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Internal Damnation 6

  • Release date:
    August 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 8m
  • Cast:
    Chris Streams|Christopher Streams|Jada Stevens|Ava Addams|Veronica Avluv|Dani Daniels|Sheena Shaw

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Internal Damnation 6

Jules Jordan Video/Chris Streams Productions

Genre: Gonzo, Creampies

Director: Chris Streams

Cast: Dani Daniels, Erik Everhard, Sheena Shaw, Manuel Ferrara, Veronica Avluv, Carlo Carrera, Michael Vegas, Jada Stevens, Lexington Steele, Ava Addams

Length: 186:48 minutes

Date of Production: 7/12/2013

Extras: There were six trailers, a pop shot recap, a photogallery, websites, a cast list too, and a great BTS lasting 24:41 minutes by Tony Flush.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Internal Damnation 6 was presented in an appealingly clear anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video. As expected, it looked great and Chris took pains to make the ladies look their fuckable best, the lighting and editing enhancing the final product even if I would have appreciated even more tease footage of the ladies in lingerie. There was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner too. The aural components of the show were such that I had no issues with it either, my standing belief that most gonzo offerings merit an average rating since they do not make better use of depth, sound stage, or music still in effect (look at it this way, if I gave outstanding ratings just because the viewer could hear what was said most of the time, like so many others do, where would the incentive be to improve?).

Body of Review: Chris Streams is currently one of my favorite directors at Jules Jordan Video. The way he creates magic using some of the best ladies in the business always manages to result in strokable porn, his latest title called Internal Damnation 6. The series is well known for realistic looking creampies (guys ejaculating inside the ladies in each scene), the cast this time including Jada Stephens, Ava Addams, Dani Daniels, Sheena Shaw, and Veronica Avluv. While I am not typically a devotee of the creampie fetish, the footage here was good enough that the advertised act merely capped off the otherwise heated sexuality and active action by a group of top rated talent. The back cover described the scenes as follows: “Ava Addams gets all her holes stretched out before...Everhard fills up her pussy with his man seed! Dani Daniels may look young and innocent but she fucks the cum right out of Erik's cock and into her pussy! Jada takes Lexington's Steele pole in every hole...then lets his load drop out! Sheena Shaw's ass opens wide for Manuel to fill it up with Jizz! Veronica Avluv wants cock and cum in all her holes...Carlos & Michael make sure she gets that and more!” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that obviously no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Dani Daniels, the preciously cute redhead featured on the center of the front cover, was up first as she walked around the double story home in her skimpy pink lingerie. The pink mesh body stocking covered a pair of white panties barely covering her private parts, the gal giving the camera a great view of her entire body before she was paired up with Erik Everhard. The emphasis on booty tease was curious given she was the only lady of the cast not doing anal but as she gets older, her ass spreads out so nicely that it is easy to understand why she is so popular. In any case, once the tease was finished, she climbed into Erik’s lap, his fingers working her ass and feeling her perfect pucker before he gobbled her gash and ass. She sported a small pubic bush and found his talented tongue to be as delightful as his work with his hands, the gal speeding through a modest blowjob where she kept great eye contact while sucking the head of his pecker. Okay, while the hummer was pretty weak this time, she sure liked to actively ride his rod vaginally, the lady playing with her own asshole as she impaled herself rapidly, Dani seemingly getting off repeatedly throughout the scene as Erik did some taste testing and hammered away at her tight snatch, her own oral efforts in later parts of the scene still on the weak side. The riding was good enough to make up for it though, their mutual chemistry shown as he deposited his wealth of genetic juice into her pussy, the camera not turning away and no edits seemingly masking the genuine nature of the creampie.

Scene Two: Sheena Shaw, the flexible babe featured doing a split on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next with Manuel Ferrara, her tease session showing just how limber the lady can be. While she recently announced her retirement to the world, the general consensus is that she was just reacting angrily to a personal matter, no one seriously considering she will leave sex work (of one form or another) quite this early in her career. That said, she entered the expansive living room to provide a strokable experience, her booty shaking, leg lifting, and other forms of seductive dancing likely to elicit plenty of baby batter even before the sex began. Sheena wore a bikini outfit that hugged her form really well, the gal discarding it to show her turd cutter in splendid glory as she opened it up with a bunch of fingers while sitting on a bar stool. Her pretty eyes then signaled the end of the tease as she began kissing Manuel, her blowjob a much more enthusiastic experience than Dani’s was, her noises and hand to gland combat enhancing her oral tremendously. Manuel then bent her over and tore into her hard, pulling her hair and slapping her ass cheeks as she pushed back to meet his every thrust. The gal was on fire and loving it, her ass ablaze with his cock creating all sorts of friction, Manuel even stuffing most of his hand in her ass before moving back to fuck her some more. Sheena did ample taste testing and slobbed his knob quite well, the couple getting even better on the white couch, the realistic anal creampie of population pudding shit out for her to (grossly) lick up.

