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Eye Spy Renee LaRue

  • Release date:
    December 24, 2002
  • Cast:
    Vince Vouyer|Shelbee Myne|Dasha|Dayton Rains|Wendy Divine|Raylene|Inari Vachs|Sky|Lola (I)|Renee LaRue|Sydnee Steele|Heaven Leigh

Eye Spy Renee LaRue


Genre: Compilation, Voyeurism

Director: varied

Cast: Renee LaRue, Chloe, Dasha, Dayton Rains, Heaven Leigh, Inari Vachs, Lola, Raylene, Shelbee Myne, Sky, Sydnee Steele, Vince Voyeur, Wendy "Maya" Divine, Voodoo, Dillion Day, Michael J. Cox, Eric Masterson, Bobby Vitale, Dave Hardman, Sean Michaels, Eric Price

Length: 127.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/4/02 (compilation)

Extra's: generic photogallery, behind the scenes feature for Betrayed, 2 unrelated sex scenes, multiangle BJ demo with Renee, commercials, double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was typically grainy here with some moderately frequent digital artifacts. The audio quality varied too much to say more than it was somewhat average.

Body of Review: Renee LaRue is perhaps best known as a woman with girl next door looks and a porn star sexual drive to satisfy. Her appeal is generally to the older crowd who can appreciate a woman in her 30's that knows how to please. I'm told that she is a big favorite on the strip club circuit due to the energy she puts into her dancing and hopefully she'll visit nearby soon. The dvd cover has a fairly recent picture of her which is a better way to describe her look.

Okay, Eye Spy Renee LaRue is a compilation dvd from Vivid Interactive. She's made a few dozen or so releases for the company so it should've been easy to find enough material to fill up a dvd. Sadly, the dvd only has 8 scenes and Renee only participates in 6 of them. Of those six scenes, she is not always the focus which further dilutes the concept of a star_driven compilation. The good news is that she does seem to have a lot of fun, even if the scenes are full of condoms and performers of varying quality. Vivid didn't bother to identify the source material but a few of the scenes came from the Watcher series and were among the best in the movie that concentrated on Renee. Inari looked great in one of the bonus scenes and none of the other ladies were tough on the eyes either.

Summary: This is a tougher call than usual because while I've always enjoyed watching Renee, the scenes were not her best-even for Vivid. I know the point of the compilation was a voyeurism theme but at some point, the actual heat and chemistry should over ride that focus if need be. Obviously someone at Vivid was intelligent enough to recognize that Renee has a following even though she's not a cookie cutter blonde, I just wish that they looked at the big picture a bit longer or assigned the production to someone who wanted to please the fans more.

By this point in time, a lot of you are probably thinking I hated the dvd. That is not the case. In fact, I liked the idea of the compilation a lot but the limitations of it's execution prevent me from giving it a hardly recommended to anyone. Had Vivid included a single unique scene, some better extras-maybe even an audio commentary by Renee herself or a video introduction, and perhaps cleaned up the picture a bit, I'd be pushing this like no one's business. It'd have been nice if all the scenes had her participating too. So, as a big fan of the energetic Ms. LaRue, I suggest this as a rental. Most fans know that she does a lot of work at Wildlife these days and might want to check them out for better material.


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