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Deep Inside Nicole Sheridan

  • Release date:
    September 30, 2003
  • Cast:
    Dru Berrymore|Mercedez|Savanna Samson|Devon (I)|Tasha Hunter|Nicole Sheridan|Voodoo|Ken Ryker

Director: various

Cast: Nicole Sheridan, Devon, Savanna Samson, Tasha Hunter, Voodoo, Dru Berrymore, Mercedez, Ken Ryker.

Length: 2 hours 16 minutes

Condoms: Yes

Extra's: The disc has a behind-the-scenes look at Lube Job (8 mins). It's also got a Bonus Room, with 3 additional scenes! They've also included 4 previews for other Vivid titles, and a photo gallery. The scene selection is a bit better on this disc, with little video clips for each scene. No information on the scenes themselves, but it's still better than the numbering system Vivid's notorious for using in their compilation discs.

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame. The color representation was fairly accurate (some red saturation here and there, with some scenes looking washed out or soft), and the lighting was adequate. The picture quality varied with the scenes (as often is the case with compilation discs), but for the most part it was above average. It doesn't look as good as newer discs you see today, but these clips span the past 3 years. The 2-channel stereo audio did the job, though was nothing exceptional.

The Movie: I never heard of Nicole Sheriden before, but apparently she's done enough videos to warrant her own "Deep Inside" title. I wasn't impressed with what I saw. She looks like your typical 90's porn star, who went too bright on the hair dye (platinum in many scenes, bleached blond in others), too big on the implants, and with a mediocre face. Her sex scenes are mildly arousing, and 90% of them were with Voodoo, which was a bit wierd. Still, I guess she's got some fans out there, or else Vivid wouldn't be putting out a disc of her stuff - Different strokes for different folks.

There are 10 scenes on this disc. Below is the breakdown of scenes, with the movies they're from, the stars, and a bit about the sex in each scene.

Scene 1: John Friendly's Big & Small 3 - Nicole Sheriden & Voodoo (MF)
- Oral, regular sex, anal, facial

Scene 2: Love Games - Nicole Sheriden, Tasha Hunter (amazing looking brunette!), Damien Hunter (MFF)
- Oral, regular sex (including reverse cowgirl and doggie-style), some dildo play, ending with a facial.

Scene 3: Lube Job - Nicole Sheriden, Ben English, Voodoo, Mark Davis (MMMF)
- Oral, fingering (pussy & ass), sex, ending with a messy bukkake!

Scene 4: The Pinup - Nicole Sheriden, Devon (with awful makeup & a Princess Leia hairdo), Eric Price (MFF)
- Oral, spanking, fingering, regular sex, facial

Scene 5: Portrait of Sunshine - Nicole Sheriden, Savanna Samson (looking amazing!), Randy Spears, Voodoo (MMFF)
- Oral, regular sex in a variety of positions, ending with a facial

Scene 6: Shape of Sin - Nicole Sheriden (NS looks AWESOME in this scene, great hair & makeup), Voodoo (MF)
- Truly a bizarre scene. Oral (guy dips his dick in champagne as she sucks it), titty fucking (hot!), some foot worship/trampling, then NS licks Voodoo's asshole while stroking his cock. Then they have regular sex, and he cums on her stomach.

Scene 7: Sold - Nicole Sheriden, Voodoo (MF)
- Oral, regular sex, ending with him cumming on the glass table that they're fucking against.

Scene 8: The Watcher 9 - Nicole Sheriden, Voodoo (MF)
- Oral, fingering, regular sex (doggie-style, etc), then he cums on her chest

Scene 9: Woman Under Glass - Nicole Sheriden, Dru Berrymore, Ken Ryker (FF w/ M)
- Elaborate girl-girl scene, complete with vibrator & dildo, DP, etc. Action takes place in an enclosed sex booth, and the guy jerks off to them, eventually cumming on the glass

Scene 10: Women in Uniform - Nicole Sheriden, Jesse V (wow!), Mercedes, Aspen Reign (FFFF)
- Tons of oral, tons of penetration (dildos, strap-ons, etc)

Final Thoughts: If you like Nicole Sheridan, then you'll probably want to pick up this disc. However, she just doesn't do it for me. She looks decent on the disc cover, but her oversized boobs, bad hair, and her weak performances ruined it in my opinion. Add in the fact that the majority of her scenes were with the same male star (Voodoo), and it makes the disc very repititious very fast. I had huge hopes for Scene 6 (Shape of Sin), but when it turned wierd, I got completely turned-off. There are other titles out there with hotter adult stars, and I'd look for one of them instead.


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