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Dirty Girl

  • Release date:
    December 3, 2003

Dirty Girl

Baby Doll Pictures

Genre: Young Females

Director: Rick Davis

Cast: Cytheria, Dick Tracy, Loni, Jack Spade, Lady Victoria Spencer, John West, Tyce Bune, Cherokee, Faith Lamour, Mia, Adam Wild, Bree, Cheyne Collins

Length: 120 minutes

Date of Production: 9/8/03 (box), 8/14/03 (credits)

Extra's: slide show, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in its original 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. It was generally clear but slightly faded. I didn't see any compression artifacts or other problems with the DVD transfer but the source material wasn't much better than average so any flaws wouldn't stand out either. I suppose this means it was low budget but okay for average porn. The audio was presented in stereo English with little, if any, separation between the channels. The vocals varied in levels, some of the time too low and other times too high (if it were consistently low or high, you could adjust the volume and leave it be). In short, little attention seemed to be paid to the sound.

Body of Review: There are a great many companies making porn these days and most of them toss a few scenes on a DVD, hoping you'll buy the DVD based on whomever is featured on the front cover. This marketing strategy has worked for decades so I'm sure the companies know what they're doing. One of the smaller companies, Baby Doll Pictures, is no stranger to porn (they are one of the companies who have several names but use the same crew and administrative people) and they follow the basic formula as well as any other nuts and bolts producer in the industry. Their latest release, Dirty Girls, is a set of six scenes that feature a bunch of younger female performers. The scenes start off with the women getting a short interview and showing off their body before being joined (in all cases but one) by a man (or two). This is as basic as it gets in porn and a lot of you have expressed your distaste for plot, story, acting, established performers and other types of porn, so it's conceivable that you enjoy this one if you like the cast, four of whom are on the front DVD cover. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast, noting that the men were not identified and a few guesses were taken:

Scene One: Cytheria, a lean little cutie that has a lot of men wondering if there may be some truth to female squirting, started off the show by showing her assets to the camera and getting a short interview. This is a gal that is warming the hands of a lot of guys (I'll let you figure what I mean out for yourself) and her little scene with Dick was pretty decent. It wasn't her best work but she did appear to get off (though not as much as in scenes where she gushes). Like most of the other scenes, there was a lot of oral and straight sex before a facial.

Scene Two: Loni, a little Asian gal with large breasts and an interesting face, took on Jack on a bed. The sex was primarily oral but also had some straight boning going on. She was a vocal little thing and guys that enjoy loud moans and groans will appreciate her talents. He popped a load into her mouth and face in an okay scene.

Scene Three: Victoria, an English bleach blonde with large implants, took on both John and Tyce on a bed in her scene. She enjoyed giving and receiving oral before the guys did a little straight and DP on her. She seemed to enjoy the anal sex the most and had a fairly reasonable interview explaining her tastes.

Scene Four: Cherokee, the little brunette with the squeaky voice, and Faith, a slightly attractive little gal with a very tight body, did each other in a lesbian scene. The sex was mostly oral but they started off slowly, warming each other up before getting advanced with the dildo. Cherokee was excellent here and earned a warm place in my pants after this scene.

Scene Five: Mia, another little Asian with large implants, and buff muscle-head Adam had a scene on a bed. I'm not a fan of hers since she doesn't turn me on but I can see why some guys would enjoy watching her as she's an energetic performer. The sex was oral and some solid screwing but unless you're a fan of hers, this will be a mechanical scene. It ended with a pop shot to the face after she acted like she cared.

Scene Six: Bree, a brunette with girl-next-door looks, did Cheyne on a lounge chair indoors. She looked much like a house dancer at a strip club (not a bad thing for many men) and gave a decent blowjob before the two started boning. The scene wasn't much to write about either as she didn't look very interested in him. His pop shot wasn't very big either so maybe he's been working extra hard.

Summary: Okay, the DVD wasn't the top of the line production some of you might've hoped for but there was some good sex to enjoy watching. Cytheria and Cherokee were very good and the others weren't bad. The technical aspects were fair and at two hours, there was enough fuck for the buck to make it worth a rating of Rent It. Smaller companies are where the majority of changes come from in any industry and if you appreciate that only a little bit of anal took place and that the show focused on younger gals, you'll find it a decent DVD.


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