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Devil On A Chain

  • Release date:
    August 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 49m
  • Cast:
    Dana DeArmond|Charlotte Stokely|Skin Diamond|Kimberly Kane|Veruca James|Tommy Pistol|Brandy Aniston|Lee Bangs|D Snoop|Zak Sabbath

Category: Feature



Skin Diamond as Cherry


Kimberly Kane as Candy

Featuring: Dana Dearmond/Veruca James/Charlotte Stokely/Brandy Aniston/Tommy Pistol/Lee Bangs/D Snoop/Zak Sabbath

Director: Kimberly Kane

Extras: BTS/Photo Stills/Trailers

*Bonus Scene: Asphyxia Noir and Skin Diamond from Kimberly Kane's Been Blackmailed

Release Date: 8/26/2013

Runtime: 110 Mins

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Introduction To Review:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kimberly Kane's Devil On A Chain is the tale of a woman's vengeance for her kidnapped sister, whose naivete has gotten her into some hot water with a very bad group of people. Candy (Kimberly Kane) has 24 hours to find her sister (Skin Diamond), and she will stop at nothing to do exactly that. Throughout Candy's endeavors she encounters some extremely heated affairs, both sexually and combatively, and her mission finds her in the center of a criminal sex trafficking organization that will stop at nothing to rid the world of Candy's existence, as well as exploit her sister.

Scene 1:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Skin Diamond/Tommy Pistol
The premiere sex scene in the film begins abruptly upon the movie's opening, between Tommy Pistol and Skin Diamond. Sex is immediately riproaring with the camera panning in a large house where Skin Diamond bounces on Tommy's pole like a pogo stick. The scene progresses well, with some hard pussy pounds provided by Mr Pistol, and some sloppy deepthroats from the beautiful Skin. The sex almost never lacks energy from beginning to end, containing a nice intensity on both parts with some footplay and butt munches mixed into this buck-naked fuck festival as well. The scene caps off with Tommy releasing the contents of his ballsack over Skin's beautifully propped up ass and the two share a kiss before the screen fades to black. This is a pretty nice scene to kick things off, nothing insanely breathtaking but a good sex scene nonetheless.
Scene 2:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kimberly Kane/Lee Bang

The next sex scene in the film follows a sheriff arriving at Candy's house and informing her of her sister's recent disappearance. After Candy receives this unsettling information, she proceeds in telling the sheriff that they have to do everything in their power to find her. As it turns out, Candy and the sheriff have some history, and when he fails to show the concern that Candy had hoped for, she threatens blackmail and the scene moves into a flashback from a previous encounter between the two. The flashback consists of Candy helping her drunken sheriff pal to health, and what follows is essentially an interracial fuck between the two. Sex begins rather slowly, speeding up when Candy sees Lee Bang's massive meat sword and proceeds in a cock-worshipping blow j. Sex sets in with a missionary style fuck, and continues through the standard rigor of positioning, with some nice intensity portrayed mainly on [Kimberly's] part. The scene caps off with some jizz drips given to Candy's grassy knoll before the screen soon fades. Again, nothing really amazing about the sex here, I suppose there were some decent moments but nothing I would go back and check out again.

Scene 3:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Charlotte Stokely/Skin Diamond

Next, we see Skin held prisoner in a cell with another kidnapped girl in the form of Charlotte Stokely. After Skin reflects on her sister's ability to kick ass and take names, the two begin in a lesbian encounter that begins precipitously after a kiss between the two captives. The sex in this scene is more of a sensual encounter than the previous scenes, with a lot of kissing between the girls, and wavering energy that seems to lose appeal as it moves forward. It progresses relatively soft through most of the action, containing mainly cunnilingus, mixed in with some 69's and facesitting to offer up a slight change of pace, but overall this scene didn't do too much for me. I think the slowness of it all takes away from the viewers ability to fully enjoy it because of some lackluster parts intermixed throughout.

Scene 4:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Brandy Aniston/Veruca James

The fourth sex scene begins after a visually stimulating series of events leading up to Veruca James and Brandy Aniston getting hot and heavy in a crack house, or a place that highly resembles a crack house anyways. It all begins rather suddenly, without much explanation as to what happened to the other characters that were previously in the house, but nonetheless it had some nice moments. The sex is riveting from the early stages, with fingers jostling in pussies, and mouths gobbling up any hole in sight, but unfortunately it ends after only moments. The scene overall is probably less than fifteen minutes long, giving the viewer very little time to find a disinterest, but also providing limited time for us to fully enjoy it. I initially loved where this scene was going, but it ended before I had the chance to really get a feel for it. Veruca and Brandy do show some elements of solid chemistry here though, and there is certainly some whackworthy material laced throughout this abbreviated lesbianic affair.

Scene 5:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*Scene To Remember*
Dana Dearmond/D Snoop
The final sex scene in the film takes place between Dana Dearmond, who plays the part of a sex starved accomplice of her organization's ring leader, and D Snoop, the germaphobe neat freak that seems to be the "mastermind" behind Cherry's disappearance. Sex has a nice kink effect from the get-go because of Snoop's acute germaphobia, with Dana initially kicking things off wearing a surgical mask and gloves before Snoop decides to let her take them off. The action is solid in this scene, with Dana giving out a lot of dirty talk throughout, and Snoop providing some pretty hard pussy pumps as well. Dana looks incredible throughout the scene, wearing white stockings and an adorable lingerie set that leaves nothing to the imagination. The fucking runs through cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary reaching some solid heights, with Dana playing conductor to most of the action. A pretty well performed scene here that proves itself as the most memorable one in this slew of mediocre sex that the film provides.
Kimberly Kane's Devil On A Chain tells a pretty original story by porn standards, that wraps up nicely by the closing credits, presenting itself much like a hollywood film, leaving the viewer happy and perhaps even sexually gratified by the ending. The opening credits were pretty cool, strongly resembling some mainstream films from years past, and providing a solid basis by which the viewer can tell exactly the type of movie that this is. I've heard the term 'suspenseful' used to describe this film, but unfortunately I'd have to disagree with that, the acting is just not good enough to merit the viewer actually believing this story enough to immerse him or herself into it, so it kind of failed in that area. In terms of stroke fodder, I didn't really find the sex to be abundantly noteworthy either, which unfortunately wraps up the basis by which I would be unable to recommend this film. It did have a little more creativity than we're used to getting from a lot of feature porn movies, but the attempts at comedy were just hokey and the film overall just didn't give me that much to rave about. I thought Kimberly's attitude and personality could have been portrayed in a much cooler way, but instead we just get a small piece of that in the actual film's contents. I'm sure it's hard to carry a storyline through a two hour feature that has over half of the subject matter being sex, but that's why directors get paid the big bucks, and I just couldn't find the merit in calling this film great or anything near it. I will say that it is worth a watch for yourself, but I'd go about renting it before I purchased it.


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