Orgasms

  • Release date:
    April 29, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 27m
  • Cast:
    Elaina Raye|Dane Cross|Dillion Harper|Jessy Jones|Natasha Malkova|Elle Alexandra|Lyla Storm|Brad Tyler; Tori Black|Johnny Castle


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College Guide To Female Orgasms

Shane’s World

Genre: Comedy, Instructional, Gonzo

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Elaina Raye, Dane Cross, Dillion Harper, Jessy Jones, Natasha Malkova, Elle Alexandra, Lyla Storm, Brad Tyler; Tori Black, Johnny Castle (last two in bonus scene only)

Length: 87:18 minutes

Date of Production: 11/16/2012


Extras: The best extra would be the unrelated, 19:55 minute long scene from Shane’s World 42 described below. It starred Tori Black and Johnny Castle, their secluded bungalow getaway serving as one of the better scenes of the movie. There was also 13:34 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage listed as “Lost Footage”, some interviews adding some fun courtesy of a female with a sexy voice. There was also a popshot recap and some trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: College Guide To Female Orgasms was presented in anamorphic widescreen color as shot by the uncredited camera crews of Shane’s World, backed by the uncredited editors of the company, and as is usually the case, no one was credited with any of the technical values. As much a pain as that is for me since I like to give credit where it is due, the lighting was strong and flat, the fleshtones accurate, and the editing during the sex scenes was straightforward, the comedy clips as cheesy (and fun) as ever. I saw no real problems with any of the visual elements to fuss about with that said. The aural components of the show were pretty basic in a Dobly Digital stereo English offering. The vocals were crisp and clear with little variation in volume or quality, the limited music used to punctuate portions of the show were bland but typical of an educational porno, and there were no noticed ambient noises during the sexual trysts to speak ill of this time.


Body of Review: Shane’s World has long been one of my favorite porn production companies out there, the youthful focus, willingness to provide fun factor footage galore, and the emphasis on people having a good time both in and out of sex scenes underscoring their many past efforts. While they are not releasing a lot of new material in the DVD form these days, they just shot one out to me the other day with College Guide To Female Orgasms, their latest instructional comedy fuck flick that gives clueless folks a chance to regularly get laid too. While I welcome the ensuing amount of newfound competition should viewers take this title seriously, it was a back to basics approach that added in some amusing clips like the company did years back, albeit without Drunky the Bear or other company standards joining in here. Still, with four new scenes using performers that are not all shot out, I found the movie to be entertaining in a familiar sort of way, mush like the company travelogue shows were always so strokable with lots of replay value. The back cover described the movie like this: “Oh that elusive orgasm! In this installment of the "College Guide" series, our pornstars are here to help you get to that orgasm mountain we've all heard about. You'll get tips and tricks from real professionals that know the art of achieving orgasm. Learn the best positions, the do's and don'ts of reaching an authentic orgasm and get real advice on how to make the female in your life scream for more. Elle Alexandra, a verified lesbian, knows the pussy and along with her friends they're going to show you the way!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Elaina Raye, the cute blond known more for her lesbian flicks than anything else, was up first with Dane Cross, their initial tryst interrupted for some tips by the hosts and co-hosts of the movie. Dane took his time undressing her and giving her a series of small kisses, quietly caressing her body as she slowly responded to his touch. He asked her how she liked his hand manipulating her clitoris under her panties, the gal coming across a bit fake but well enough to spread her legs on the couch so he could gobble her gash. Elaina is a small blond with a body built for speed over comfort, Dane resting back as she reciprocated with some knob slobbing on the head of his pecker. He fingered her until she was ready to bounce on his rod vaginally, some position changes allowing both of them to savor the experience, taste testing included along the way. When he finished up, he pulled out of her shaven snatch to drop a small load of genetic juice on her crotch, her eye contact pretty solid throughout the scene. She did not swallow the ball batter but the observations made afterwards were amusing.