Scene Three: Veronica Avluv, the spicy brunette MILF seen in white lingerie on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up next as she teased in full lingerie regalia out by the pool. The camera seemed to provide her with an airbrushed look (not needed by the way) and she kept her attire on for the tease rather than get too explicit, the gal sporting a light bush as she removed her panties and bra. Veronica entered the popular porn house and her wonderful tan line looked really interesting, the gal calling over both Carlo Carrera and Michael Vegas to play with her. Michael dove into her ass to rim her while she inhaled Carlo’s meat pipe, her dirty talk helping push the men into going further as she jerked them off, blew them passionately, and spread herself to give both of them a chance to savor her wares. She gave both of them a lot of pleasure in return, the men moving to plow her pussy and then ass before the DP experience, the guys admittedly not as strong performers as the other men in the movie. Veronica’s natural friskiness gave her a lot to brag about here, the movie benefitting by including experience as well as youth in some of the scenes. They choked her, boned her, and stuffed her mouth full of cock with some gash gobbling by the guys and rimming punctuating the show before the guys gave her ass and pussy a load of spunk to be pushed out with more of her own fluids coming forth too.

Scene Four: Jada Stevens, the wonderfully curvy hotty featured on the left side of the cover, was up next as she showed her interracial credentials with Lexington Steele. The scene began with her teasing in her black cover lingerie (with red dots) outside on the sunny day, her ass focused on for some slow motion fun as she pranced about so joyously. Jada loved showing off and she soon entered the house, conversing with the director as she walked over to the white couch where Lex was waiting. He grabbed her healthy curved ass in his hands and she nestled her boobs against his face, the gal grinding away to enhance his pleasure as she provided some great eye contact along the way. This led to her pulling out his pecker and sucking it, some light stroking getting him ready for her head bobbing display of oral acuity. Jada then rode him vaginally as actively as possible, her sweet ass cheeks rippling incredibly well as she mounted him. They engaged each other in various positions from there, soon going anal as she encouraged Lex to plow her ass as hard as he ever has in the past, his splooge allowed to enter her snatch by direct deposit before she expelled the fluid using her PC muscles.

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Scene Five: Ava Addams, the other fantastic MILF of the cast, was up last as she teased in the house to slowly disclose her assets. She was seen on the middle of the right side on the front cover, her purple and black outfit outlining her “built for comfort” body, the gal sporting erect nipples as she slowly removed pieces at her leisure. I have grown quite fond of this fuck queen in recent times, her playfulness as prominent as that shown by others in her class such as Veronica and Lisa Ann, her thick curves the kind a guy would never get bored with. Once the tease was over, she pulled off her skimpy thong out of her ass crack and kneeling on a bar stool, Erik Everhard admiring her before sticking his tongue as far up her ass as possible. Erik went to town going down on her, Ava adoring the man as he sought to ready her for some of the best fucking of the entire movie, the guy pounding her pussy very hard before he gave her a chance to slob his knob. Her red hair flew around and her boobs bounced really well, the gal applying a corkscrew handjob approach as she devoured his turgid cock. Erik then spun her around to tap her thick snatch again, the pair moving to anal in no time where they slowed down for her to truly enjoy his pecker spreading her ass so very well. Ava became an active anal rider too, rubbing her pussy as Erik dove in deep, a realistic vaginal creampie of ball batter allowed to glaze her labia as she tried to push out the remaining semen.

Summary: Internal Damnation 6 by director Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video was another solid volume in the fan-favorite series, the strokability, replay value, and quality of the action all adding up to earn a rating of at Highly Recommended if you have any appreciation for creampie action. All of the ladies gave slutty performances, none of the hotties truly standing apart from the others (the quality level of the scenes was very consistent) but each of them worth recognition. In short then, Internal Damnation 6 was full of the fun factor that makes the director’s movies so appreciated, his free style of offering a well rounded set of aspects in a porno substantially better than many of his peers, this latest effort proving he also serves the fetish markets nicely too. My biggest complaint would be my personal desire to see longer tease montages by the ladies parading around in lingerie but otherwise, this was seriously strokable.


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