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Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 3

  • Release date:
    August 7, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 21m
  • Cast:
    Dana Vespoli|Jessie Volt|Bailey Blue|Skin Diamond|Anikka Albrite

Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 3

Evil Angel

Genre: Lesbian, Anal, POV

Director: Dana Vespoli

Cast: Dana Vespoli, Skin Diamond, Bailey Blue, Jessie Volt, Anikka Albrite

Length: 141:03 minutes

Date of Production: 2013

Extras: The best extra was the 9:58 minute long Behind the Scenes feature where the director spoke with the two of the cast about various topics such as prolonged masturbation, bananas, and the industry in general. The other extras included a company trailer for the website, some photogalleries from the scenes, filmographies, trailers, and few company website links was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 3 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Dana Vespoli for Evil Angel. The visual elements this time were again straightforward, the lighting washed out a fair amount of the time and the editing looking pretty minimal. The work appeared to be shot with a single camera and in point of view fashion, the bird’s eye viewpoint offered up coming across as well handled overall. Dana did get to jump into the action more overtly than a purely POV shot flick too, these moments providing better chemistry for me to appreciate overall. For the record, there was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner of the screen. The aural components of the show were basic and not overly distinctive but I could hear the ladies going at it, whispering sexual comments toward one another and otherwise providing some ear candy worth listening to.

Body of Review: Dana Vespoli is one of the sexiest directors we’ve had blogging at Xcritic, her recent works for Evil Angel showing a desire to break free of industry conventions. Her latest flick as director for the company is called Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 3, the movie showing Dana Vespoli once again tearing into some prime female ass and them reciprocating on her likewise on occasion (I wanted more of that the last time too). Of special interest to me was Anikka Albrite and Skin Diamond but all of the ladies in the cast, including the director herself, Jessie Volt, and smoking hot Bailey Blue, were in fine form with each other. I especially liked how the director spent so much time getting frisky in the car and the ensuing sexual picnics with her cast, my only real complaint being how washed out the scenes could get as the camera settings did not get changed (or changed enough) to compensate.

The company website described the movie like this: “Kinky, exotic performer Dana Vespoli has been carving out her own niche at Evil Angel, creating intensely dramatic features and fetishistic gonzo videos - the latter finding an audience hungry for Dana's brand of intimate, girl-on-girl perversion. In "Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 3," the gorgeous director gets up-close and personal with four of her favorite younger starlets. First, a Sapphic play date with petite, tattooed black princess Skin Diamond: Dana fondles Skin's small, pert titties in the back seat of a moving car, even penetrating her butthole with a big toe! In a seaside rendezvous, Dana eats Skin's pussy and fucks her asshole with a strap-on dildo; Skin sucks Dana's strap-on ass-to-mouth. Next, adorable blonde Bailey Blue takes Dana to the mall and leads the way to a department store fitting room. The director's fingers explore Bailey's taut, tender butthole, and the girls take turns eating pussy for some semi-public thrills. All-natural French knockout Jessie Volt stretches her sphincter using a fat glass butt plug, and by the time Dana's finished working Jessie over, the French blonde's anus is gaping with pleasure. Lastly, blonde bombshell Anikka Albrite hikes out to the desert with Dana. The lovely ladies stretch out on a blanket, where Dana hungrily laps Anikka's steamy cunt and reams her rump with a long dildo. They passionately finger-fuck to intense climaxes. Including several revealing bonus interviews, "Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 3" puts three great obsessions together in one sensuous package ... and puts viewers in the driver's seat.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Dana Vespoli, the tattooed brunette seen featured on the upper left portion of the front cover, was up first on a road trip with sleek Skin Diamond, the light skinned black gal shown on the lower right corner of the front cover sucking a strap on dildo. Skin had red hair with some of the previously acknowledged shaven aspects still in evidence, the gal sucking a cake pop in the back seat of the car as it traveled (the director in the back seat shooting footage). Skin became increasingly naked as they moved down the road, her titties out in the open and her animal print panties taken off as some foot fetish action was explored. Dana toe fucked the gal anally and otherwise used her feet to full effect in the car but they had even more fun once they were in a populated trail area outside when cautious Skin kept looking around for peppers. This led to a lot of public nudity, Skin dropping down to slob Dana’s strap on dildo knob and gobble some gash before getting fucked. The anal was the dominant penetration spot here but Dana did hand off the camera to eat pussy on the stairs by the beach, getting Skin off nicely on her bald beaver munching alone.