Scene Two: Dillion Harper, a lean babe with pretty eyes and a sleek physique, was up next in a small bedroom with moper Jessy Jones, his initial offer of sex so resoundingly funny that you’ll have to hear it to believe it. This led to a more realistic portrayal of how things would go, a lot of light kisses and caresses followed by clothing being removed at a comfortable pace to turn her on. She had nice boobs and a sweet little ass, her tan line enhancing her physical appeal as she positioned on all fours during their foreplay portion of the scene. She also had a shaven pussy, both giving a brief bit of head to one another before a few vaginal positions established some chemistry between them. She masturbated as he boned her too, the vocals on the loud and fake side but the looks she gave coming across as priceless. The bed was just big enough for them and her perfect pink pussy absorbed him with ease, some active vaginal riding leading him to toss off a small wad of splooge on her torso.


Scene Three: Natasha Malkova, the sexy young lady featured on the right side of the front cover, was up next with redhead BDSM enthusiast Elle Alexandra, Elle extolling the many virtues of masturbation to her new friend. Elle took on the educator role here which was in keeping with her hosting duties, the two exchanging tips on what they like done to them to get off. The talk was followed by “phase two” of the program which included the removal of clothing and face sitting, a lot of gash gobbling leading to toy play where viewers at home will provide the population pudding. Once they were getting each other off, neither served to dominate the other at any given point in time, the gals sharing of themselves with ample kisses and other techniques, Elle shaven clean while Natasha had some neatly trimmed pubes to reveal. There was some pussy rubbing along with the toy use and they seemed to share some chemistry, their willingness to communicate what felt right being a key ingredient to their mutual enjoyment.


Scene Four: Lyla Storm, the sexy brunette featured on the left side of the cover, was up next with Brad Tyler once the discussion of body language and openness came up. After the instructional portion was over, the couple was kissing in bed, removing clothing on a faster pace though Lyla seemed open to all sorts of fun such as playing with his nipples. He pawed her and followed her lead, the gal teasing his bulging boner with body sliding and licks until he was set to fingering her snatch. She blew air on his rod before licking his balls, gingerly sucking the head as her as remained in the air. As she wanted him inside of her pussy, she climbed onto his pecker and allowed him to do most of the work, the gal getting more active with time in terms of riding, her oral skills getting a workout between positions as well. Lyla seemed to be there for the sheer enjoyment of the tryst too, enhancing the ride even before she let loose with some superior hip shaking, her laughter not at him but at how much fun she was having. When the right time came, he withdrew from her pussy and bathed her in a nut of spunk, the baby batter let loose all along her torso as she displayed a great deal of enjoyment.


Bonus Scene: Shane’s World 42: Tori Black, the brunette featured on the front cover, was up next with studly Johnny Castle in a pairing that started in the pool but ended up in a secluded bungalow. Some making out and drinking led to him massaging (and kissing) her shapely ass, a brief blowjob resulting in some moderately active vaginal positions. There were times when I thought she really dug the guy and other times when the scene came across as sex for pay but as she had an itch to scratch, it all worked out for the better given the ending nut of population pudding tossed off onto her crotch.

Summary: College Guide To Female Orgasms by Shane’s World might not set the world on fire to rebrand the franchise as an educational provider, the movie offered up five hot babes with fresh faces getting off with each other or guys you don’t see much of (except maybe Dane), the sexual heat between the couples enough to merit a respectable rating of Recommended or better depending on what you are looking for. As a conversational fuck flick to enjoy with a partner, the movie might spark some interesting conversations that get you laid more frequently, that alone worth the price of admission given the lack of circus act sex, abusive acts, or the kind of things you might not want to share with a partner unless you are already in a deeply committed relationship. In short, College Guide To Female Orgasms was another notch in the proverbial porn belt of a favored company, hopefully additional volumes in this and related series reviving the company from a near slumber state. The movie was fun, provided some strokable eye candy, and gave humor to a serious topic, just the kind of thing I’d expect from a company so long held as an innovator in the field so check it out.


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