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Deep Inside Again

  • Release date:
    June 10, 2003

Deep Inside Again

#1) Deep Inside Allysin Chaynes
#2) Deep Inside Shay Sweet
#3) Deep Inside Teri Weigel 1
#4) Deep Inside Teri Weigel 2

Midnight Mayhem

Genre: Compilation of four vignette movies

Director: none listed

Cast: Allysin Chaynes, Randy Spears, Pat Myne, Jason McCain, Gina Ryder, Shay Sweet, Herschel Savage, Chandler, Elizabeth X, Tony Martino, Jonathan Morgan, Felecia, Teri Weigel, Dillion Day, Tony Tedeschi, Kyle Stone, Evan Stone, Lee Stone, Charlene Aspen, Holly Hollywood, Rich Handsome, Taylor Wayne, Heather Lynn, Michele Katz, Samantha Sterling, others (note: there were no credits to the movies)

Length: 288 minutes

Date of Production: 2/12/03 (box), 11/02 (credits) Note: both dates are for the compilation as many of these scenes are very old.

Extra's: photogallery, spam, double sided DVD cover

Audio/Video Quality: The picture in each of the four movies compiled on this DVD were presented in the industry standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. In each case, the picture was so bad that I wondered aloud (yes, as in talking to myself) what happened. There are limits to how much you can compression material on a DVD before you impact the picture and I think that putting almost five hours of videos on a single DVD is probably pushing the envelope by about four and a half hours if this is an indication. I kid you not, the picture was grainy, had tons of artifacts, video noise like it came from a Russian spy satellite in a rapidly decaying orbit, and those were just the better parts. The audio was in what amounted to really bad monaural English but you'd never guess it by the low quality. It sounded hollow, there were lots of echoes and the music bad. I think this was in contention for worst looking DVD of the year.

Body of Review: Every once in a while, I go to the local video store and browse, knowing full well that the prices are too high compared to online stores such as Adult DVD Empire and my window shopping often leads me to buying the movies online. Being an avid bargain hunter, I'm also willing to take a chance on a title if the price is right, figuring how bad can a movie be if it costs under ten bucks and has almost five hours of material on the DVD. Well, once again, I learned my lesson.

Recently, I've come across a line of compilation DVD's by a small company known as Midnight Mayhem. They put four older titles on a single DVD and sell them cheap, hoping to entice consumers to buy based on price rather than quality. In some cities, a single night's rental of a porno is almost as much as these titles costs online so it's not really a big deal if you don't like the show, right? Well, as good as Allysin looked on the front DVD cover, not one of the gals, including that blonde cutie, looked worth watching.

The picture was horribly bad and the audio not much better. The scenes seemed loosely strung together in an effort to cater to the raincoater crowd and the simple fact is, the picture alone was bad enough to cause me to rate this one as a Skip It. I'm not going to detail every scene, list the unlisted cast members (I made an attempt to be as thorough as possible in the cast credits but some scenes looked to be over ten years old). The sex was almost completely oral, straight and a bit of lesbian with a few solo scenes thrown in for good measure. Any description I give you would sound better than how they looked and sounded so take my advice and use this one as a gift to the office worker you really don't like at work this coming holiday season. He can't complain too loudly since it'll be free porn and he won't guess at how cheap it was for you to buy.

Summary: This was pretty close to the worst looking porno I've ever watched and I'm a well versed connoisseur of the DVD format (at least with regard to porn. I can appreciate that the company was trying to give us a lot of fuck for the buck but I'm not sure anyone wants something that looks so bad and has such limited sexual pleasure going on. In short, the DVD cover looks a LOT better than the actual movie so buyer beware.


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