Scene Two: Bailey Blue, a hotty blond with pony tails and a big smile, was up next as Dana Vespoli took her to the mall. Dana commented that she tried for a long time to get her for a scene, her admiration for Bailey’s tight body joining the legions of men that have similar tastes. Dana felt her up in the back seat and spread her leg to reveal some red satin panties, both of them rubbing the pubic mound before additional travel time brought them to the mall itself. They went to a clothing store and tried on some apparel, the camera out of focus at times while Dana fingered Bailey’s perfect pucker or otherwise warmed her up orally, the mirrors used to show both of them from time to time. The scene did have a habit of moving back to the back seat too, a large glass anal plug stretching young Bailey’s sweet ass wide during some solo footage, the ladies moving to a barren field where they explored each other some more. Bailey even went down on the director in her lengthy gray dress, some pubic hair noted on her but not Bailey.

Scene Three: Jessie Volt, a foreign blond babe with a splendid ass, was up next at the home of bunny loving Dana Vespoli, Jessie’s tight black shorts hugging her rump quite well as she was followed around the place. This led to a really lengthy interview on the couch, some of which was also present on the BTS, Dana getting the French chick to drop her draws and show off her juicy ass as the green thong rode deep inside the ass crack. After just a bit of admiration, Dana could not resist setting the camera down to rim Jessie’s ass, some fingering driving both of them crazy (just as Dana’s tight gray dress showed her own yummy ass). Jessie’s labia were pronounced from the lack of pubic hair, Dana pushing the glass anal plug in deep before replacing it with her fingers to get the blond off. The scene then finished up with some solo work by Jessie, no wads of population pudding, spunk, splooge, or ball batter provided since it was a lesbian scene.

Scene Four: Anikka Albrite, the seriously sexy blond featured on the upper half of the cover, was up again in the series, Dana Vespoli admitting she wanted to have sex with her being the reason she was picked (claiming it was “creepy”). Anikka drove this time and was all giggling as they talked together, the scene focusing largely on a trip to some desert trails. Dana did feel her up in the car briefly but it was decided that the danger of molesting the driver was not worth the likelihood of an accident. Dana gushed about liking pretty much the entire part of Anikka’s face covered in skin, then adding her teeth (including a cute overbite) as her camera captured Anikka’s ass cheeks swaying back and forth. They laid out a blanket and made sure no one was around, Anikka’s lightly haired pussy centered on when they remained stationary on some rocks just as her ass was featured when they went to the shade of the blankets. Dana jumped in to go down on Anikka, who was on all fours, their personal chemistry the best of the entire movie as they embraced and gave each other some pleasure. Dana fingered her ass before inserting an impossibly long purple dildo, both of them mounting it before some 69 action took place. They continued until the camera just cut off, no ending credits or closure marking it as a powerful way to show Dana’s devotion (or obsession, depending on how you take her comments).

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Summary: Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 3 by director Dana Vespoli for Evil Angel had no males to provide genetic juice but the anal and lesbian angles were well covered. Dana did not give a lot of head in most scenes and was largely left out of receiving much anal loving, her handling of the camera again showing increasing skill as she engaged some of her favorite anal sluts to spread their cheeks as the director saw fit. I gave the movie a healthy Recommended this time thanks in large part to the playfulness and the amount of chemistry the ladies displayed, the sheer level of fun factor enough to merit repeated viewings for anyone into ladies doing ladies with an emphasis on anal antics. In short, Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 3 gave Anikka Albrite a big boost, Skin Diamond, Bailey Blue, and Jessie Volt, also coming in with some nice chemistry with the horny director so check it out.


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