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Deeper’s If It Feels Good 2`

  • Release date:
    July 20, 2021
  • Runtime:
    2h 39m
  • Cast:
    Alina Ali, Avery Cristy, Gabbie Carter, Oliver Flynn, Rob Piper, Seth Gamble, Skye Blue, Troy Francisco, Winter Jade

AVN Hall of Famer/AVN Director of the Year Kayden Kross directs these gorgeously shot, lavishly produced vignettes about women who find their pleasure in various ways with the partners that they adore.

Winter Jade and Rob Piper are in an obsessive sexual relationship with each other that is illustrated with their nudity and many, many shots of melted ice cream on and around their bodies illustrating their boundless passion for each other. Piper spends a bunch of time giving Jade some great looking head before he fucks her lovely purple bushed pussy on their bed in this passionate and very sexy lovemaking scene. Gabbie Carter cheats on her boyfriend Ryan McLane during their road trip with their childhood friend Seth Gamble during their road trip in a beautiful 1970's era Ford LTD. It is a damn hot motel room fuck with Carter enjoying the hell out of Gamble's cock in her pussy while McLane is very, very asleep. It's gorgeously shot and very different than most of the glam, high end locales where this company's work usually takes us. The shots of the trip and the road along with their fuck are a treat for the senses.

Super hot married couple Avery Cristy and Troy Francisco plays with power dynamics in their relationship in their scene together. Dominant Cristy watches as Francisco tests the bounds of her power by flirting openly with their guests at a cocktail party. When she has had enough of watching his display, she drinks her champagne dramatically and presents him with a key. The key unlocks the metal chastity cage that she keeps his cock in. One that cage is off, they get it on gorgeously in a sunlit room. Cristy relishes the control that she has in this scene, loving hte hell out of pacing every moment of their time together in this. In the release's lone ASMR scene, shy beauty Alina Ali receives an ASMR cassette from her roommate/crush Skye Blue. There are a ton of sensual visuals with goldfish and a Garden Of Eden natural set where Blue and Ali share Oliver Flynn between them for a gorgeous pussy fucking threeway. It's truly the most opulently made ASMR scene that has ever crossed my path and if this is your kink, owning a copy of this scene is a must.

The DVD includes a cumshot recap, a still gallery and an ad for the Deeper website.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Deeper.


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